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Awesome Pet Items That All Pet Shop Businesses Should Be Offering

These days many people see their pets as an extension or even members of their family. They are a face that is always happy to see you and can bring you joy when you are feeling down. This is why we love to spoil our animals and give them little treats and creature comforts. People like to get their pets all sorts of things. This ranges from treats (as we just mentioned) to cute little outfits and beds. Some gifts are more appreciated and used than others, so it’s important that a pet store stocks a variety of different pet items. We’ve put together a list of 6 awesome items that are great for pets as well as their owners. Take a look.

1. Litter Mats and Boxes

Most people with indoor cats, probably know the struggle that comes with having a basic little box. It’s important for the sanity of an owner as well as their cat’s that a litter box is more intricate than a simple tray that sits on the floor. These are messy and usually result in litter flying halfway across the room. Animals feel vulnerable when they go to the loo, so it is a great idea to have litter boxes that have a covering and a flap door for them to get their privacy. This keeps some of the smell inside and prevents the litter and poop from ending up outside of the box. To make this even cuter, people are adding litter mats to their setup. This is because a cat also doesn’t enjoy a filthy litter area. Think of it in the same way you would a front doormat. You want to wipe your feet off after you’ve been somewhere dirty. You can even personalize them to fit your décor and to catch any leaks. A definite must-have.

2. Dental Care Toys and Treats

No one likes stinky breath. One of the most important daily rituals we do as people is brush our teeth. Dental care in animals is also important and with most animal owners being unable or unaware of how to correctly care for their pet’s teeth, dental care toys and treats are incredibly important. They act as a great addition to any pet’s toy collection because they serve a variety of purposes – they are fun to play with, the treats taste good and they are taking care of dental issues at the same time.

3. Multifunction Biting Toys

Multifunction biting toys, also known as “multifunctional pet molar bite toys”, are really easy to sell and market, because they are a combination of dog toys in one. They might look simple, but they offer hours of fun and entertainment for your dog. As the name suggests they have more going on than your traditional dog toy. They are usually a combination of a rope toy with a ball on one end and a dental chew toy on the other end. They get a lot more complicated than this, but dogs love them.

4. Personalized Collars

Every pet store needs a selection of collars, but people don’t want just any old collar. Collars that people can personalize are way more popular, and some people even buy several to go with their aesthetic or to suit the sort of activity that they are doing at a given time. At the very least you should offer a way to display the pet’s name and owner’s details on the collar.

5. Car Seat Protectors

Gone are the days of annihilating a car with dirt and animal hair when people want to take their pets out for outdoor activity. Car seat protectors are incredibly popular and can easily be attached to the seats and removed for cleaning afterward. They act almost like a hammock, connecting to the headrests and protecting the seats beneath.

6. Pet Beds

Pet beds are a classic. Almost every owner has one. However, novelty pet beds will entice owners to purchase more than one, because they are cute and they go beyond the boring and simple options out there. They come in a variety of themes, shapes, and materials and can be anything from pop culture references to aesthetically pleasing pieces. You can get orthopedic beds to give your pet the best night’s rest, or you can get them something related to something else that you love, like a plant. Because they are novelty, this also means that they come with a bigger price tag, so there is definitely money to be made.

Pets are special companions to their owners. This is why they choose to spoil them with a variety of treats and comforts. There are a variety of really great items you should definitely have in your pet store.

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