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The most common CBD questions answered

If you keep up to date with the latest trends you must have notice the hype surrounding CBD.

It can be a fairly misunderstood product, though, so to help clear up any confusion here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about CBD.

Where does CBD oil come from?

CBD oil comes from hemp plants. The cannabidiol is extracted from the flower and buds using various methods including the use of carbon dioxide, ethanol or other liquid solvents. 

Can CBD get you high?

The straight answer is no, CBD does not get you high.

It is actually the component found in the cannabis plant known as THC that has psychoactive properties.

Cannabis plants which contain less than 0.3 percent THC are referred to as hemp while those with 0.3 percent or more referred to as marijuana.

CBD companies should state what percentage of THC is present in their products.

Is CBD illegal?

There is no straight answer to this question unfortunately, as CBD laws vary from state to state. 

In most, but not all, states, CBD is legal. Some states insist it must be hemp derived CBD while others will accept marijuana derived CBD too. For many places, the difference between legal and illegal is the amount of THC in the product.

To ensure you are not inadvertently breaking the law, buy a product with only trace elements of THC and buy from a trusted source so you know that what the company promises is accurate.

Can using CBD make you fail a drugs test?

The answer to this is linked to what has been said above.

Most drugs tests are not even looking out for CBD and it is no longer prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency so on that score, no CBD will not make you fail a drugs test. 

However, drugs tests do look out for THC so unless you buy a product containing little to no THC, this could result in a failed drugs test. 

The answer is, again, to use products made by a reputable company who state there are only trace elements of THC in their CBD oils.

For instance, all of the products on contain less than 0.2% THC and are made from hemp grown on organic farms in Colorado.

What products contain CBD?

There are a variety of CBD products currently on the market. You can buy it simply as an oil, as a vaping liquid, even as fruit flavor gummies.

Is CBD environmentally friendly?

CBD is one of the most eco-friendly products you can find as hemp is so versatile. Practically every part of the plant can be used, for example, while the flowers and buds are used for CBD extraction, the fibrous part of the plant can be used for anything from clothes to paper.

Not only that, but it is also a fast-growing plant so uses less water and land to grow it compared to others, cotton for instance.

Hopefully, all of this has brought you up to date with what CBD is so the next time you see or hear it mentioned you can feel fully informed.

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