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Steve King on White House gun control measures: “The latest attempt by the President to legislate through emotion”

Steve King, Iowa Congressman
Steve King, Iowa Congressman

Washington, DC- Congressman Steve King released the following statement after President Obama and Vice President Biden presented their executive actions on gun control:

“If there are Constitutional steps that can be taken to avert future tragedies like Sandy Hook, Congress needs to consider them. Taking steps to prevent tragedies like the terrible events that occurred in Newtown is a noble cause,” said King. “This is the latest attempt by the President to legislate through emotion, but doing so does not lead to quality legislation.

Reducing violence across our nation is a worthy goal, but it is imperative that the Constitutional rights of our citizens are not forgotten in the process. The right of the people to defend themselves against tyranny is the reason for the Second Amendment. We cannot disarm all law abiding Americans in an attempt to preempt a deranged individual.”

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JDM,have you ever heard the quote/advice “The only thing to fear is fear itself.”

LVS…I don’t go away. I just sit back and read your stupid comments and laugh. You aren’t capable of seeing the truth if it came up and bit you in your butt. You are so narrow minded that if you fell on a needle you would poke both your eyes out. You prove this almost daily with your idiotic posts. Keep it up. I always get a laugh out of how dumd you really are.

I was just thinking as I was reading this that boy he told you, and probably me too until I saw that he misspelled dumb, oh well we can’t all be perfect.

A. You were THINKING, “maybe”? Genetic impossibility.

B. These cretins are truly entertaining, happy guy!

If by verbally abusing me makes you feel better about yourself then go right ahead, I like making people feel better.

LVS’s posts always meke me feel more intelligent on the days I’m feeling less intelligent about myself. They’re like a shot of adrenaline to my ego. One line read and I feel like I’m Einstein compared to LVS. It makes me realize there are dumber people than me.

@maybe – In one of your posts, you mentioned the Liberator. I had almost forgotten about that little beauty. Only about 13 or 14 pieces of stamped steel, if I remember right. I have seen one but never fired one. Thank you for reminding me about it.

I’ve only read about it or seen it on TV. I have always been interested in the unique weapons from WW2.

I read that the SKS is Soviet, not Chinese.

The AK-47 desgn and the SKS design are made in russia, china, hungray, romania, yugoslavia, pakistan.

Steve King a.k.a Hitler can take a flying leap! He’s about as UN Ameican as a person could get. Sad part is those who voted for him are just as bad….

Why don’t you liberals do YOUR homework. The Public Debt of the United States when Obama started office (Jan 2009) was about $9.8 Trillion. As of Jan 2012, it is just over $14.4 Trillion. For comparison, G.W. Bush started in 2001 with about $5.8 Trillion in debt, and finished with $9.8 Trillion. (8yrs)

As for the size of the Federal Budget, it has averaged $3.5 Trillion / year under Obama, and $2.5 Trillion / year under G.W. Bush.

All figures are per the OMB and CBOE, which are the White House and Congress’ accountants.

The debt, as a percentage of the GDP, has gone down consistently since Obama took office. You cannot talk in terms of how many dollars are involved, but then, how would you know that?

You and “maybe” obviously don’t have the slightest notion how the federal government’s finances work, and of course neither does Fox News of the Tea Party…

It would be so nice if computers came with quick cognizance tests. It would free up a lot of band width for the rest of us.

I thought the subject of this article was gun control measures.

The debt should go up when the economy is bad. More people on unemployment, food stamps, ect and less tax revenue coming in. That’s just how it works

sickastupd, you’re blind.You don’t RAM health care and gun control down citizens throats. Might as well send 535 home. Or violate states rights to defend their borders. You already have OR, TX and MS stating any gun laws won’t be enforced in their states. Obama is dividing this country! Can’t you see this? He is turning everyone against each other. And just becauase past president increased the debt doesn’t mean he should too. Be somebody and fix the damn economic problem but that ain’t possible because bipartisian is NOT in his vocabulary. He had not experience when first elected. Not debatable. And then we had idiots running against him the second round. And I blieve many who voted for him last Nov may be kicking themselves now.

