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Bookmeyer: Stay at home dad or slacker? (by Peter Children)

Op-ed by Peter Children –

Stay at home dad or slacker. Eric Bookmeyer wants to be portrayed as a stay at home dad…wouldn’t that be wonderful if it were only true? Unfortunately he doesn’t stay at home much; he drops his children off at daycare then peruses the city looking for ways to create a legacy which wouldn’t be any harder than, lets say…….. walking on water.

What Bookmeyer fails to acknowledge is that his legacy has already been written and it spells Budweiser.  His drinking habits followed him here from Clinton, Iowa where he was a familar figure on the police blotter, here the chief of police works for him….ironic.

When you are handed the mantel of responsibility by a city….what do you do with it? Do you step up and take it seriously, or do you get plowed in its many taverns and try to close and or rearrange governmental departments and agencies like Human Rights, the Sanitation Department, Fire Department and God only knows what else lurks in that alcoholic haze.  His attempt to ram an unproven waste facility down the throats of this city failed in part thanks to a concerned group of citizens who stood against it.

This community is not unique in the fact that Bookmeyer lives here, his ilk live in many cities and towns across this country, you just don’t hear that much about them. Recently the mayor of Maple Lake, Minnesota made the news. It appears that he and Eric share some similarities other than their office as mayor.  Eric has not been censured….yet and probably won’t be by this council who have undoubtly somewhere in some secret ceremony, pledged their lives to him.

In life somewhere along the way as we traverse the journey that takes us through we have opportunities to choose; some of us make the right choice and others do not.  No one is immune from taking a wrong turn, it would be rare not to. But when you can clearly see the road ahead is closed and is clearly marked as such, and you continue to try and push through, you are just fooling yourself and the consequences can be painful.  At some point you just need to stop ask for direction……

Peter Children

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