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Fun Family Ideas

Spending time with the family is often a much rarer occurrence than we would like these days, with so many of us busy with work, schooling, and other commitments, not to mention the limits of being able to get together or being far apart in different parts of the country. Yet, when we manage to put some time in the diary together, we often feel like we do not know what to do with ourselves and end up trying to stave off boredom and fatigue or minor arguments. If you are planning a family get-together soon and want to ensure that you have a fun time without all the usual complaints, read on for some handy ideas to inspire you.

Plan a games night

A games night is a simple way to spend time together but is guaranteed to bring plenty of laughs and fun. The great advantage of hosting a games night is that it is often the most basic games that turn out to be the most enjoyable, so you do not need to worry about having to buy a complicated or expensive kit to have a special time together.

You might like to have an assortment of games to choose from or can use a random number generator to help you choose one. If you have a variety of family or friends of different ages, you may also want to pick out something that can be played by people of all ages or backgrounds, as that will help everyone to feel included.

Some excellent ideas for games that you might like to try out on your next games night can include classic card games, charades or other team activities, or a board game where a large number of people can get involved.

Host a pot luck

Food is always a great way of getting people together, but the stress of having to cook and prepare for a large gathering can sometimes be exhausting. So instead of leaving the responsibility of cooking a meal for the whole gathering on one person or family, you might want to try an office potluck instead, where everyone who is attending can bring in an item themselves.

This is a much more relaxed way to cater to a group, and it can also be a lovely conversation starter, but discussing favorite recipes, dishes, and ingredients that may be used. You might like to set specific tasks or items for different people to ensure that there is something for all tastes, or you may even want to encourage people to prepare something based on a theme.

However, you approach it, it is important to keep potlucks fairly relaxed. After all, not everyone will prepare food to the same skill level or standard, so there may be some variation amongst the dishes that are brought. Instead of judging or critiquing them, it is much more helpful to practice gratitude and enjoy the chance to spend time together over something delicious.

Get together and volunteer

Volunteering to do chores or tasks might not immediately seem like the most fun thing to do as a family, but it can be a wonderful way of getting together to help each other out. If you have a family member in need of help with something like fixing up repairs or clearing out unnecessary items, you might like to get others involved to share in the task. The feel-good factor of knowing you have done something beneficial for someone else, as well as being able to see each other while you do so, can be a wonderful thing.

A family volunteering day could also be put into action over community-based tasks and activities, such as getting together with friends and family in your neighborhood to fix up an old building, fundraising for a special cause, or hosting a community event. This is a great way of building connections with others in your area that you might not have gotten to know otherwise and share something meaningful together.

Plan a movie screening

Lastly, a simple but enjoyable way to spend time as a family is by hosting a movie night. If you have access to a projector or screen, you can make an event of it by holding a screening outdoors or in a large area.

Make movie nights more fun and enjoyable by adding extra special touches, such as decorating the area with a movie-related theme or getting together special snacks.

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