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Op-ed: Eric pulled the plug on his failing agenda (by Peter Children)

Word has come from deep inside Five East that Eric has laid down an executive dictum to pull the plug on his failed initiatives; those that were conjured up at the Country Club.  These diabolical schemes were born out of an alcoholic haze then brought forth in the form of a lean government.

Either he has suddenly woken up or sobered up, but his focus has now shifted to “re-election” mode.  He tricked the people living here once, now he wants to do it again.  If he’s thinking of re-election, then this is proof positive that he’s delusional and he’s gotten out of his cage.

Eric feels by dropping these hot button issues he’ll ingratiate himself to the general population, that all of you out there will suddenly become brain dead and vote him back in.  I equate that to voting for a sign.  I see these signs propped up around town erected by Urdhal, he’s even put up a billboard on Monroe.  No fancy plastic yard signs….they cost money; these are signs that were painted 40 years ago.  Let me ask you this question: Would you throw away your vote because you saw a really big sign?  If your answer is yes, then you should stay home and don’t vote.

Eric is Eric, someone said to me that he’s put on so much weight from copious amounts of his favorite beverage that if you were to inject some helium into him he would float like the Hindenberg.

This dysfuncinal part time mayor has had two and a half years at the public trough, and if you look real hard, what do you see?  It’s a short answer… nothing.  He’s been joined by people who have easily matched his own efforts, the Willett fellow, the Main Street coordinator who combs his hair down over his forehead like he’s still in fourth grade.  The Chamber loves him because their main interest has been to do nothing to help whatever members they still might have.  These are all Eric’s people; his ilk.  Lets not forget this lockstep council.

Speaking of the six yes votes, there are bits and pieces of information that Eric is looking for a replacement for Turncoat; smart if it’s true, but his choice will be no more than a clone of what he’s already got; think about it…he can’t afford to get someone who can actually think for themselves, it would throw the balance off and might even become infectious.  We need to put Sandy Servantez at that table; she can separate the truth from the bullshit.

If Eric fails to get his yes votes re-elected he’ll be more ineffective than he is now, although his chances of re-election are slim to none.  It is well known that the morale at Five East… err City Hall… is at an all time low; word has it they are bringing in counselors to work with the staff.  Little is being said now about moving the desks; the reality of the expenditure has hit home, the audacity of it all, to squander that kind of money to move furniture around is unconscionable.  Another thing- this blue zone thing, it’s a measure to sell insurance for Blue Shield.  I have coverage by Blue Shield…but if I am going to promote their insurance I should be paid… and so should you.  Blue Shield doesn’t promote the merchandise I sell.

When you add it up, the 2.5 years this part timer has stumbled through our streets and alleys, there is nothing to point to; he is dysfunctional in his job and a tyrant in City Hall where others are exposed to this daily circus.  A former councilman told me that if the council meetings were a TV show, it would have been canceled for lack of viewership. I no longer watch… stay tuned…

Peter Children



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