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Petition circulating to discontinue circus coming to Mason City

Shrine's Circus
Shrine’s Circus

MASON CITY – There are some folks here in Mason City and the surrounding area who do not want the circus to come to town, and are circulating a petition to discontinue inviting the show here.

The Shrine’s Circus will be at the North Iowa Events Center in Mason City on May 10 and 11 (this weekend).

The online petition being circulated by Breanna Flores of Mason City has 10 signatures so far. ย It reads this way:

Myself and anyone who signs this petition, hereby stand up for the equal rights of all living beings, those specifically of the Shrine Circus to appear in Mason City, IA 50401 on May 10th and May 11th. We support and share a compassion for all living creatures. We do not support the mistreatment and exploitation of the animals (Elephants, Tigers, Lions, etc.) made to entertain here in North Iowa. We speak for the voiceless, who are made to live within inhumane (physical abuse, psychological distress, malnourishment, improper housing, being made to perform with diseases and physical disabilities) conditions daily and then forced to put on a show. We do not wish for the George Carden Circus (presented as the Shine Circus) to come back, they are not welcome. We also acknowledge that circus elephants are often ill and prone to carry TB (tuberculosis), which poses a serious health risk to the general public as this is projected in the environment as an airborne virus. We simply do not and will not tollerate this and wish to banish any circuses with animal performers or essentially eliminate animal circuses from future venues in Mason City, IA and the North Iowa Events Center.

By discontinuing to support these horrific displays of these animals in shackles, we will be able to teach our children and grandchildren that “E” stands for “Elephant” not “Extinction”. The animals exploited in this circus and many alike deserve to be free in the wild, where they belong. We want to cut off funding for these events so these exotic beauties can thrive, be happy, and not have to worry about being used for the selfish profit of mankind. In 2014 we believe it is time to put a stop to the inhumane exploitation of circus animals.

The petition can be signed, here.

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Having signatures from all over the world is interesting and invigorating, but hardly beneficial to easily knowing how many local people feel moved enough to act by this issue.


People need to take animals in to consideration and stop abusing them. There are other ways of enjoyment like dirt bike races etc. Stop animal cruelty…!!!!!!!!

I see that the Globe Gazette supports the circus abuse.

To be honest with you Diane…I signed it and it was my pleasure. You raised a good daughter and God Bless you and yours.

On behalf of Breanna Flores, I would like to thank all of you whom helped surpass the goal of the petition. We needed 100 signatures and we are above 240 thus far! Thank you to all of you had kind words and encouragement! Good things do happen! Thank you again for everyone who participated and signed!

I will have Breanna get with you on that, as she is the one to handle all of this! Thank you again Matt!

@charliepride! Thank you!

day = year.

The way those elephants in that video are being treated is very sad. That’s not the circus that is at the fair grounds. The video is the Carson circus the one at fair grounds is the Carden. However if this how all elephants are trained in circus’s I will sign your petition as well.

Elephants have been used by humans for 4000 years. I would hope in that time that maybe someone would develope a different method training. 600,000 wild elephants 30,000 poached each day.

This will show you how the circus basically covers their tracks. There are many articles out there that will show you the facts as well.
Thank You for taking the time to read through these and watching the videos we hope by posting the truth we will encourage people to sign the petition that Ms Flores is working very hard on.

@Breanna Flores

Watched those videos and my ignorance is no longer bliss. I am pissed! I will sign your petition. Someone should kick the xxxx out of that guy. Actually, he should be prosecuted and jailed.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will gladly take my lumps on this one.

Here is what stands out to me. Government with all it’s regulations is still not an affective remedy to protect the animals from cruelty.

People can’t be trusted! Ban the Circus…

While I agree with the fight against unjust treatment of animals, I do not accept the premise that humans and animals are equal.

Albeit the “power to reason” isn’t always used wisely.

We should start a petition to ban LVS from posting on this site!!…..Just Kidding!

We’ll see.

But you will have to excuse me if I don’t get all “warm and fuzzy” since you have mentioned this before and nothing has changed.

Fair enough.
I agree with your item #1, but #2 is sketchy & very subjective. But it is your site.

If you truly want this to be a news source to be taken seriously by a larger number of North Iowans then you still have some more of your work cut out.
You have done pretty fair to this point(with the above exception).

With that said, I believe you to be a man of honesty & intelligence and one that learns from failures and mistakes. God knows that I have have had/made my share of…

I meant to add that I have had/made my share of failures and mistakes.
But never stop trying or give up!

Sidenote: That 500 word limit is a little frustrating sometimes, I know why you did it, but bumping it a up a tad would be nice..just a thought.

@Matt-I would guess that is a general statement and includes BCN as well as other people.

