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Woman arrested for drunk driving and 7 counts of child endangerment

MASON CITY – A woman is behind bars in Mason City this morning, arrested for felony drunk driving and seven counts of child endangerment – at least the second such time she has drove drunk with children in her vehicle.

Lillie Jean Thurman, age 31 with a last known address of Mason City, was booked into the Cerro Gordo county jail at 11:13 PM Saturday night.  She stands charged with felony third-offense operating while under the influence.  She is also charged with seven counts of failure to secure a child and seven counts of child endangerment.   She also apparently failed to have her headlights on.

Thurman was las charged with drunk driving back in 2017, when Mason City police took her into custody on a charge of second-offense operating while under the influence and three counts of child endangerment.  She was able to plead the drunk driving charge down to first-offense and got two counts of child endangerment tossed out.  She was ordered to pay over $2,000 in fines and court costs and served a short jail sentence of two days, along with probation, which expired last year.

Thurman was also nabbed by cops for her participation in a disturbance back in 2014 along Monroe Avenue in Mason City.  In that fracas, which occurred Wednesday night, August 6, 2014 at 7:30 PM, callers reported to police that several men and women were arguing and pushing each other in the liquor store parking lot at 1st NW and North Monroe Avenue. Officers and deputies responded and made several arrests in the area. Iowa State Patrol and Mason City Fire Department also responded.  Several participants fled on foot or in vehicles as law enforcement arrived.  Thurman was arrested for disorderly conduct; she pled guilty and paid $214.50 in fines and court costs.


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Lots of racist comments here. You guys are sad people.

Racist and sad comments?? I hope one of these cockroaches moves in your neighborhood and sell drugs and shoot up your house and see how sad and racist that is!!!

Russel Hardy keeps bringing all these scumbag cockroaches from Chicago or Detroit! All the Slumloard asshole cares is about the money nothing else! The city needs to stop him from doing this!

Thanks Obama. You certainly fundamentally changed north Iowa.

I know another one just like her. Puts her kids in the car with no seats and is drunk all the time.

You need to give her name to the police before her kids or somebody else gets hurt.

How she post bond ? Snitched

Pimp bailed her out.

Back in 2017, who was the judge that allowed the drunk driving charge to be pled down and the two endangerment charges tossed out?

It’s more then just the judge. It’s the PUBLIC DEFENDER requesting the plea, the COUNTY ATTORNEY agreeing to lessor charges and the JUDGES agreeing, rubber stamping it through. They are making money on every person they put on probation. Probation fee has to be paid right away (used to be &350) plus payment plan set up with probation officer for fines. County gets more money this way not paying to house criminals in jail. They don’t care who’s out on the streets. If they came down hard and had consequences for criminals, crime might go down which means the county doesn’t make any money and public defenders, county attorneys, and judges might actually have to work for their incomes. If Iowa would legalize weed county’s would have money to put actual criminals away to serve time, focus on real crime, lower crime rates, cleaning out the meth heads, clean up towns, fix roads, bridges, and a heck of a lot of other good. But all that would actually take work and most county officials are to lazy for that anyway.

I think your comment is short-sighted. Frist off, bringing a case to trial costs far more money, money that comes from the budget.

If an offender is found guilty, the fines and court costs don’t even make a dent in the actual cost.

Plea agreements are part and parcel of the Criminal Justice System in our country. It is an option, and should be used only when there is some hope of a person changing their wayward behaviors. It should not be applied Carte Blanche. It should not be applied for acts of violence or selling and buying illegal drugs(which degrades the community).

Drug offenses, no matter what the substance is, should be prosecuted with vigor. Consequences however should aim at financial ends, and not incarceration. However, if one refuses to pay their fines, then incarceration should be mandatory.

Driving under the influence of any substance should be met with fines starting at $5,000. Again if you refuse to pay the fine, you are incarcerated.

There must be consequences for illegal acts, or you will not curb those behaviors, and the community will eventually suffer.

Go back to Chitcago or Deadtroit and don’t come back!

Great shes out of jail and driving around. 3rd OWI doesn’t mean shit to shit to her.

Throw away the key.

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