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What small details will add to your interior design a luxurious look?

We often hear that it is the little things that make the most important changes. In relation to the interior, this rule works one hundred percent. Especially when you dream of making your home look a little more luxurious, but you are not ready to spend a lot of money.

Experienced decorators know: the secret is in small details (accessories), create a sense of luxury in your soul. You choose how they look and how much to spend on them.

So, meet the luxury tips that you can surely afford!


  1. Bouquet of fresh flowers

As a rule, flowers appear in our homes only on special occasions, so they always remind about the mood of the holiday. Decorating with flowers is a small luxury that you can certainly afford on ordinary days.

Pamper yourself with a bouquet of flowers cut from the garden or purchased from a florist, and immediately feel the mood change for the better. Decor with fresh flowers is a great example of not expecting gifts from life, but making them yourself.

Nothing says richness like fresh flower arrangements. Place graceful bouquets on the fireplace, exquisite coffee table, like the ones you can find at nfoutlet. Refresh your dining room, bathroom, bedrooms.

Surely they look great everywhere! The flower theme is relevant at any time. Someone likes a variety of colors, someone prefers pastel shades.

Some people stick to white, which looks irresistible in any setting. Vases with snow-white tulips enliven the room.

Often in the most luxurious apartments, you will find exquisite orchids. Perhaps your favorite lily flowers, they also ennoble the design of an elegant living room.

Whatever your preference, always find an opportunity to pamper yourself! Remember, your flowers need constant moisture, regular stem pruning. There is nothing more disgusting than withered flowers in dirty water!

If you live in a country with a short summer, then fresh plants from the garden are not available in winter. Therefore, the first greens bring so much joy! In early spring, you can make golden forsythia bloom indoors by pruning dry branches.


  1. Beautiful dishes

You deserve the very best! Remind yourself of this every time you feel like leaving the luxurious crockery and cutlery for a special occasion (which so rarely comes).

Serve each meal the way you are the VIP they are for. We guarantee you will get the most out of not only the atmosphere, but also the food itself.


  1. A bucket for champagne

One writer said, “Always keep a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator for special occasions. Sometimes a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator can be a special case. “

Let’s add to this advice only to arrange it in a similar way. Buy a beautiful ice bucket – and we assure you, that very case will come very soon.


  1. Tray for cosmetics and perfumes.

An elegant tray is a detail capable of making any corner special by its very presence.

Place your favorite perfume, scented candles, fresh flowers on it and put it in a prominent place. Any of these items are beautiful alone.


  1. Glass cover (cloche) with eco-decor inside

Any composition on a serving stand looks like a museum piece. Meanwhile, the coasters themselves are inexpensive and are sold in any home improvement store.

The main thing is the content. Collect a composition of flowers, natural materials under glass, add lighting in the form of a garland… In general, do whatever your imagination prompts, and put this beauty in a prominent place – and the interior will become a little more luxurious.


  1. Mirror in a spectacular frame

If you refresh your memory of fairy tales or historical films, you will surely remember that there was always a luxurious mirror in the bedchamber of a princess or queen. And it does not have to be magical at all – the frame is enough to draw attention of everyone.

Take note of the idea and look for a mirror that will gladly glaze. You don’t have to be antiques, whatever you like will do: a sun mirror, an arched mirror, a composition of several objects, mirrors with decor.


  1. Designer little things

Small items, world famous designers, luxury impressions. You can also pamper yourself with some designer items for your home, as they are cheaper than clothes from the same models.

It does not need to be catchy – it is enough that you will know the origin of your little treasure. You can find affordable accessories even from Ralph Lauren Home, for example.


  1. Rose gold shade

Rose gold is an ideal choice for those who love luxury without provocative pomp. A lamp in this shade looks as beautiful as a gold one, but does not look so obliging.

If you decide on a similar lamp, choose other elements of such colors to complement it (warm tones of wood, soft pink), or contrast with it (snow-white, gray, shades of blue).


  1. Accessories as jewelry

Looking to update your kitchen but don’t know where to start? Start small. Luxurious doorknobs are much cheaper than a new kitchen, but the impression is just as strong.

And if you suddenly get bored with them, the accessories can be easily replaced with a new one.


  1. Exquisite bedding

We spend most of the time in bed, so it is the bedroom that needs a particularly careful study of the interior. Nice bed linens are quite expensive, but the investment will pay off.

Make the bed as luxurious as possible and the experience of the bedroom will change dramatically.


  1. Monograms on pillows

Embroidered initials are the little thing that looks much more expensive than it costs. Order a pair of monogrammed pillows and you will immediately feel like a special royal blood.

This simple piece of decor will help you create the feeling of Home, even in a rented apartment.


  1. Wicker storage baskets

These items can be quite cheap, but they leave a much better impression than plastic containers or cardboard boxes. Lay out all the little things you need in the living room or wardrobe on wicker baskets, and you will immediately feel how much more spectacular the house has become.

Plus, they discipline us pretty well – who wants to throw things around when there are such beautiful storage accessories?

In general, think of things that make you happy. A play of colors in a large bowl of fresh fruit. A juicy blend of grapefruits, oranges, lemons, limes create a cheerful elegance. Do not limit yourself to the gifts of nature only in the kitchen. A bowl of fragrant fruit on a coffee table or sofa adds a touch of ease to your living room. In addition, it is very useful to have such a tasty stock on hand, you can enjoy it at any time!

Just remember – you need to carefully monitor and replace stale fruits daily.

As you can see, all of our tips are easy to follow and don’t cost too much. Take one or two doses over the next month – and you will feel how you gradually get used to luxury. You will notice that the hallmark of luxury homes is the lack of clutter. Each item has its own place and purpose here. Everything is flawless, thought out to the smallest detail.

Now take a look at your home. Probably, this wardrobe has long been out of place, out of fashion, but it’s a pity to throw it away – we’re used to it. Open the dressing room doors. What is the forgotten storage on the top shelf?

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