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Op-ed: Globe editorial is off the mark (by Peter Children)

The Globe states that the deal cut with Cargill looks like growth; you think? Really? Gargill could buy this entire city and rent it out…lock stock and barrel. They are the largest grain brokers in the world…plus they  own Armor Meat Packing as well. They are a global company owned by one family….they are not a public company.

The Globe compares them to I.C. Systems; not even close…bad comparison. I.C. System came here and sold this city a siding job; promised too much, more than they needed to but wanted to impress the council in order to insure the funding they needed…in the end they fell short and had to pay. Then they got irate when they had to write the check. They were Bookmeyer’s campaign mangers and through his (Bookmeyer’s) efforts they thought they’d shut down the HRC offices and get rid of the 8 or 9 cases filed against them. Didn’t work.  In the end Bultje got fired…he’s no longer with the company.

This city is very fortunate to have Cargill come into this town, whatever they want, give it to them.  I’m impressed they are here, I’m not impressed with 20 jobs but that will grow to a infinite number sooner then you think.  At least they won’t be spewing unsafe fumes over the city.

Once again those writing these editorials at the Globe have thrown the three former councilpersons, Weaver, Marsters and Nelson under the bus. The Globe knows that the former council put this deal with Cargill together, but when passing out roses they seemed to have again run short…….

Peter Children


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“I’m not impressed with 20 jobs but that will grow to a infinite number sooner then you think.”

Where are we going to house these infinite number of workers and how many grocery stores will be needed to feed them all.

Peter, how many is “infinite.?

It could run into the thousands.

From what I know Cargill is a very good company with excellent benefits for it’s employees. I know several people and have a relative who works there and I know the place is clean and keeps up with all required standards. That is a sign of a well run, progressive company. They are in the food business and if their is one industry that will grow it is them. As far as Kuhn I am not a fan. I think he has many conflicts of interest that cause him to show favortism. He is from a political family and we all know about politians. You can tell they are lieing because their lips are moving.

Liars and cheats every last one of them on the council. Been proven. On tape. Over and over. How can you not get that?!!!
MCPD should be hauling them off from the meetings for embezzlement of citizens money! That would keep mcpd at work and for all the right reasons. We unanimously vote for them to all step down!

“we” dont! So it isnt unanimous!

Armor Meat Packing? If you mean Armour, it is actually owned by Smithfield Foods.

The Globe just can’t get it through their head; their time in the sun is over.

Right on the mark Peter. LC systems signed an agreement with Mason City gladly taking our tax dollars. They didn’t hold up their end of the bargain and cried foul when having to pay up. What Kuhn has done is tell everyone we will give you whatever you want and dont worry about paying it back. Look at the Harley deal. Their plan was to connect the two buildings and that isn’t happening so how about a reduction in my tax dollars being lent to them. Oh but this is the golden council put on the highest of altars by the third from the bottom paper in Iowa.

Right, Kuhn wanted to make sure that even if the cargill didn’t provide all the jobs it promised, the city would still never ask for their money back. What a precedent to set. Walk all over us, thats fine, we wont mind!

What I am more concerned about is Kuhn being in Business Development for Henkel and having a vote on this. Granted it would have passed but what am I missing here???? Conflict of interest????? Surely there has to be one, Henkel is doing their work on the addition.

I think what Mr Kuhn was talking about is can we rework the deal if Cargill falls 1 or 2 jobs short of its goal? I think most people who post on here have very little common sense and are just haters of anything that goes on at city hall. It wouldn’t matter who said what or how they voted. The new council has been together for less than 2 months…give them a break and some time

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