BONEHEADS are dividing this country. (If this country was dividing. I have my doubts)
And I’ll be on Obama’s side. You’re as crazy as King if you think Obama should look in the face of those Conn. parents and the other victims and say “Sorry I’m not going to do anything about controling the high powered weapons.”
Why don’t you strap on your gun and go tell them.

“Sorry I’m not going to do anything about controling the high powered weapons.”

“High powered weapons”?, again you don’t know what you are talking about.

I didn’t see much in the move that is so terribly wrong. I have guns and I will continue to have them. The executive orders part is as follows:
— Address legal barriers in health laws that bar some states from making available information about people who are prohibited from having guns.

— Improve incentives for states to share information with the background check system.

— Make sure that federal agencies share relevant information with the background check system.

— Direct the attorney general to work with other agencies to review existing laws to make sure they can identify individuals who shouldn’t have access to guns.

— Direct the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other research agencies to conduct research into the causes and prevention of gun violence.

— Clarify that no federal law prohibits doctors or other health care providers from contacting authorities when patients threaten to use violence.

— Give local communities the opportunity to hire up to 1,000 school resource officers and counselors.

— Require federal law enforcement to trace all recovered guns.

— Propose regulations that will enable law enforcement to run complete background checks before returning firearms that have been seized.

— Direct the Justice Department to analyze information on lost and stolen guns and make that information available to law enforcement.

— Provide training for state and local law enforcement, first responders and school officials on how to handle active-shooter situations.

— Make sure every school has a comprehensive emergency management plan.

— Help ensure that young people get needed mental health treatment.

— Ensure that health insurance plans cover mental health benefits.

— Encourage development of new technology to make it easier for gun owners to safely use and store their guns.

— Have the Consumer Product Safety Commission assess the need for new safety standards for gun locks and gun safes.

— Launch a national campaign about responsible gun ownership.

I don’t see anything in here that usurps my rights. I do see a lot that ensures my safety.

For those of you who are going to jump on my post for no validation – this came from the Des Moines Register. I know you all believe it is part of the MSM and therefore can’t be taken seriously, but it is the facts.

Good post Thank you.

One of the first things they need to do, before they start legislating all over themselves, is to define “assault weapon”. If I assault you with a rock or a stick, aren’t they considered assalt weapons? The next thing they should do is read the Constitution. This is such a multi-faceted problem. I don’t understand why it’s always met with the same knee-jerk reaction.

I believe they have already been defined. Assault rifle is capable of full automatic fire. Assault weapon is capable of semi automatic fire.

I think anyone who uses the phrase “read the constitution” more than likely needs to do what they are advocating. I can recite to you at any moment the full text of the second amendment, and I bet you only know a few words from it.

LVS I believe you are seeing what I’m seeing. A President that has pushed his will upon the people of this country whether we like it or not. It started with health care. I’m not saying we don’t need it but the shoving down our throats without negotiating was WRONG. Then we got to the illegal immigrant issues and he decided to inject his will upon us, especially the state of AZ. WRONG Now we look at the spending problem everyone but the President knows we have. And he now is going to taking nothing but a raised debt ceiling as the answer. WRONG. Now we are looking at violating the 2nd Amendment. This isn’t about 30, 20, 10 round clips or anything $500 million would do by adding cops. Give me a brake. More and more debt. When will it end. How about every gun owner shall have a lockable gun safe? Sandy Hook problem solved. Instead they are politicking and those kids mean nothing. How discusting. If I didn’t know any better I’d say thsi President is trying to turn this country upside down. We’re more than half way there.

I really wish you would stop believing the garbage fed to you by the right wing blogs and Fox. You would realize how silly you sound making these outlandish statements.

