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The Pros and Cons of Polymer Firearms

The use of steel versus polymer firearms has been a hot debate over the years since polymer’s first introduction to the firearm market some years ago. Since being first released, polymer-made weapons have needed to get over the label of “Tupperware” guns, as this makes it sound like a polymer-framed weapon is made of weak plastic and could not survive a test of continued use. Time has proven the skeptics wrong, and polymer has become an excellent option for those wanting to experience the benefits of this newer technology.

Pro – Cost

The lower cost of polymer frames is a hard point to pass up. Being cheaper to manufacture in terms of processing and materials, choosing a quality supplier like will ensure that you are not sacrificing any features or quality for the extra affordable price. Don’t get duped into a sub-quality weapon because you were stuck on the lowest price either.

Pro – Moisture Resistance

Contemporary weapons are prone to rust and corrosion issues. If a steel gun is left in storage where there is a high level of moisture or humidity (like an attic or basement, even inside a safe) then the weapon could be susceptible to rust quickly settling into it, if not stored appropriately. Polymer firearms are immune to this, and wouldn’t feel any different after being stored in similar conditions.

Pro – Reduces Recoil Felt

Polymer frames have a lower rigidity than metal and are able to absorb some compression. A polymer frame compresses and absorbs the recoil you feel when a bullet is discharged and the slide hits the frame, making for a more comfortable shot.

Pro – Serviceability

There are polymer-crafted weapons made today where you can replace nearly every component, including the rails, after many thousands of rounds of use. This makes servicing these weapons a pleasure for you, your time, and your wallet. Some weapon manufacturers will even ship and replace cracked or broken pieces of polymer weapons for the cost of shipping.

Con – Muzzle Control

Polymer frames do not contribute any noticeable heaviness to the weapon that would counter the kick that the person firing the weapon would feel. Because of this, muzzle flip while using a polymer frame will be far more apparent and you may have to adjust your firing rate to compensate for this. 

Con – Lower Heat Tolerance

When a pistol with a polymer body is shot often, the frame might warm up and deform. In certain circumstances, you may be able to view internal components that you weren’t supposed to be able to. Due to this drawback, polymer weapons are not well suited to competitive shooting.

There are pros and cons to almost everything these days, but one undeniable fact is that the frame is lighter and easier to carry, which makes this an obvious choice for anybody who is going for a concealed carry handgun. They are just more comfortable due to how light they are. If you are not comfortable with a heavier weapon strapped to yourself all day, this could be the catalyst that makes the world of difference in your life.

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