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Mason City man’s home invaded, hit with sledgehammer, charged with terrorism

MASON CITY – A Mason City man got a rude awakening Wednesday morning.

According to family members, Troy Oglesby, 44, (pictured at bottom) was asleep at his home at 1614 South Harding Ave. at about 3 AM Wednesday when his front door was kicked in by a man known by Oglesby.

Oglesby’s family said he was struck with a sledgehammer.  He then reached for a pistol and fired it twice at the intruder, who fled in a car with others inside.  The intruder was not harmed, they said.  “My brother’s front door was smashed in with a sledge hammer and he was attacked by the intruder,” an email from a sibling stated. “Only hit once when my brother pulled his gun. Criminal dropped hammer and ran.”

The intruded dropped his sledgehammer, Oglesby’s family said today, and on it was the name of the man who had entered the home and struck Oglesby.  “The owners name was on the hammer,” the sibling stated.  Police have questioned that man today, they confirmed in a phone call.  His name will be released later.

The intruder also used the sledgehammer to break out most of the windows on Oglesby’s van, parked in the driveway (see photos.)

Mason City police arrived sometime in the neighborhood of 3 AM.  They responded with caution due to firearms being involved; they were said to have parked about a block and half away to the north and made their way to the scene.

After some investigation, Mason City police this afternoon arrested Oglesby and charged him with terrorism (708.6), a class C felony.  The family stated today that he was charged because the police claim “he fired at a car full of people.”  The family claims Troy fired at the intruder while he was still inside his home.

Oglesby’s family also claim that there are ties to the main perpetrator who broke into Troy Oglesby’s home and the Mason City Police Department and the Cerro Gordo County Attorney’s office.

Mason City police today said that multiple arrests are expected and that they would release more information once the investigation has developed more fully.

Front door kicked in, window broken.

MCPD investigate the scene on Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Picture the Oglesby family claims is of the handle of a sledgehammer left at Troy Oglesby’s house by a home invader.



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D-Hamm put the proof out here jackass. He,s never been arrested or picked up for anything. Prove it.

Troy is a theif..u deserve a felony scumbag

Anonymous, how did Mr. Blodgett break the law? I don’t own any guns, but I know it’s legal in the state of Iowa for people who are permitted to carry firearms to use it if they feel somebody is threatening. That is the reason for this law, of course. Now this is assuming that he pulled his gun, which is what everyone I’ve spoken to about this incident has said he did don’t you see. I also saw where the Laker on here said her lawn boy told her so, and the lawn boy was there at the Rumors tavern when the attempted robbery took place, so seems to me if a gun was used the police would’ve taken Mr. Todd Blodgett to jail. So if Blodgett did go and pull a gun on that thief, he did not break any law.

Ok fancy talker you say I got bad grammer maybe I do sorry I dont talk up to your standerds. Your wrong they did deserve to get shot at and hey nobody got hurt or nothing so what do you care. Ogelsby did a good thing when he scared the hell out of that cops grandkid and chase him out into the street. Now I wish Blodgett would of shot the scum that stole from him good luck getting him in jail I say its a mans right to use whatever to pretect whats his.

I agree, we all have the right to protect what’s ours. I own guns and would use them without thinking to protect my home and family.

When that threat is gone, that’s when you stop and bring the police in.

Once Troy left his home, gave chase, and fired randomly into a car full of people he became a bigger criminal than Kaleb. Hence he being charged with a Felony and Kaleb with a Misdemeanor.

Boy, you’ve got it bad for that Blodgett fellow don’t you?

Oh, and I care because I don’t want a bunch of dumb, redneck, gun happy idiots running around thinking they get shoot at whomever looks at them wrong.

Be a responsible gun owner. Your attitude isn’t helping out the cause for less gun control.

Loose cannon your wrong saying them kids was innocent. What do you bet ever one of them was in on what the cops grandkid done to Ogelsby. You sound like one of them fools that thinks that them carny scum that rob Blodgett was innocent to.

And you sound like an ignorant redneck with your poor use of grammar.

Regardless of what the kids in the car knew, or didn’t know, they did not deserve to be shot at.

Once you leave your property, firing your gun randomly, self defense goes out the window.

Also, I’m not trying to justify what Kaleb did, he was certainly wrong. But Troy took it waaay too far.

Folks say this Kaleb guy has a long record.

Looked it up. The only charges–failure to wear a seatbelt, stop sign violation, speeding violation, minor caught with cigarettes, and this one for criminal mischief.

Not saying he has or hasn’t gotten big time breaks due to connections. But the charges don’t support the long record folks say he has.

Because he was under 18 so you won’t see his juvenile record. He just turned 18.

Have none of you read what Observer said? Ogelsby broke the law. I think Blodgett did too. How amusing it is to see all you Yahoos rush to defend a couple of trigger happy gun nuts. Icky icky.