Spending has gone DOWN in this country every year since Obama took office. The debt ceiling has been raised many, many times by all the Presidents – as much as 18 times under Reagan alone.

Healthcare is a serious problem in this country and was in desperate need of a solution – before the rest of us were priced out of it by the uninsured. It’s not Obama’s fault that private carrier’s are raping their customers – if you want to be mad at somebody – be mad at THEM!

And as for immigration – Obama has deported more illegal aliens than Bush ever dreamed of. AZ’s law was UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Are you mad at him for the constitution too?

Stop spouting this uneducated nonsense and try to find some of this stuff out – for real.

Go to – it’s a website with the actual bills and unbiased reporting. Maybe you’ll learn something.

are you frikken serious? All I read was spending has gone down since obama has been in office and thats all I had to read. You are SO brainwashed it is beyond belief. You said stop believing all the right wing and fox yet you believe the mugger at the door that he will not rob you all the while he is pointing a gun at your head. SHEEPLE

@STUPD-you have got to be kidding us. Every single news cast you watch CBS, ABC, NBC, and yes even your favorite FOX talks about our out of control spending and how our credit rating will be downgraded AGAIN if we don’t do something about it and you come up with that kind of crap. Every number on our debt shows that Obama’s Administration has outspent every other president. Are you hiding in a barrel? As for insurance, what a great job they have done there in reducing costs. Welmark BC/BS just had a 12% to 13% increase approved yesterday for Iowa. That will sure bring down the cost and the Insurance Commissioner said health care cost will continue to increase rates at levels that are unsustainable. It was in the GLOB today. You need to get off those liberal sites and find out what is really happening.

@LVS, I am not sure what you are talking about; MSNBC, CNN, and some of the other liberal sites still talk about the rising debt so if stupid says the spending is going down he has to be making it up. That makes me wonder about all the other facts he says he has.

@maybe-that is exactly what I was trying to say. To come out with something like what Stupd posted is plain STUPID.

@LVS, I know thats what you were trying to say but you have to remember 1 thing, unless it’s stupid and a lie, stupid won’t understand.

@Anonymous-I do agree with most of what you are saying here. What really bothered me was the use of those children for political reasons. Anyone who thinks their responses and letters were not pre-programmed is an IDIOT. It is a shame that Obama and his wife will use his own children to advance their politics and then complain when the NRA uses them for theirs. What really bothers me is the way the use class warfare against anyone they disagree with.They are trying to make criminals out of honest, law abiding citizens. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Wow. You two really are morons! LOL!

@Anonymous-I have said for a long time that Obama has a different agenda for our country. He is a Liberal Progressive who wants to change our way of living completely. Hilary and Wild Bill are Progressives as well but not as radical or as far left as Osama Obama.

I listened very closely to what Obama had to say today and I must say I really didn’t have a problem with what was said. Now I know that will make some Republicans angry. What I heard was what he signed into law by executive order was not what he said. I am waiting to hear confirmation one way or the other.
I personally do not know of any hunting in the U.S. that requires more than 10 bullets in a clip and don’t know why you would need a assault style weapon.

@LVS – I also don’t know of any hunting in the U.S. that requires more than 10 rounds in a clip, or why anyone would need an assault style weapon either. But if someone wants one, and has the money to purchase, and their background check allows them to own it, that’s their right. The fact that I wouldn’t take one if you offered it to me free is beside the point.

“. . . and don’t know why you would need a assault style weapon.” The current D.C. definition of “assault weapon”s so vague and broad that most hunting (non-bolt action, non-slide action, non-single shot) rifles are included.

An assault style weapon is a weapon the resembles military designed combat arms. An assault weapon is a semi-automatic firearm. An assault rifle is an automatic firearm.

“An assault style weapon is a weapon the resembles military designed combat arms. An assault weapon is a semi-automatic firearm.”

So, its all about looks.

