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Should You Have An Open Casket Funeral? The Pros And Cons Of An Open Casket

In the unfortunate event of a funeral, you want to give your loved one a befitting send-off. An open casket or a closed casket is among the options you can choose from for viewing the body, family visitation, or funeral service. However, you might find yourself at a crossroads in determining which the best option is. In such a scenario, it is fundamental to create a pro- and cons list that gives you the basics of decision-making. This article will give you a detailed insight into the advantages and disadvantages of an open casket.

Pros of an open casket

An open-casket funeral is believed to help mourners say their final goodbyes. People believe that seeing the body of the deceased one last time helps them come to terms with the death. By seeing the body of their loved ones, they may be ready to begin the healing process. Seeing the deceased’s body also helps people accept the reality of death because they live with the experience of seeing the body of their loved ones.

An open casket from Titan Casket lets the mourners see the face of the deceased one last time. There will be mourners who would not have been with the dead for a long time when alive. These may be family and friends who want to see the deceased one last time to get the sense of closure or connectedness for those who had been out of touch. 

For those who have had to witness a long health decline in their loved one, an open casket can give mourners a chance to see their loved one in a peaceful state. The body is usually dressed and positioned in a presentable way to the mourners. This helps those who had painful images or memories of the deceased with their grieving process. 

Cons of an open casket

An open-casket funeral is a bit more costly than a closed-casket one. During a funeral, relatives and loved ones of the deceased are usually ready to contribute and pay any amount to receive a proper send-off. However, when it comes to an open casket, the family may be limited financially because they may not afford to have the body of their loved one embalmed. For such a funeral, the mortician must spend a significant amount of time preparing the body for viewing, which will cost more. However, you might find yourself at a crossroads in determining which the best option is. The team at Alterna Cremation shares that if you are struggling with the decision, contact your funeral director. 

Open caskets are not ideal if the deceased died a violent death–deaths involving fatal accidents or disfigurement will leave a body looking different than when alive, and it can cause the family additional grief to see an inaccurate reconstruction of the deceased.

When deciding on the type of funeral to hold for a loved one, there are many factors that one should consider. You ought to look into the condition of the body, religious beliefs, and personal preferences. A good funeral is one that honors the wishes of the deceased and at the same time gives the mourners closure and peace. 


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