Dang, I meant to say 500 character limit… ๐Ÿ™‚

And this kids is why we do not do drugs.

I witness cruelty every time I go into grocery stores that have live lobsters with pitchers clamped. They certainly don’t have a life. That bothers me too but I don’t read where it bothers anyone else. :((

Here’s some footage for some of you people who come on here and defend this horrific treatment!

And this is CARSON circus who is out at the events center now.

This is the real deal Seeker. Thanks for posting. May God forgive us. This is an adults only rated vid in Mothers opinion. Tragic.

See that is good info.

Mother just finished doing some research on the history of the George Carden Circus. They partner with an entertainment group based out of Dallas Texas.

Their founded cruelty to animals is well documented in state after state according to the web site below.

It surprises me that a noble organization like the Shriners would be even remotely associated with such atrocities.

Thanks for the research. The lack of care is appalling.

For those of you who are bashing Ms Flores and proclaim to be Christians
Ecclesiastes 3:19
For what happens to the children of man and what happens to the beasts is the same; as one dies, so dies the other. They all have the same breath, and man has no advantage over the beasts, for all is vanity.

Your misguided scorn at her attempts to prevent the sanctioning of cruelty to animals is just that – misguided

Matt,…that’s a very good point. Many of these “so-called” Christians scheme and scam 6 days a week and figure(in there mind) if they go to church…it’s going to be a free ticket to heaven. I fear for many of them.

On a brighter note,…I hope you choose to run again for a position on the council. Now that I know a little bit more about you. You’re a very articulate and caring person and a voice for everyone…not just the elite.

You got that right

Those damn Shriners! Bringing abused animals to town running people over with little cars in parades. Next big Shriners hospitals are really sweat shops.

I would say that your doing this for the attention. We all know that this circus has been coming to town for quite some time with all the flyers and coupons every where. So why wait till now to start this if you really believed that this was cruelty you should of been doing this sooner. If you want to start a petition how about with making mason city a safer place by getting rid of all the thugs that come here from other cities and cause real problems, cuz they can’t hack it in the big…

Everything that you have brought to the table here makes me wonder the same of you ๐Ÿ™‚ have you done anything personally to stop and prevent crime in mason city and north iowa? If so, please express your efforts. I actually have found this a harder project as I DO NOT want the attention on myself, I want the attention on the god damn animals. I started a week ago because that is when I was enlightened that conditions have not CHANGED, and I have atleast made progress. next year will be better.

I did try when I lived here I caught 2 thieves ran them down handed them to the cops and they did nothing they let them go. Did the park watch I gave up because the cops did nothing. Yeah next year could be better but if your true to this do it all year go stand outside all there shows dedicate your life to this if your not going to do that then shut it.

I will do my best to do what I can ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t need to be told to “shut it”, Matt picked up my petition and made the article ๐Ÿ™‚ I will speak for what I know is right and for what I know is wrong. it is too bad you gave up on your projects and I can see that may be where your hostility about this comes from. just because someone is trying to shut you down, doesn’t help you with your cause, or supports it…doesn’t mean there are others out there who DO ๐Ÿ™‚ I was out there today and will be…

And of course we must stop all the animals in the wild from killing and eating each other.

We could let all those animals back into the wild to be killed and eaten as part of the food chain.

Hope the petitioner can find a better place to put their compassion. It is misguided when it comes to trying to stop the Circus from coming to town.

Hopefully it is a young person whose parents can guide them better so they can learn to help humankind.

Nope, you’re correct on many issues but not this one. Small circus companies are not zoo’s and the animals are often sick and abused. Given a choice all animals would prefer to in the wild and take their chances, even humans.

I’m disapointed in you watchdog that your not living up to your name. Dont forget to sign the petition on your way out. We won’t stop until we are heard!

I do not believe harnessing my compassion toward “animalkind” is “misguided”. I am a 24 year old, educated, down-to-earth young woman and I know what I am talking about. I appreciate your input Watchdog, however I believe that it is you who has misguided compassion. It is to my experience and the experience of others that Man Kind is selfish and believes everything is theirs for the taking. If we were to indulge on the food chain, put a whip down and try facing a lion ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ignorance is bliss.

Try harnessing your compassion towards ” human kind” as well. We all know what you have tried to do in the past…u describe yourself as well-educated and down to earth… that hardly describes the person that you have shown in your past tirades on this blog site.. Get some help young lady!!!!

Haha I never come on here so I believe you are sadly mistaken and confused ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t stick my nose in other peoples business but I have no problem standing up for what is right and supporting others who do the same. take your negativity and harness it in a hobby or a good cause, don’t spread it and cause turbulance. Your negativity in no way regresses my efforts to do what is right, even if my efforts aren’t HUGE. its something and that’s all that matters.

