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Sheffield man struck by semi while bike-riding on Highway 65

SHEFFIELD — A Sheffield man was struck by semi while bike-riding on Highway 65 early Monday morning, sending him to Mayo Hospital on a helicopter.

A 2016 KW semi driven by 62-year-old Dennis Gjerde of McCallsburg, Iowa, was northbound on Highway 65 Monday morning at about 3:40 AM, near 220th Street (rural Sheffield). The semi struck a 26-year-old man riding a bike at that location. As a result of the collision, the bicyclist was transported to Mayor Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, via Mercy Air One, with life-threatening injuries.

Assisting the Iowa State Patrol was the Franklin county sheriff’s office, Sheffield EMS, Franklin General Hospital, and the Iowa DOT.

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…the first thing that came to my mind was…”what the heck was the bike rider doing out on a major highway at 3:40 in the morning, in the dark”…not how old the driver of the truck was…he was cleared to be driving and had the proper license???

alot of ppl have a license and no business driving at all. the cyclist….. safe to assume meth. how do you hit something on the shoulder of a roadway? last i checked franklin co has the same width lanes as cerro go. maybe both parties are at fault?

Dumb guy riding a bike at night on a semi-major highway… Darwin Award candidate.

People should read the article before they leave dumb comments!


why is a 62yo driving no less a semi. pull license. senior citizens need to accept limitations. old ppl cause to many accidents around here. also sukup city has bike trails so why ride a very busy highway…. dumb.

Employers in any business can not find anybody that is willing to work. Senior citizens are the only people that will work, and show up on time. What is dumb, is the 78 year old guy running for president.

ya because younger ppl wont work long hours for stale low wages and understand we dont live to work. more to life than that for us. we also dont see marriage and kids as a be all end all goal for life. bet we live longer happier and healthier than your generation or the ones before. working all day everyday for crumbs while your employer profits massive amounts giving you barely any compensation and demanding overtime or weekends is for slaves.

young people aren’t gonna have to work, and they know it. bernies going to take care of them.

Oh yeah. People who work for a living and care about their jobs are what you call slaves. I wonder if you know what an honest day’s work is.

62 isn’t old you dumbshit.

62 isnt old? youre aware average life expectancy is 78 for a white male…. how is 62 not old? you dumbshit. fckin idiot.

I don’t know you, but I suspect, from what you say, that you probably take your health and your youth for granted. You won’t have the good sense to take any care of yourself and you will not see 62 years old. I can tell you, from my own experience, that it’s not an accident to get to your golden years.

Wow. You must possess some sagely wisdom I am unworthy of, coupled with your ability to profile an entire existence based on text… you sir must be a seer. Or you’re just some crotchety OLD ass. You can tell based on the fact that I understand that being 16 years away from the average end of life is in fact old that I’m somehow unhealthy and or lazy? I’m in my thirties. youth is a memory. Health is not really a concern. I’d rather not be 65 years old. You enjoy experiencing diminished capacity dementia and failing organs watching your friends die and yearning for your youth. I’ll continue to let it play out the way it does. Facts are facts some people age harsher than others and alot of times sixty plus year old people shouldnt be driving. No less a semi. Keep projecting and making assumptions about strangers on the internet. It really illustrates the wisdom you’ve gained with age…

Mess with a semi and you will end up in the hospital, if you are lucky.

It wasn’t a man

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