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Op-ed: Visions of Budweiser (by Peter Children)

December 17

I’d like you all to try something. Imagine you are high up and you’re looking down at Mason City. And just for 24 hours you are going to be bestowed with special powers that enable you to see inside the mind of others, but only pertaining to one subject; CES.

The population is divided between those who could care less about health risks and those to whom it is paramount. So we see health up near the top of the issue; but what about property values? Will this facility emit an odor, something offensive to smell? Please don’t say that any odor is the smell of money. This community’s future does not hang in the balance of 58 jobs and a three million dollar payroll. It has already been stated that if possible the plant could be operated by as few as 20….then it’ll be 20; why would they pay for 38 more positions they don’t need?

What if you live close by and as a result the value of your home drops drastically because no one wants to live there….including you? Will there be a “buyout” put in place before hand? Of course not, you’re just screwed. If you or your family start coughing after this facility starts up then call 911 not the mayor’s office at City Hall.

So when we look into the mind of those who’s concerns are centered on understandable need to know issues, we can’t find fault with their wanting answers. Now we look into the mind of that segment centered in City Hall who are trying their best to push this approval process through to a finalization that will allow it to operate, what do we see? What is in their mind that could dictate a directive prohibiting Pam Myhre from merely speaking to Max Weaver. How does that work? We must ask ourselves just what is it that spawns something as ridiculous or asinine as that? Have you ever wondered how city employees keep track of who they can talk to and who they can’t; do they wear color coded clothing, when does the ban on Pam & Max expire, who decides these things.

What do you think you’d really find if you could see into Bookmeyer’s brain….perhaps visions of Budweiser? But aside from that, what is he really thinking, I mean besides making a total ass of himself. He must know we have over 50 years left at the landfill….so what do you think it is? I have thought about it and this is what I think……he reminds me a lot of the kid who just wants his way, right or wrong he does not care. It is really not about taking time to explore every avenue we can to protect our health, it is only about what he wants, and I further think he wants it mostly because his nemesis Max Weaver does not want it. I see Charlie Brown as a better fit for Eric.

Peter Children

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