Only to you and a few other crazy people.


Matt M.

Treat animals with respect but yet beat a girl out at Lime Creek….

Four Oaks incident… that never really happened.

Matt,…ignore Blister. I seriously believe that his neurons are not firing properly.

BTW Blisteronyapecker,…when you’re referring to something you have no clue as to what you are speaking about..bring it up in that venue. It has no relevance here GED. KK? Buh bye

My comment was truly connected. It had to do with my blog about being as kind to humans as he seems to be about animals..Totally related as far as I am concerned. And, as far as saying I am off topic– that happens about 90% of the time on this site. Let’s not try to call a spade a shovel…

On my reply– I meant SHE not he….

I am for humane treatment of all animals. Next time your enjoying your hamburgers or pork chops think about what those animals have gone through to end up on your dinner plate. Go to a slaughter house sometime, if your an animal lover you may never want to eat meat again. At least the elephants are fed and kept alive as they bring people to the shows. If they are outlawed here they will just have there shows else where.

I don’t eat meat and you are wrong. Those poor circus animals go without food or water or medical treatment and that’s a fact. You need to do your research.

You support mass ‘murder’ of countless cute and cuddly animals, yet lack the decency to consume the corpses.


Faye, thank you for expressing your views on equal rights and treatment of animals ๐Ÿ™‚ I have seen quite a few videos of what humans are capable of when it comes to a slaughterhouse, however have never viewed this personally. I am not huge on meat as well, however my fears and concerns lay within the quality of life these circus animals receive.Yes, inevitably there will be other shows but no one ever accomplished something by accepting defeat and expecting the next person to take care of it.

Perhaps some well placed sign carrying human animals strategically placed along the entrance to the Events Center and on Highway 122 would enhance public awareness of your worthy cause, far beyond signatures on a petition

I agree. I will be out there tomorrow before the first show with a handful of those who are brave enough to stand with me. Thank you for your support Mother Nature, we hope that a physical peaceful protest, documentation and footage of the conditions, informative handouts, and a petition might be getting the ball rolling. I have only had a week to organize what I have so far, if they return next year, I and the rest of us will be much better prepared! thanks again! xo

According to the Human Society of the United States there is a long history of well documented Animal Cruelty Under the Big Top.

They advise you to call local law enforcement (MCPD) with any concerns or complaints of animal neglect you may observe when the circus comes to town.

Amen. We are all God’s creatures Great and Small.

What a shameful barbaric ritual.

Thanks NIT for the heroic coverage.

People should just mind their own damn business. If you don’t like it don’t go but don’t destroy it for the people that do enjoy it. This is nothing more than the liberal crusade to stop anything they disagree with. Now, let the haters begin. Like I give a crap what they think.

Ms. Flores has every right to her petition, whether you agree with it or not.

Perhaps YOU should consider your own advice.
1.If you donโ€™t like it donโ€™t sign it.
2.If you don’t like it, mind your own damn business.

You can disagree with her, but there is no need go ballistic on anyone’s opinions just because they don’t match yours.

BCN-Are you kidding me! That is all LVS knows how to do is to go ballistic on people that he does not agree with! He does not know how to debate and he is uneducated so all he can do is stoop to name calling and bashing. He has no life so he gets his kicks by berating people on NIT. He is a sad case that LVS, I kind of feel sorry for him and his miserable little life.

As long as he has food and water he should be good.

LVS, that is a seriously funny comment or it would be if it were not so pathetic.
You of all people attempting to play the victim is about as hypocritical as it gets.

You claim to just be stating your opinion, but when others state theirs, it is an attack on you.
You have some serious issues.
I have attempted to be civil towards you lately, but you make that nearly impossible.

I see that the young Ms. Flores(articulate & intelligent) already has you pegged for what you are.

I agree with BCN,…whom I might add always has something positive to add to these blogs. I’m proud to say as well, that it’s encouraging to me to see younger people voice on such issues as animal cruelty. It’s terrible how these “wild” animals are treated for the enjoyment or pleasure that children who are too young to understand what goes on behind closed doors. Good work Breanna and thank you.

Just another libraterd like you BCN.


Matt M.

the above was meant for LVS, more of my unedumacated ignorance shining through!

That’s cute Diane but I truly believe everyone already knew who you were referring to. Mr. Knowitall and if you choose to disagree with “Mr.Knowitall”. There’s gonna be hell to pay right here in the riva shitty. Haaaaaaaaaaaa LOL. Have a nice evening.

Its a good thing I don’t get upset very often! Haha just gotta laugh that person off! You have a great day today!

