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10 Things No One Tell You about Long Distance Relationships

Whether through watching a romantic movie or through an experience itself, you know that a long-distance relationship is always hard to keep and even sometimes close to impossible. Sadly, in life, there are times that we just can’t avoid long-distance relationships because of important things like work or education.

So what are the 10 things that no one has told you about regarding long-distance relationships? Find out here.


  • Expect more voicemails and messaging instead of actual calls.


It isn’t at all that surprising that both of you have different time zones when it comes to long-distance relationships. You could be having your breakfast right now, and your partner could be having dinner or perhaps already sleeping.

This is what makes voicemails and messages pretty common in any long-distance relationship.


  • Time feels like an eternity.


Have you ever tried waiting for something, like a line in the bank or perhaps a long speech? Does it not feel like every minute is an hour or more? Well, waiting for your loved one to come back is even worse. Time feels like it won’t just move when someone you love and care for is in a very distant place.


  • Going to them is very expensive.


Are you thinking of surprising your significant other by visiting his/her place? Think again. Plane tickets or even train tickets aren’t all that cheap, and since you will only be visiting them, you will also have to think of your return trip.

Yes, it would be a wonderful thing to visit them, but it will pretty much hurt your wallet.


  • You somehow become more independent.


This isn’t a bad thing because you will become much more responsible for your own self. Living by yourself, away from the safe space when you are together with the one you love, tends to bring independence.


  • Communication and trust are what will make or perhaps break your relationship.


Communication is very important in long-distance relationships because it is unavoidable to miss the other person. Luckily, nowadays, we have the Internet, where communication is as easy as pressing a button. As mentioned earlier, though, the problem with communication is the different time zones. If you want to stay strong as a couple, you will need to set a schedule where you and your significant other can enjoy.

Trust is one of the hardest things to keep when it comes to a long-distance relationship. Somehow, our minds are programmed to think that our partner is doing something bad on the other end. This is mostly out of fear of being replaced by someone else who is near your significant other. But, to be able to continue a long-distance relationship, it is important that you trust your string bracelets are good and lucky things for couple,both of you can wear it,you can feel each other when missing.


  • Conversations are not as lively as before.


Again, this is related to the current time zones you and your partner are in. Just because it is already a great morning for you, your significant other could already be stressed out from all the work or study. This goes the same for you, you could be already buried in a pile of work, and your partners just recently woke up from a good sleep.

Conversations will never be as lively as it was before. Still, if you two understand this, then it won’t really become much of a problem.


  • Seeing your partner again will make every week you have waited for all worth it.


One thing about long-distance relationships is that you will truly miss your loved ones because they aren’t always there. Every week you have spent thinking of your partner will make the day that you two meet again worth it. Suppose you haven’t had a long-distance relationship yet. In that case, you will truly be amazed at how blissful it is to see your significant other again.


  • Skype and FaceTime might be of help, but it won’t fulfill your every need.


The problem with seeing each other on a screen is that you won’t truly feel the presence of the one you love. There is just a significant difference between seeing your loved one personally and digitally. Although it is great that you can talk with your lover online, you just can’t embrace him/her, which makes it a little sad and lonely.


  • Choices to make during these times will be difficult and somewhat unbearable even.


You might notice that when your significant other is far from you, choices seem to be more difficult than before. This is especially true if the choice you have to make is all about your current relationship.


  • Your long-distance relationship will never work without trust.


Trust is the one thing that will make your long-distance relationship work and if you somehow break your partner’s trust, expect that your relationship will never be the same as before. This is actually also true for your partner. If they break your trust, then your feelings and affection for that person will never be the same as before.

Final Words

Long distance relationships can easily be considered as the hardest relationship set up. The odds are not in favor of your relationship succeeding. However, if you overcome it, you can be a stronger couple than before.

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