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The Ruse: The Pot and the Kettle exposed (by Max Weaver)

I was ready to let the human rights issue go (you know, who said what, who wanted to shut it down) but Mr. Bookmeyer (the Pot) and Mr. Tornquist (the Kettle) had to stir things up again as only they could. What they did got me riled.

First things first. The Pot accused me of being the “genesis” of wanting to eliminate our Human Rights Commission, at least that’s how I took it. He said that I produced a memo that was “the genesis of asking other council members to reduce the budget of the Human Rights Commission.” I took offense to the word “genesis;” I was not the originator of anything except trying to find the truth.

Second, the Kettle had to go and write a story on his website called “The Pot Calling the Kettle Black” where he accused me of doing the dastardly deed of inventing the idea of the demise of the Human Rights Commission. The Kettle said “None of us ever thought of such a cut until Weaver brought it up.” The video at the end of this exposes the truth; the Kettle himself brought up the cuts weeks before my memo.

Now, let me expose the Pot and the Kettle.

The ruse (not my word, a word I dislike, used by John Skipper and Scott Tornquist to describe my actions, I do not approve of it) was for me to find out where everybody stood on this issue on this new Council, including the new Mayor. What I came up with was the Pot and certain council members, including the Kettle, wanted to cut Human Rights.

The tricky part for me during this ruse was that the Kettle was catching on way quicker than the Pot was, as evident in the video included below.

When watching the video, watch and listen closely. It speaks for itself, and I think proves that the Pot and the Kettle all along wanted Human Rights gone.

Before watching the video, I want to stress the following points:

– The Kettle said he wanted to cut $154,000 from the Human Rights budget on January 14th, 2010 (weeks before they accused me of the same thing)

– The Kettle speaks of freeing up the floor space in City Hall and bringing over Parks & Rec. Dept. and putting that department where Human Rights is now

– The Kettle was the genesis of wanting to know whether we were legally required to have a Human Rights Department at all

– The Pot, in the video, brought so much documentation with him to the work session on January 25th, 2011, I knew then and there with that much research on that one department that he was hell bent on closing human rights up, without a doubt. Never, in my twelve years on the City Council, have I seen one person (except the Pot) bring so much paperwork to the table to prove his point on getting the department closed.

In closing, for all my critics out there, including the Pot and the Kettle, politics is not always “noble, just or pure.” I didn’t make the rules. Sometimes you must become a product of your environment, and our environment right now at City Hall is, as three Council members have stated, the worst it’s been. I want to thank the Pot for that.

Thank you, and blog away.


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