I am no liberal, I stand behind no “label” but thank you for trying to categorize me and the people who stand with me. I must ask though, is it FUN to watch animals not having fun? There are TONS of things you can do for FUN. Try riding a bike, flying a kite, going for a swim, paint some pottery, go to a movie, go to an amusement park, go shopping, go for a walk in the park, go to a HUMANE ZOO for god sakes. It’s funny how people say “mind your own damn business” yet they’re posting on…

@Ms. Flores-Sorry, but you are as liberal as you come. You are trying to stop something that other people enjoy. That is the liberal criteria all the way. I also am a animal lover and have had dogs and cats all my life. But, I am also a realist and know they are animals. If the circus is mis-treating them then it is a whole different thing and they should be stopped. If not, it legal. It is no different than vegetarians promoting their lifestyle and trying to tell us that we are wrong.

No liberalism in this family! You’ve had dogs and cats all your life……because that is a domesticated animal. Elephants and tigers are not domesticated and they should be left to their natural and wild habitat. not used and abused by people trying generate a buck. Not trying to stop the Circus, but maybe perhaps a Cirque du’soleil would be more appropriate. You could beat the human performers with a bull hook when they fail to perform?

Well lVS you just prove to be as ignorant as they come ๐Ÿ™‚ my mother said it perfectly. YOU want to make this political and we are in no way trying to rain on anyone’s pararde, we are trying to prevent ABUSE. did you not READ the petition, I assume you can read right? ha. there would be no basis to found this petition or ANY ACTION at all if there hasn’t been abuse founded! the george carden circus has been issued fines for failure to mandate proper vet checks and local law violations. Facts.

Donโ€™t read too much into what LVS has to say. He is a very uneducated and simple minded man. Most people that read this site on a regular basis know this about him. He just likes to put people down to make himself feel better about his miserable little life. Like I said before I really do feel sorry for him.

Great point Matt, you always have a way of articulating your thoughts to create an opinion that is not only correct but makes perfect sense! Also a nice job by this young lady for taking a stand and getting involved in something she believes in.

LVS one request though for your gracious company, could you put a sequence covered singlet on and do alittle jig for all of us? I for one, and I’m sure everyone else, would love to see a little dance ๐Ÿ™‚ that would be FUN to me, please don’t hinder my FUN, because this is what I want. haha

So have you been to the zoo before? If this treatment to the animals has been proven and they have been fined then its the authorities that are letting this go on so preach to them. Why dont you come up with some entertainment for the city, and I’m not talking about stupid scurv balls thinking there mma fighters something I can take my kid to watch. Well maybe ill just walk them around town and show them mc’ s finest that would be good entertainment.

@Ms. Flores-thank you for your sarcasm and you are showing your ignorance as well as your lack of education. You are so typical of the biased liberals of today. You think you know it all and yet are barely out of diapers. Your lack of intolerance is astounding but I guess when considering your mental ability I shouldn’t be surprised.


Matt M.


@Flores-Big Deal. I don’t give a flying flip about what you think. I now see where your daughter learned to be such a hateful “B”. Read my first post(you can read can’t you?) I didn’t attack anyone but made a general statement about my beliefs. your so called daughter is the one who started it and you are just as bad.


Matt M.

Thank you Matt, for putting this up!!

they cant live in the wild there used to being fed and cared for by people. I agree they should treat the animals better but my kid enjoys the show as do hundred of other kids and i still plan on goin this weekend.

You’re only half right. After they kill the parents they take the babies from them. I’m sorry you enjoy sitting on a dirty bleacher staring at freak shows. One thing people don’t see is the abuse/neglect these beautiful animals endure behind the circus tent. Most of these animals have scars/boils all over their body from bullhooks. I’m sorry you enjoy this and most of all I’m sorry you allow your kids to believe this treatment is ok.


I was just informed by a friend of this article and I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for posting the petition and the link to reach it! I think that is awesome! I hope we can all come together and show we do not support the mistreatment of these beautiful creatures. They deserve and need so much more from us than we can imagine. Thank you so much again!

Thank you so much Matt! (I am using my “smart phone” however I think I might have hit the report button on your comment! ๐Ÿ™‚ know I do not find your comment offensive haha so don’t remove it!) haha thanks again!!

I’m proud of these girls its about time someone does something like this. Many people don’t know or understand what these poor animals go through for human entertainment. These animals travel many miles state to state and most times without food or water cramped conditions and its proven they go without medical treatment. This circus has MANY violations. A lot of the animals don’t come out alive!
I’m not surprised at all that MC promotes this sick garbage though.
Great job girls! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you so very much for your support and words!!!!

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