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Police called to Wal-Mart for another incident between child and adult

Mason City Wal-Mart
Mason City Wal-Mart

MASON CITY – Mason City police were called back to the Wal-Mart Super Center Wednesday after a person reported that he had concerns about the treatment of a child.

According to information given to NIT, a man witnessed a woman “dragging” a male child of an unknown age out of Wal-Mart. The child was extremely upset. The man approached the woman with his concerns, and a shouting match between the man, the woman and others ensued in the parking lot. Police responded to the scene to investigate.

A police officer told NIT Thursday morning that “there was no child abuse” associated with the incident.

“The child has some anger control and behavioral issues at a very young age,” the officer elaborated. “The caregiver was doing her best to restrain him and keep him from losing control. The person who called was not aware of the special circumstances when he confronted the caregiver and then called police to report child abuse. Police arrived and were familiar with the situation. Officers and family were able to convince the youth to gain control of his emotions and behave.”

Earlier this week, police were called to the Mason City Wal-Mart to investigate a report of a man who had slapped a child in the face. Mason City police told NIT Tuesday that they responded to the scene that day and spoke to the reporting party, the caregiver (presumably the male party, accused of slapping the child) and the child. Police said that no injuries were visible and no charges were filed in that incident.

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I saw some kids in there a while back that must not have belonged to anyone. The way they were running and screaming through the store they must have been feral children. Maybe somebody beat one of their asses and got turned in for it. If they found the “parent” of the wild child, the parent needed their ass beat too.


I am commenting on the poll instead of the article.

Middle Class is a term that has replaced Working Class. I believe this was done to stir up political controversy. Rich class vs. Poor class. It was used heavily in the last election and confounded most people. To bad the electorate can’t see through the fog of political BS.

Personally I don’t believe there is such a thing as “middle” class.

In reality everyone that works is working class regardless of their…


I’ve never lived in a place where folks will call the police at the drop of a hat, for just about anything.

Most pleaces, at least those which have a sense of community unlike MC, people will say something to the individual first before even thinking about involving the cops.

@Rahmbo-It is because the town is full of self rightous cowards who will say and do anything behind someones back, but never to their face. Kind of like the rolls on here.

didnt George Bush use the term “faceless bastards” or “faceless cowards” after th bombing. Isnt this the same thing? People simply calling the cops at the drop of a hat. Maybe some of these people should be investigated also for false accusations. Wasting taxpayers money?

So this is what we’ve come to? Every time some kid throws a temper tantrum we call the cops now?

Well what do you know. Another Non-incident.

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