If he did run out of his house and fire his weapon into a car then yes he did break the law but so did the kid breaking into his house and try to kill him with a sledghammer, 3rd degree criminal mischief is like egging someones car not trying to crush their skull with a hammer.

Yes Wally your right about all that. I do not know Ogelsbey if I did I would tell him he done a good job with that scum better luck next time. I do know Blodgett and he was right to going after them scums that stole from him. Law has got to let us take down these scum. Laker you bitch.

Finally, we have some sanity here, courtesy of Observer. Ogelsby broke the law when he fired his gun, and even if Blodgett didn’t fire, it’s illegal to threaten someone with a gun. Observer, please enlighten these neanderthals on this, thank you. Dori, Tony, and Good Question especially need to pay attention to you.

So Wally witnessed Ogeslby and Blodgett together. Where was this? What time? Yes of course this concerns me. Two of north Iowa’s most dangerous individuals meeting in public together should concern all. Tony R, blab all you want. If either Ogelsby or Blodgett threaten more people, perhaps kill someone, how will you feel then?

Where and when are not important. Focus on the issue. The scumbags are taking over. If you can’t go out in public or for crying out loud, sleep in your own bed without some meth/crack carney or local POS stealing from you or trying to kill you it’s time to lock and load. Get it?

Okay laker you think Ogelsby should of rely on 911 your crazy. Also it goes for what happen to Blodgett. Somebody at the bar called 911 to help him too but if that would of been all anybody done he would of not got his money back. Ogelsby and Blodgett both took their own action and thats why Ogelsby is still alive and Blodgett got them two carny scum in jail. Looking hard at a loaded gun pointed your way focus a brain real good.

I am thinking you don’t understand. The man pointed a gun down the street and fired a shot. That is reckless. Yet people persist upon putting this man on a pedestal.

He was just as much in the wrong as the chap with the sledgehammer.

You are so right on, providing that what he actually did. I’m not so sure, I don’t trust our PD as far as I could throw one of them. What say you if he didn’t shoot at the car and only from inside his home? I’d say that’s right then. If he did shoot at the car, then yes, that’s not cool…sledgehammer or not.

Dori, why should I have to have made the personal acquaintance of two Dirty Harrys to be able to have a learned opinion? Excuse me, Dori, but that isn’t necessary. From news reports, we know that Mr. Tyler and the two carnival workers erred in their actions. But that does not excuse Mr. Ogelsby from firing a bullet at a car anymore than Mr. Blodgett was justified in dragooning a thief into an illegal confession by threatening to shoot him, and dispose of him in a dumpster. Why don’t you and Rox and 911, and Citizen X just all go over to Cinema West and take in the Savages movie for your violence fix? Maybe Ogelsby and Blodgett will also be there, and you can all canonize them in person, instead of having to settle for glorifying their machismo online. Sheesh, you are all so pathetic, you’re neo-neanderthal.

wow resorting to name calling how liberal of you fact the second amendment was put in place to make sure every able body male 17-45 had access to military quality rifles for protection not hunting not sport if you dont like that this great country was founded on that move to england oh wait there is more gun violence there than here funny they banned most civilian owner ship wow only the criminals have guns if thats what you want from america then leave and let those of us who like the Republic we were founded under

Laker forever: This ought to concern you. I witnessed a chance meeting between Todd and Troy yesterday. There were no injuries.

Laker is the ignorant one. 911… That’ll stop the intruder! Not. You know what does a real nice job….00 buck! Makes a mess of flesh at close range. Hope it never has to come to that…don’t want to have to bleach someone else’s blood off my floor. That’s the only reason I blog anonymously, had a friend have some tuff guy show up at his house cause he got pissed off about something he said online. It ended without any altercations but the chance was still there. People always make an issue about anonymous bloggers. I have young kids and I think it’s STUPID to use your real name. Has nothing to do with fear. Only the fear of bleaching someone’s brain fragments off my doorstep. LOL.

So, to Laker….you are saying that its ok for sum1 to break into ur home attempt to beat u to death with a hammer and your going to let him then call the police? You sir are an idiot! I hope for this punk kids sake he never tries to break into my house, cause I dont miss! Same to you if your the type (by your comments you are) that think home invasion is ok and as long as sum1 calls the police it will be fine and justice will be served. This is MC we are talking about, hell you can be murdered less then 8 blocks from what was then the PD HQ (Verkoda murder) and it takes them 2 hrs to respond! So i say to you unless your gunna be that guy that lets this happen to you so u can say, i didnt have to pull a gun, then shutup. Just sayin

Seem to me that them thats against what Ogelsbey and Blodget done don’t like for people to be able to protect themselves and property. laker forever you don’t got a clue on this, if you did you would of not said your stupid shit.

now I have heard that Ogelsby was Tyler’s step father and used to beat him pretty bad. If that is true I can understand why the sledgehammer.

