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The Secrets To Grilling The Perfect Hot Dog: Tricks & Tips

There are few foods as well-known, delectable, and straightforward to prepare as the humble hotdog. Given how long hotdogs have been consumed in America—the first hotdogs were sold in Missouri in 1800—and how many well-meaning home cooks still regularly prepare and consume bland, dry, and charred hotdogs, it is almost distressing.

In this article, we’ve gathered a few excellent tips to make sure your hotdogs always turn out perfectly cooked.

Not All Hotdogs Are Created Equal

Hotdogs are not made of dog meat, but they are also not always made entirely of pork or beef, but all-beef hot dogs will yield the best results. The majority of brands combine the two. Avoid low-quality brands that have more additives and fillers than meat, no matter what flavor and texture you prefer. 

Although these fillers are frequently necessary to help the meat bind together, it’s a good idea to choose brands that use them sparingly because too much of them can be bad for your health. Additionally, you can learn more about that and anything else related to it on this website, where you can also savor the wealth of knowledge available. While it’s true that you can purchase whatever is on sale at the supermarket, reading the packages as well as searching for hot dogs with better ingredients and little to no chemicals will result in a better-tasting dog.

Turkey and chicken dogs are delectable substitutes that are excellent lower-fat choices for your cookout. Look for organic hot dogs in your market and purchase them. Many are chemical-free and have only a few ingredients. The majority of groceries carry meatless hot dog options.

Hotdogs Should Be Defrosted Before Cooking

Hot dogs taste even better when they are allowed to come to room temperature prior to being grilled, just like any other type of meat. This makes it possible for the meat to receive heat evenly, producing a dish that is juicy and well-cooked. An uncooked hotdog with a raw center will typically result from cooking a frozen hotdog.

Maintain Tiny Slits

Professional chefs can all agree that you shouldn’t ever cut a slice of meat open, either before or during cooking. This is so that a dry and flavorless slab of meat doesn’t result from cuts in the meat letting all the flavor and juices escape. That being said, a hotdog’s body will become crispier without becoming dry if a few tiny diagonal cuts are made to it. Once the meat around the cuts has expanded, it may even make the meat juicier.

Oil Your Grill to Moisturize

Oiling your grill both before and while it’s cooking will help keep your hotdog from getting soggy. To compensate for the flavor that is lost during the grilling process, you can also add seasoning to the coil. This lessens the possibility of the casing sticking to the grill, preserving the sausage’s structural integrity.

Grilling Over White-Hot Charcoal Is the Best

Wait a few more minutes before placing the meat on the grill if your embers are still black; otherwise, the grill won’t be warm enough to grill the hotdogs evenly. Cooking your hot dogs over an open flame is also not recommended unless you’re in the middle of the wilderness without access to a proper grill. Your hotdogs will be tasty and evenly cooked without losing their juices if you cook them over white-hot charcoal.

While Grilling, Move the Hot Dogs Around Often

Use grill tongs to place your beef franks orthogonally to the grill grates (or a location close to/not directly over the fire) over indirect heat. Turn your beef frank over, then grill it on each side until the ends begin to split. There is no magic time for grilling the ideal frank because the weather, type of grill, and size vary. For this reason, the recommended cooking times for regular beef franks are 5 to 7 minutes, 10 to 15 minutes for extra large franks, and 15 minutes for quarter-pound franks. Through trial and error, you can find your perfect spot for grilling hot dogs.

Choose the Proper Bun for Your Hotdog Concoction and Toast the Bun

The childhood-era soft, squishy hot dog buns are fantastic and ideal for a straightforward hot dog with relish or mustard, but if the hot dog topping game has improved, you should also upgrade your bun.

When briefly toasted on the grill, these are ideal for making traditional hot dog dishes. Consider using baguettes, ciabattas, Cuban rolls, or any other soft bun, roll, or bread for your more daring hot dog creations.

With these few suggestions, you can make your hot dog even tastier than before, serve it to friends and family, and take pleasure in a pleasant environment while eating delicious food.

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