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The Benefits of Taking Cold Showers 

As summer approaches its end and the temperature drops, the idea of showering in cold water seems less appealing. However, throughout history people have taken cold showers for multiple reasons, and not just for taking care of certain excited senses if you know what I mean. Showering with cold water every day has many health benefits and that is why the ancient Greeks, Vikings, Buddhists, and Scandinavians did it. 

Taking a cold-water bath can do you a lot of good, including fighting stress, improving your immunity, clearing up your skin etc. So the next time you’re feeling down in the dumps, need a pick me up, or are worried about the upcoming odds of your favourite NFL fantasy league, give cold showers a chance, and you’ll experience the benefits for yourself.  

Here are just some of the other benefits that might motivate you to switch your long hot soaks to brisk cold showers instead. 

  1. Cold Showers Improve Blood Circulation
    When cold water hits your body, your bloods move rapidly towards your vital organs to keep them warm. Hot water has the opposite effect, causing the blood to move to the surface of the skin, an opposite effect compares to a cold shower. Using cold water to bathe also strengthens your arteries, clears any blockages in the arteries and regulates your blood pressure.
  2. Cold Showers Improve Skin and Hair Health
    You might have noticed how hot water causes your scalp and skin to dry out. This dryness causes your scalp to itch and your skin to develop rashes. Cold showers help to shrink cuticles and pores, and thereby prevent dirt and other impurities to get in and clog them. Since cold water doesn’t strip skin and hair of its natural oils, it makes your hair shinier and your skin clearer. 
  3. Cold Showers Improve Your Immunity
    Showering in cold water improves the production of white blood cells in your body and increases its metabolic rate. This happens when your body ties to keep itself warm in response to the cold water, it also activates the immune system which releases extra white blood cells.
  4. Cold Showers Improve Recovery of Muscles
    Your muscles need to recover after strenuous exercise. Cold showers help the process and relieve muscle soreness. That is why athletes take cold showers after their games or workouts. Cold showers also help in alleviating delayed onset muscles soreness.
  5. Cold Showers Improve Mental Alertness
    You might have noticed the involuntary gasp of air you intake as you pour cold water you’re your head. This breathing is a natural response of our bodies that occurs to increase the body’s intake oxygen in an effort to keep the body warm. This rush gives our bodies a boost of energy. Additionally the cold water causes a rush of blood to the head to keep your brain warm. The extra oxygen and the blood rush wakes up the brain and makes us more alert.

A word of caution though, you should acclimatise your body first especially if you are unused to taking cold showers. Improve your tolerance by decreasing the temperature of your shower water slowly over the course of a week or so. People with hypertension, blood pressure, and heart disease should also avoid showering with water that is too cold.

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