@Joao – Exactly my point. So there is no reason to make assault weapons illegal. And if anyone doubts the reason for a semi-automatic weapon, they obviously have never tried to shoot a duck, goose, or pheasant on the fly. Or a quail. And let’s be honest. Some of those assault weapons are really nice. Nice feel, good balance, come up naturally, and almost sight themselves in by the way they are designed.

@Joao Do Carmo-You really need to read the post carefully before you come up with a snappy response. I said Assault “STYLE” Rifles, and I stand by what I said. I have hunted all of my life in all different areas of the country and have never seen the need for 30 round clips. The closest would be Prairie Dog hunting in Texas but even there a 10 round clip is plenty. So, even though I am a defender of personal rights I must say AGAIN if the ban Assault STYLE Rifles and high capacity clips it will not bother me to much. Now, that being said I am concerned about the government taking away personal rights of any kind.

@A Citizen-Are you kidding me. It is ILLEGAL to shoot a rifle at any kind of bird in the air and has been for as long as I can remember. You use a shotgun so you don’t kill some woman in her kitchen in a farm house. I have shot hundreds of Dove, Quail, Pheasant, Duck, Goose, and even Partridge. In most cases I used a double barrel shotgun and some times with Quail and Dove I used a pump. I have never used a semi auto and know very few hunters that do. You can’t have more than 3 shells in your gun for migratory birds anyway. My Deer and Bear gun was a 30/06 semi automatic but it only holds 4 rounds.

@LVS – Hey, slow down a little and read my blog, please! I said semi-auto weapon for ducks, etc. I was referring to a shotgun. I never once said about firing a rifle in the air. And you don’t use a shotgun because of the relatively short range, but rather for the shot spread, which increases your probablility of a kill on a flying target. And I also have been a hunter. At times, of even a more dangerous game the the bear you mentioned. But much gratitude for clearing up my post. I would hate to have it be misunderstood.

@A citizen-My mistake. I thought you were talking about the .223 rifles that these crazy people killing kids seem to prefer. And yes, you do use a shotgun for the spread but so far as I know no one has used a assault shotgun yet. Probably because they are harder to use, don’t carry as much ammo and have a kick to them that those child killers wouldn’t like. In Iowa it has been a law not to shoot a rifle (even a .22) in the air because of the distance the bullet will carry. It’s a good rule and has been there since I was a kid. A long time ago.

LVS please dfeine “assault style weapon” it is all about the looks. The supposed “assault weapons” or “assault style weapons” all function the same exact way as every other semi-automatic. And for the record I don’t see the need for a 30 shot clip. . . they tend to cause misfires (i.e. they tend to jam easily).

@Joao Do Carmo-I this A Citizen defined them pretty well. What he is saying is the military designation. What I was thinking when I made the comment was a semi-automatic rifle with a large capacity clip. I tend to think of those as a M15, M16, SKS, or AK47 and several others. They can be converted to full automatic very easily. That is the way the media and Washington politicians are describing the weapons. At one time I owned a SKS and AK47 but sold them as I really had no need for them. I wasn’t planning on starting a war.

@LVS, I don’t mean to nitpick but a clip is something you put in a womans hair, a magazine goes in a gun and I’ve not only owned a number of sks’s and ak47’s, I also did some gunsmithing and I am here to tell you that it is NOT easy to convert a semi auto to an auto. You have to remove certian parts, replace other parts and if you don’t know what you are doing, just following written directions it is very hard to do.

“@Joao Do Carmo-I this A Citizen defined them pretty well. What he is saying is the military designation.” And as I replyed: its all about the looks. Has nothing to do with the function of the “assault weapon”.

“What I was thinking when I made the comment was a semi-automatic rifle with a large capacity clip. I tend to think of those as a M15, M16, SKS, or AK47 and several others.” And ALL of those are illegal to (excepting those individuals who apply for a Federal Firearms License). What you are really thinking about are the AR-15, and civilized version of the rest. Again the number of shots available per magazine is a BS arguement, it takes seconds to change magazines. The shooter at Virginia TEch had 19 magazines.

