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How Frugality Helps

This news story was published on August 26, 2015.
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Imagine, for a moment, your life. What if you could have greater perspective, less stress, and more gratitude? You would become a wiser, healthier, and happier person. This is possible by one simple action that can bless your life- frugality. Sometimes being frugal can seem a hard sacrifice, however, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Let’s take a look and some of the advantages besides the well known saving money approach.

How can gaining a greater perspective be a product of frugality? We are so blessed having all we stand in need of in abundance. This is not the case in most of the world. Innumerable people have very little of what they need, not even mentioning their wants. When we have this perspective hopefully we would take better care of our things, try to fix something instead of throwing it away, and not feel the need to have so many luxurious things. With I greater perspective, we can have our priorities in order. What is more important- overworking so you can get a big screen television, or spending time with your family. Often there is confusion that lifeless objects are what will bring us joy, however, when we are old it is the time lost spent with family that will be our greatest regret. Playing a board game, cooking together, or going on a walk are all great ideas to have fun together. Fancy things that can become outdated and broken are not worth the time lost with loved ones. Furthermore, having the perspective to plan for the future by being wise with your money will help you be financially secure and better prepared for misfortune when it comes. It is always better to plan ahead than to be caught in a bad situation. Therefore, being frugal can give us a greater perspective and wisdom. If you’re purchasing from stores like Backcountry then you may get upto 30 percent off by using Backcountry coupon codes from Coupon Goo at check out.

Stress is the common factor of poor money management. Most people experience stress about money during the course of their lives, however, this does not need to be the norm. If we were frugal, live below our means, and save the rest we would worry about bills being paid. Additionally, we would not feel the stress of having to work overtime to get the money we need. We will be more relaxed and have more time to enjoy life. Best of all, we will be able to sleep better without having stress, depression, or anxiety about the events in the upcoming day. We can experience the benefits of a smaller waistline by not having to grab fast food and drive everywhere we go in a constant, chaotic rush. We can choose to walk or bike to save gas, not to mention saving the outrage at the driver who cuts you off or dings up your car as if they have insulted your honor, your family, and your ancestors back to the time of Adam. Saving the overuse of gas and packaged products at fast food restaurants will help us have a better environment. Then, during times of stress we can have this beautiful earth to calm ourselves down. Dissolving our worries about money will make us less stressed and healthier.

In today’s world we need the newest and greatest things. If Suzie has it, I need it. We are becoming less grateful for the good things in our lives. The green-eyed monster comes out and compares what we have to others. Greed and envy are commonplace. As Cookie Monster would say, “I want cookie. I want it now! Mine, mine, mine, mine!” We can overcome these natural tendencies to be envious, greedy, and comparing which ultimately leads to being miserable by being grateful and frugal. When we are grateful we are happier, need less, and we can compromise. We need less because we are content with what we have already. It does not matter how much another person has in comparison. We can determine what is of necessity and comprise on our wants. Also, having fewer things has a bonus of not having to clean as much or as long. When we do not feel the need to spend as much money to keep up with everyone else, we can be more generous. We are so blessed, and should give to others whose needs have to be met. We will also be free of the hours spent shopping for the next best thing and can serve those around us. Things may make you feel successful outwardly, but you will feel empty inside. Only being frugal, grateful, and giving to others will make you feel whole and complete.

In conclusion, the world may try to deceive us into thinking frugality is a hard sacrifice. On the contrary, however, we gain greater perspective, less stress, and more gratitude. Who wouldn’t want a more peaceful, content, and relaxing life with more sleep, a thinner waistline, and good moments with family instead of the hustle, greed, and selfishness of the common world? Frugality is a mindset and lifestyle that brings joy. All of us can look for ways to become more frugal to benefit our lives and lives of others.

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