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How do some people win slot machines all the time? 

Luck is random and does not feel that it has to treat everyone equally. Some guys get all the luck whilst the rest are left feeding on scraps. This law also applies to gambling and not just to life in general, but when it comes to Blackjack, poker, horseracing, and other forms of sports betting, frequent winners could be applying some skill and knowledge to their play for free, thus making them worthy winners – check out some slot game providers.

When it comes to slots where all results of a spin are down to the Random Number Generator, then the randomness of these games makes winning all boil down purely to luck. 

Slot Game Experts 

There are those in the gambling world, however, who label themselves as slot gaming experts, whether they have the wealth to back these claims up, is another story. Peter Liston an ex-accountant is one such individual who has become a professional gambler over time and his specialty is slot games. He has written a book called Million Dollar Slots and has made a living from slot machines for the past 20 years. For him, it is not just down to luck and the knowledge of these games he has amassed over time has made him one of those envious individuals who always seem to win at slots. 

Winning Formulas 

He claims to have developed a formula by targeting progressive jackpot slots alone and can tell what level these jackpots need to grow to before they are ready to drop. Then he invests in these jackpot games knowing that his eventual winnings will more than compensate for his initial losses. 

Despite him being well-known at land-based casinos around the world, he is still allowed to play because most of his big wins have come from progressive jackpots, and these jackpots are essentially other punter’s money and not the casinos. His formula is mostly applied at land-based casinos where he can physically observe each machine’s behaviour. 

Are There Other Ways to Win? 

If you do not buy into the whole professional gambler scene and are not convinced by such individuals and their formulas then your fate, along with 99% of slots players is with lady luck herself. You can increase your odds of winning by targeting high RTP-scoring games. RTP is also known as the Return to Player percentage score. It is calculated by game developers and third-party game testing labs. It involves spinning a game hundreds of thousands of times and recording how much of a player’s wagering is returned to them over time, and this is expressed as a percentage score. 

There is no guarantee that you will win on high RTP scoring slots, but you also cannot guarantee that if you do win, you will only get what the score suggests, back. You could in fact win much more, and this once again depends on luck. The best chance punters have of getting a return from slots is playing high RTP scoring games that have a low volatility rating, but what you still need in bucket loads, is luck.


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