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Photo of the day: Skewed values?

The photo below was submitted by an NIT reader.  The photo is of a sticker on a pickup truck that was parked in Mason City this weekend.  The person who submitted the photo asked:

“What kind of message is this, and what kind of values do people have?  Bragging that their kid can beat up other kids that are “smart?”  Which is more important in today’s society, kids that are bullies and can “tap out” another child or kids that do their homework and succeed in school?  Really made me think when I saw this sticker.”

Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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Its just a sticker get over it your whats wrong with this world everyones has to complain about something nowadays.

I’ll have my honor student and college grad order some fries and a shake from your wrestler. Parents are the cause of most of a childs issues.

Mason City is FULL of SENSITIVE SALLYS! Mason City has issues this however is’nt one of them.

Its a joke people geez!!!!!!! When did everyone become so sensetive.

Why does everyone make such a big deal about everything? Are people’s feelings that sensitive that they don’t see the humor in things anymore? Lighten up and quit taking everything so seriously. The victim mentality that is alive and well around here is ridiculous. Some kids are strong in academics, some athletics and some both. Succeeding in something positive that you are committed to and passionate about should be acknowledged. This is just a play on the honor roll stickers some parents have on their cars. It is not bullying and those of you who think it is are part of the reason bullying is such an issue….because you make it one!

First the OP closes and now liberals are worried about stickers on cars….. INCREDIBLY SLOW NEWS DAY. Moving on, in Mason City crackheads rule most of the north side. Get over yourself, it’s a joke, so are most of you.

The guy who feels to need to post his opinion a hundred times a day telling people to get over themselves, the irony is thick enough for porn.

This article is called Skewed Values? and yet I read many posts here where people are degrading others and making ridiculous assumptions about how other peoples children will turn out because of a bumper sticker? I find it interesting that those so judgmental want to have a conversation about values.
And…if we are using bumper stickers to teach our kids moral lessons that may be the bigger issue here. If you read it and don’t like it, don’t acknowledge it and move on. Choices are one of the reasons I love living in this great country. Lighten up people! Stop teaching our kids to make BIG deals about everything!!

Here does this make it better. My Honor Student will make your kid TAPOUT in 15 seconds!

Wow, nothing like bragging about your childs achievements with a bumper sticker….what better way to let your child know how special he is to you…??

I’m sure in the future this child will have no problem ‘tapping out’ our food order at McDonalds.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech??? Someone in Mason has an awesome one on the back of their truck, It says, “Stop Abortion suck more d***”


Amazing how shallow minded and boring people in mason city are. It’s. A joke, I thought it was pretty funny too. You shallow minded people need to come out once in a while. No wonder you’re so crabby and constipated all the time. You must have been the honor roll students back in your day and you’re angry cause you had to tap out.

I LOVE IT! I have one on the back of my truck that says “My kid cross-checked your honor student” There is nothing wring with adding a little humor to your day and smiling sometimes people! Lighten up! Oh, and my other one says “Puck Breast Cancer” And, my son is also an honor roll student…

Wow…”neighbor”; for someone who hates violence, you sure are judgemental about those who participate in MMA, wrestling etc…
Who’se the neandrathal? Someone who sets a goal in a particular sport, or someone who judges others while throwing every tired old cliche they can??
I wonder if you have the stones to walk up to the parent that owns that truck and tell him his kid is an un-educated white-trash, greasy haired toothless caveman.

So its ok for a parent to be proud of their kid because he’s on the honor roll, but it’s not ok for a parent to be proud of their kid because he’s a good wrestler??? What a joke….

Don’t compare apples to oranges.

You want fries with that?

Wow..lots of hard feelings out there now-a-days. These stickers are just a mild retort for all those “My kid is an honor student…” stickers. Basically, those “my kid is smarter…” stickers are nothing but an in your face insult to those students (and their parents) that have a harder time at school than others.

To be an honor student is, well, and HONOR! If it insults someone that they are not on the honor roll, work harder and try your best. QUIT BITCHING ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE ACHIEVED.

i bet beermeier has that on his car too. and i think drunkmeier failed in the MMA, but is still a bully, not too smart. but yet still got to be Mayor.


Very impressive. I wonder how many people at the unemployment office he can make tap out.

At least with this sticke there is so sort of achievement … ive seen o es that simply say my student can beat up your honor student any day

I’d make the wrestler tap out in 10 sec 😉

It’s just a joke – I thought it was cute and funny.

Jokes are supposed to be funny. This is just the grown up version of “My dad can beat up your dad” and is pretty pathetic.

Wow Great Story

So his son is a wrestler, not an honor’s student. He’s pretty proud of his son’s athletic achievements, and he also is happy with his academic results. I see nothing skewed about it.

Athletics over academics. Pure and simple. To bad his kid won’t someday make pollution or cancer “tap out”.

So, your kid’s a dope. Does it make you feel better about him if you put that on a bumper sticker?

verb – to tap out
to beat out a rhythm

One kid is interested in music. The honor student probably sells drugs at NIACC.

Music hell-tap out is slang for a wrestling pin. Music is great but a long way from wrestling. As for the sticker, it is kind of obnoxious and promotes the concept that my kid can bully yours just because he is a wrestler. Not true. A lot of the better athlete’s are top students as well.

A tap out comes from a submission hold, it is not a pin.

I knew that but mis-spoke. Thanks for correcting that.

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