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Trends in 21st century companies

Thriving in the changing landscape of today’s market is a challenging task and, undoubtedly, requires a change of mentality rather than a change of management modality. We all agree that the technological advancement that has taken place in the last 10 years is without parallel. Its impact was not only felt in certain businesses but in all personal and professional aspects of our lives.

Who would have thought 10 years from now, we would be able to watch movies on multiple streaming platforms, pause them and watch them at any time? Back then, you had to download movies onto a hard drive using programs like Emule. Also, no more heading to brick-and-mortar gambling places. Anyone who wants to play zombie-killing games can do it from home with a game console and look to play casino games can look for them on the internet.

Moreover, a little searching can lead you to find the best online casino free spins. Many casinos offer these kinds of promotions to attract new potential users. By choosing the best bonus, between deposit or no-deposit options and registering, they can opt for many varied winning opportunities.

Today’s business landscape

The concept of communication and community has changed. Previous notions regarding work and employment have acquired new nuances and the former is now seen as a potential learning and growth opportunity. 

If technology has been the driving force behind this change, an overdose of information has undoubtedly done the rest. Access to everything we need at the click of a button has made the exchange of data much faster, more effective and, in some cases, even disruptive since mankind might still have yet to learn to cope with the pace of technology. The result is an excessive increase in competition, which no longer only refers to businesses operating in our same sector. Competition may now be defined as different businesses trying to capture the user’s attention when considered best to do so.

Companies now compete for the attention span of a potential customer. The challenge is to find the perfect moment to convey a message in the most direct, attractive and fastest way possible. Consumers spend their time only on what interests them, selecting and making judgments about companies and products in as little as 5 seconds.

It’s the era of “I’ve got it all, surprise me!” That makes progress increasingly fast, impressive and directed towards an automation process that frees us from tasks, worries and mistakes, effectively making our working environment much simpler. We can take professional photos with a cell phone, assemble videos quickly through specialized software, and send flowers thousands of kilometers away on holiday, all without spending more than 5 minutes to manage the entire process. In Europe, a company that has reinterpreted the delivery service is becoming increasingly successful by using delivery time as a differential value: in 10 minutes, you have your purchase at home and, if the service fails even by just one minute, the delivery is free.  

In this evolving and changing landscape, what are the significant trends for companies to remain successful in the market, and what challenges do they have to face?

Business trends

Digital Work

Analyzing the current environment, and especially in the wake of the pandemic, one of the changing aspects is in the way of working. Concepts such as Teleworking, Smart Working and Nomade Digital have increasingly taken root.

These are the result of a profound paradigm shift in digital work. The increased use of technology and the creation of digital services have allowed for the development of new jobs which have in common using ICT.

This new trend allows companies to promote overseas digital working with international teams to build, support and expand their businesses. Working with a global mindset is a process destined to expand to high-performing companies that wish to remain competitive in this market.

Mobile commerce and social commerce

Capturing customer attention can be a difficult task, and taking every possible opportunity to do so is essential. Then, being able to be at the client’s disposal at any time has become essential; nowadays, a new piece of technology we carry at any time is the cell phone. According to a study by Asurios, users tend to check their cell phones at least once every 10 minutes. In the time span of these 10 minutes, any company can connect with its customer via different channels. In this sense, social networks play a fundamental role as they have become the virtual space in which we spend increasingly time during our day. That’s why it’s important to have a good software available to work in this sector. Increasingly, there are new tools for these platforms to provide users with increasingly complete and effective results.

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