Yes he was at one time kalebs stepfather. No he never laid a hand on him. Nice try at an excuse tho. Kalebs friend was spewing this garbage on NIM last night. Do people really think that the rumors are true that if Troy was such an abusive ogre as they are trying to make him out to be that the almighty Ann and Dave would have let that happen. Ha ha ha. He needs to have a reason for his actions as did the Menendez brothers so he can justify what he has done.Ha ha ha..can’t stop laughing at this one. And why now after they have been divorced for so many years? Did he just remember it? No someone is tryong to help him justify why.

Just call 911 with someone breaking down your door with a sledgehammer and attacking you. How funny is that????

Yes, believe it or not I can read. I see the support these two have. And it is pathetic. People like you Dori who think it’s all right to use guns to solve everything are menaces too. Have you not heard of 911? The police took Tyler in and charged him, and they arrested the two carnival workers who stole from Blodgett. You who like this shoot now, ask questions later approach to justice, there’s no reasoning with such ignorance. No wonder we have the highest per capita murder rate the world over. Get back to your shooting range and leave your beer at home, please. Maybe these two yahoos will help you improve your aim.

Again the more you spew this crap the bigger idiot you become. I don’t know what drinking has to do with this but I can tell you I would have done the same thing. Why are you so obsessed over this? Why so angry? You don’t even know these guys and you say they should be jailed. Did you eat paint chips as a child. I think you need to find a different hobby. Don’t you have a lawn to mow or something?

LAKER, TYLER WAS CHARGED WITH CRIMINAL MISCHIEF! Not with breaking & entering, assaut with a deadly weapon,vandalism, intent to do great bodily injury, or worse, murder! A sledge hammer is a deadly weapon isn’t it??? Again, maybe you’d have the time to do “the right thing” (according to you), dial 911 while you’re being woken up in the middle of the night and hit with a sledge hammer. Or maybe you would have found a peaceful way to calm down the intruder? Perhaps some camomile tea? Tell us all how you would have handle this exact scenario, enquiring minds want to know….

Actually The USA isn’t even in the top 10 in murder per capital… World News. In October 2011, the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development released a report studying annual violent death rates around the world from 2004 through 2009, and ranked the most violent countries based on the average rates. The study found that a quarter of all violent deaths happen in just 14 countries..
1. El Salvador
2. Iraq
3. Jamaica
4. Honduras
5. Colombia
6. Venezuela
7. Guatemala
8. South Africa
9. Sri Lanka
10. Lesotho
Debate is good, but use facts and your point(on both sides) but be received better. Read it for yourself at

I will give you this, at least you backed what you said with citations. Too many here just blurt out something without substantiation.

This is to Tony R. There’s your proof. Troy Ogelsby had to post $1000 bail money and Todd Blodgett goes scot free. I suppose you call that justice? Imo both of them are menaces to civilized citizens and are guilty of an eye for an eye approach. The time is past for gun-wielding Dirty Harry types who take the law into their own hands. If you choose to respond to me, you can leave your potty mouth at home.

A menace to citizens. Have you not seen the support these two have? Your overbearing opinions are a menace. You’re making yourself sound much like an idiot. I don’t understand why people think they have to hide behind fake names. Is it so people you know don’t realize jow stupid you really are?

hearing it from your lawn boy is called hear say that isnt proof so again i say STFU i raise kids in CL and cant stand people like you saying that i shouldnt be able to protect them (which by saying that mr oglesby is wrong is the point you are making) and again i say anything that involves mr blodgett has NOTHING to do with mr oglesby and i will not leave my potty mouth out of this as long as stupid comments are made i fought for the freedoms you so willing run your mouth with i salute mr oglesby unwillingness to be just another victim

I want to thank everyone for your support for the injustice that occurred pn July 4th. Your support and kindness is greatly appreciated. And thank you Matt Marquardt.

did you have to post bail ?

Yes 1000.00

i hope they find you not guilty……. this is abunch of shit!!!

Thank you. I am hoping for the same. And I agree with you

Yes, I hope they find you not guilty so you can go running around shooting your gun randomly at innocent kids and lying to the police about what happened.

Ok, Tony R., how nice of you to tell me to STFU while you make excuses for vigilantism. Proof? The young man who mows our lawn was at the bar when this took place, and he said everyone there pretty much knew what happened. If I find out that this includes the CLPD officers who came over there, I want to know how they could just overlook Mr. Blodgett having a gun and using it to intimidate and harass a man whose guilt he could not have ascertained. We have laws, you know. Or do you?