“They can be converted to full automatic very easily.” As Maybe said, not that easy.

“That is the way the media and Washington politicians are describing the weapons.” A definition based upon looks, but not function.

“At one time I owned a SKS and AK47 but sold them as I really had no need for them. I wasn’t planning on starting a war.” I seriously doubt you owned a AK-47. They are illegal to own unless you also had a FFL. One doesn’t need an “assault weapon” to start a war.

@Joao Do Carmo, the chineese make a semi auto version of the AK-47. I owned 3 AK’s and 2 SKS’s which is also semi auto. At the time I looked into converting them to full auto but when I realized how difficult it would be I decided not to. At the time I owned a couple dozen weapons and I did my own gunsmithing as well as for some friends but I wasn’t a professional, just an ameture so for someone that does it for a living and has done it before the conversion is doable, but not easy like the media says. In WW2 a small single shot pistol called the Liberator was made and dropped into France, the idea was to use the 1 shot to kill an enemy soldier and then take his weapon. They can confiscate all our weapons, we will just take theirs.

My point is that it may look like and indeed have some parts of a true AK-47; they are a civilianized version of the AK-47. Like the AR-15 is the civilianized version of the M-16. (I know I’m being picky but its s sore spot with me when the press spew forth the AK-47 name.) Keep posting! 🙂

You are correct about the media, they are almost all liberals now and are trying to make the public believe what they want us to believe. They throw around terms that they know are wrong, if we hear it enough we will believe it is true. They all know what a real assault weapon is but they think we are ignorant enough to believe what they are saying. Since obama came into office the term sheeple was born and for the most part it is true, a sheep follows without question. Hitler convinced the people of germany and austria that banning all weapons is for the saftey of the children but we see how that turned out. You look through out history and all the dictators started out with the peoples support until it was too late and then there was nothing they could do about it. History shows us that genocide happens when the people cannot defend themselves. Back when washington d.c. had a complete ban on all weapons they had the highest crime rate in the country and now chicago has one of the highest crime rates in the country and they have the toughest gun laws in the country. It only makes sense if you actually think about it, if you were a criminal and wanted to rob someone, would it be someone that could be armed or someone you know IS NOT armed?

maybe you are wrong about Hitler. The 1938 German Weapons Act passed during Hitlers rule loosened gun ownership rules for non jewish germans. He did want to confiscate the guns of the people in the countries he over ran, but not in Germany or Austria.

@maybe and Joao-you need to read my post more carefully. I said I Tend to THINK of them as M15,16, SKS an AK47. The “M” means they are military rifles and unless I am very mistaken they have a lever that converts them to FULL Auto. SKS is the Chinese Miliray Rifle and AK47 was the Russian Military Rifle. I “Think” the AR in the civilian rifle stands for Automatic Rifle.

In a way you are half correct. In Germany the German Weapons Act of 1938 was basically a rewritten weapons act of 1928 which did lower the age to own a weapon, lengthen the time of carrying permit. It also forbid any Jews from owning weapons but the regulations and the registration of weapons was tightened up. I know you have read this article of an eye witness to hitlers rule but towards the end of WW2 he started rounding up weapons in at least Austria.

@maybe-Happy Guy is always Half Baked and never correct. He makes up his own information in his head and then trys to get people to believe him. He will pick out what he wants to believe or use old data from years ago and then when he is called on it he just disappears. Ignore him and maybe he will go away and stay away.

The M16 was an original design by Armalite but they went broke and they sold their design to colt which kept the designate Colt Armalite Rifle, hense AR. The M as in M16 means Model. The SKS was made in china and yugoslavia, there is a version of the AK47 that was made in china and yugoslavia also. As for the conversion to full auto it definately take alot more than just 1 lever.

Happyguy may be a pain in the a$$ but he challenges me, I don’t know everything so when he calls me out sometimes I do have to look it up to remind myself so I hope he does stick around.

