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Question & Answer Time by Peter Children

(Submitted to by Peter Children)

As the years pass and physiological signs of decay and degeneration have begun to show on your physical being, you must wonder at times just why. For some of you this is going to be a hard ride, probably in deep water, so get your high boots on and let’s get started.

What has prompted me to write these words you now read? It was the recent death of a beautiful young girl whose death was attributed to Multiple Sclerosis; her name was Kalcey Schmitt. I never knew her but the light that radiated in her eyes from her picture in the paper held me transfixed. It made me wonder why she had to die…I’m not blaming the doctors, or the medical profession, but I have serious questions for the Big Guy upstairs, you know the one, the one who we all want to move in with after we die. He said he had a room for us at His dad’s house.

This is my question; why did You create all of these diseases we have to cope with here on earth? Cancer, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Aids, Blindness, Deafness, Leukemia, Alzheimer’s, Polio, and the list is never ending. It is said that not a bird falls from the sky without Your approval that is if I’m to believe what they say about You in the big book. Maybe you could do something to slow up the way we age; why do we need to wrinkle and lose our hearing and our ability to stand?

While we’re at it, we’re burying young boys here in Iowa, those no more than youngsters who were killed in armed conflict on foreign soil. The earth all across the globe is filled with those who lost their lives violently in one armed conflict after another through the centuries since you left; is this some kind of a game with you, can’t You do something about that, could You talk to your dad perhaps? After all if You can walk on water and turn water into wine, feed five thousand with five loafs of bread and a fish, and then stopping people from killing each other should be a walk in the park for You.

I really wish You would give some serious thought to the health problems were facing here on earth. You said you loved us and your dad made You in our image, so that says He must of liked something about us. Do we really need cancer and aids? And why do we need wheelchairs? I just know if You set your mind to it You could do away with those forever. Most of this stuff I mentioned earlier is driving health cost through the roof, many of your followers are without insurance, a lot of those are living on pensions and really can’t afford the medicine they need to stay healthy, they are choosing between food and medicine, wearing sweaters in the house because you made it freezing outside; is this what you want? While I’m at it, couldn’t you eliminate ice on the roads, it’ll really help, and save a lot of salt at the same time. When we have more time, I want to know your thinking on that big wave you pulled off; you know that Tsunami thing that wiped out a lot of people. It’ll be hard for You to beat that rap, people are already talking.

I know You hear me every night, because I talk to You before I fall asleep, You never talk back however and don’t think for a minute I haven’t noticed that. I just assume that You’ve got a super computer that records everything I say. I only hope that your machine isn’t broken because I expect some answers to my questions. You’ve probably noticed that since we met I’ve really never asked for much, not anything that we should talk about in public, that’s for sure. But there is one thing I’d like to ask you to do; stop taking young people, free up some of those hospital beds, meet with Your top people and get it worked out. I won’t give you my email address or box number because I know You know where I live…did you also know that I have lighting rods on my roof?

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