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Mason City police department awarded $480K grant

Mason City Police Department

MASON CITY – The Mason City Police Department has been awarded an Implementation Grant by the Bureau of Justice Assistance through the Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program (JMHCP). The grant period began October 1, 2019 and ends on September 30, 2022. The amount of the grant is approximately $480,000.

MCPD has been working cooperatively with local mental health stakeholders for several years to improve outcomes for mental health consumers. Some of those stakeholders include: County Social Services, MercyOne North Iowa, North Iowa Transition Center, CG Public Health, Crisis Intervention Service, YSS Francis Lauer, Mason City Community Health Center, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Friends of the Family, Four Oaks, Prairie Ridge, Department ofCorrections, Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office, Juvenile Court Services, and elected state government representatives.

Since 2018, County Social Services and MCPD have partnered to fund and house the Justice Coordinator position. The Justice Coordinator is a social worker that helps to provide support to mental health consumers who have frequent contact with law enforcement.

In 2017, MCPD received a JMHCP grant for $75,000 that funded the process to write a mental health planning guide for Mason City. Working with community mental health stakeholders, that process was completed and the planning guide was submitted in September 2018. This new grant award will work to implement those recommendations. Some of the things that are planned for this grant period include: Crisis Intervention Training, updated de-escalation and mental health training for law enforcement, virtual reality mental health training, mobile injection therapy, and recertification training that builds instructor capacity in our local mental health resources.

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Because we all know traditionally cops are equipped trained and sensitive to mental health conditions. It isnt the truth at all that they ignore antagonize and provoke mental illness. I mean the mcpd are the type of people that respond to you being in a front yard after dark by putting their hands on their pistols. They are jumpy scared little men taking their shit out on 75 lb drug addicts instead of busting black dudes for all the dope they sell in mc. Would rather bust a 19 year old girl for pot than a nig for cocaine. They need to use that 480k for their own mental health. Their latest choice to hire two tiny little blonde girls as cops in a town with an african american crime outbreak and meth heads with hep all over? Really a smart pd. Maybe they wouldnt have all the mental health issues they have if they didnt smoke all the meth they take off the streets.

After the way those cops treated Maria uhl! Why would anyone be dumb enough to let their daughter apply to mcpd! Stupid! After what happened to Maria uhl what kind of idiot would say to themselves “yes, I’m a tiny whote girl with blonde hair. The mcpd is the safest choice for me!” What kind of parents would raise a child with so much evil and hate in their heart that they would want to become a police officer anyhow? The cops are against the citizens and only out for themselves. The proof is in the wat the conduct themselves around here. Speed trapping to full out there quotas and other illegal activity to generate revenue and get meaningless arrests. First post was right. It would be nice to see local law enforcement bringing down some black faces that we all KNOW are connected to the drug trade violent crime and theft in Mason city. It isnt racier it’s just facts most black men in Mason city aell drugs among other things.

Maybe MCPD can use some of that mental health grant money towards some of its own employees. Compulsive or pathological lying is usually indicative of some sort of mental health condition or a symptom of a personality disorder such as borderline or narcissistic disorder.

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