@maybe- Don’t the military weapons have a thumb lever to change from semi auto to full auto? I know the ones they are using now are set up to fire in 3 round burst. I was told they set them up that way because they were wasting to much ammo when it was up to the soldier. I am just asking here as I don’t know for sure. The information I have was told to me by National Guard Soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afganastan.

It all depends on which weapon, when it comes to replacement parts some require an automatic sear which has to be imported before 1986, and some require the complete bottom including sear. That is just the parts you replace, there is also alot of filing and some drilling involved. The parts alone could cost a minimum of 800.00. Thats just to convert it over, there is also the legal part you have to deal with. An FFL could cost over 1500.00; if you pass the background check and the rest of the red tape.

@maybe-I don’t want to do it. I was just curious. Thank you for your response.

The Democratic party exist for those who believe they cannot care for themselves! Government is thier only chance!

In other words, King wants to do nothing. As usual. He snarks that the President is trying to legislate through emotion, yet his hysterics over same sex marriage is nothing less than that.

Hypocrite. Nasty, nasty hypocrite. Next time we’ll get rid of you, Steve.

He is really good at doing nothing in congress, and making a spectacle of himself on fox news.

AAW, you are an idiot. Any American citizen, for or against gun control should be appauld at the move Obama is making. How can one government person in America step on or near the Constitutional rights of all Americans. Consider a government whose ultimate goal is to rule by force (tyranny) and it is a phased approach. What do you think would be involved in the first phase. Well you’re seeing first hand. Mr. Obama and the rest of the world is going to find out just what We The People means. You want my guns? NUTS!

You obviously aren’t comprehending. Our government only wants your assault weapons. Nobody is taking your “legitimate” guns away. You may need to take remedial reading over again.

The government’s definition of “assault weapon” will remove all my weapons. But they don’t want to take away my guns. . . .

All of mine must be broken. They’ve never assaulted anyone. Mine are all for defense.

The Fienstein/government definition of “assault weapon” is very skewed. The have worded it so ambiguously and left provisions that allow them to apply their definition to just about anything that they don’t like. Anything that holds more than 10 bullets could end up being banned. That would put a large amount of standard handguns on the ban list; some of these hold 17 rounds without any modifications.

The 2nd amendment allows us to be able to defend ourselves from any threat that would seek to deprive us of our life or liberty, that includes from our own government, should the need arise. So, if/when the government goes after the citizens and they are armed with fully automatic (true) assault weapons, the citizens will need to be armed sufficiently enough to be able to fight back, to defend their lives and their liberty.

JDM, If you truely think you need your guns to protect you from the US Government then you should have failed the mental test to buy a gun.

yeah, like people need automatic assault weapons – this guy is cold – needs to realize so many people agree with the president on this and, hello, the president was actually responding to the requests of the people.

These laws and the whole debate has nothing to do with “automatic assault weapons”. Do a little research and find out what you are talking about.

Automatic weapons of any kind are already illegal

Isn’t that what was used at Sandy Hook?? if not, then i must really be missing something – isn’t Sandy Hook what spurred this whole debate?

“Isn’t that what was used at Sandy Hook?? if not, then i must really be missing something – isn’t Sandy Hook what spurred this whole debate?”

Clueless aren’t you. “Automatic assault weapon” are usually called machine guns. “Automatic assault weapons” are already illegal to own by the public except in cases where the person obtains a Federal Fire Arms license. What was used at Sandy Hook was a semi-automatic, it requires you to pull the trigger for each shot. The only difference between an “assault weapon” and “normal” semi-automatic rifle is cosmetic decorations that have nothing to do with the function of the rifle.

It was a .223 cal bushmaster rifle more commonly referred to as a AR-15. It’s a civilian variant of the M-16 that our military uses. That also seams to be the weapon of choice for many mass shooters around the country.

It is also the weapon of choice for coyote hunters with high capacity magazines, plus compitition shooters.

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