Seeing a lot of pathetic getting thrown around on here. I will tell you what’s pathetic are the ones saying Ogelsby was wrong, and Blodgett was wrong. Somebody breaks in my house like Tyler did, and either me or my husband or both of us will get him. Same thing goes for anybody who steals our money, my purse, his wallet, etc. Calling Ogelsby and Blodgett a vigilante is a way to try to make them look bad. Okay so neither one of them is an angel. But they did right in standing up for themself and should not be trashed for how they chose to deal with these no accounts.


“I will tell you what’s pathetic are the ones saying Ogelsby was wrong….”

Not pathetic, but legally wrong. It is perfectly within your rights and the law to protect your home and property.

One exceeds that right firing a gun “down the block” at a perpetrator at 0315 hours (i.e. limited or no light situation).

At that hour, you cannot guarantee the slug will strike the perpetrator, or just what it will strike. That is reckless.

Where did they find the slug? In someone’s walls? In a parked vehicle? What are the chances that a person or persons walking down the street could have been put in harms way? What if that slug hit one of the teens in the parked car? It would be murder as they did not perpetrate a crime that would necessitate deadly force.

And I doubt any jury would find the shooting justified under those conditions, the chances being even less if a person was struck with the slug other than the perpetrator.

Inquiry 2nd amendment guy. So if Todd Blodgett pulled his gun on the man who is in jail for taking his money, is he covered under Iowa’s laws? If this is not so, I shall be calling the county attorney to demand Mr. Blodgett’s arrest.

what proof do you have that todd blodgett used is weapon in such a manner probably none and that has no bearing on this so STFU

Iowa does not currently have a castle law under the modern political definition of the castle doctrine, which usually refers to “stand your ground” laws, though such a law has been debated by the state’s lawmakers. However, the current law does protect citizens by not requiring retreat from aggressors within their home or place of business. The law provides civil immunity to persons who injure aggressors in defense of themselves, but does not provide civil immunity to persons who injure aggressors in defense of another.

I can’t believe you people. When Ogelsby shot into that car he could have hit somebody who might have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. How would you feel if your kin was a passenger in that car, and they had no idea of what Tyler was going to do? I’m also appalled at you people who think it was okay for Blodgett to put a gun on a person who he merely suspected of taking his wallet. He had no proof, just suspicion. The police did their job and got a confession out of the two culprits, who have both been released. All of you who like what these two vigilantes did, using guns to settle things, you are pathetic.

Do you listen to yourself when you talk? Didn’t know what kaleb was going to do? Some people are so stupid it’s funny. Thanks for the laugh

You are pathetic if you think I’m not going to shoot and KILL someone who breaks into my house and attacks me with a sledgehammer. I don’t give a shit who’s kid it is. D E A D. Period. Any questions?

Oh, and i could give a shit what your opinion is about it too.

Peter, you hit it right on target. The police do not want us to own guns let alone use them even if it is to protect ourselves in our own homes! I also believe if this was an MC cop’s family member who fired a gun at an intruder, we would be reading in the paper how they fired in self defense! No arrests would have been made on the victim!

This is pretty pathetic of the MCPD, especially since it occured on the day we did what? Celebrated what? Obviously not the right to bear arms and protect yourself! Every single citizen in the are should be absolutely outraged over this comples horse manure!

Kaleb isn’t the only one of this family that has done an injustice to Troy. Ann Tyler (grama) wrote letters via email to Troys place of employment months ago and made phone calls all from her office at the court house and caused Troy to lose his job of 9+ years. His attorney has the letters

Crying shame is a good way to say it Mrs S you are right. It is a crying shame Troy Ogelsby is locked up and a crying shame the cops grandson isnt locked up. Yes it was a cops kid shot True but no, it wasnt at the Kozy.

I dont have no problems with Troy firing on a whole car load full of people even if he did fire on a whole car load full of them scum. You nuts on here that thinks the cops did right in taking Troy in don’t know what your talking about. anonymous is about as ingorant as they come saying Blodget was drinking illegal in a bar with a gun. As long as your not drunk and you have a conceal permit it is legal to have a gun in a bar and you can drink.

Mrs S your right no place does the article say Ogelsby fired at the car. Even if he did he had a right to. Yes Good Question your right you never said Blodget was bullying anybody, he was only trying to get his money back. Your both right and its too bad lot of people on here don’t know how to read a article.

Amen to that~

If it aint a seatbelt violator or somebody overparked, not worth the MCPD time.
And the worst of all, a 19 or 20 year old adult having a beer, now thats a crime, and thats where they alocate their officers.

Peewee I don’t care if Blodgett and his friends did threaten that thief, and it would be fine with me if Todd did use a gun to get him to to tell the truth. And it is ok with me about Ogelsby chasing them out of his house like he did. Troy Ogelsby and Todd Blodgett were set upon, they were victims who stood up for themselves. Shame on the MCPD for taking Ogelsby in, they should have gone after the sledgehammer man and left Ogelsby alone.

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