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Names, charges and update on Monroe Avenue altercation

MASON CITY – Mason City police gave an update on the fracas on Monroe Avenue Wednesday night that sent one to the hospital and landed several others in a jail cell.

According to police, Wednesday night, August 6 at 7:30 PM, callers reported several men and women arguing and pushing each other in the liquor store parking lot at 1st NW and North Monroe Avenue. Officers and deputies responded and made several arrests in the area. Iowa State Patrol and Mason City Fire Department also responded.

Several participants fled on foot or in vehicles as law enforcement arrived.

See previous story with over 160 photos on this incident, here.

Those arrested include:

Lofton, Andrew Earl 04-01-1977
Lofton, Andrew Earl 04-01-1977
Arrested by MCPD for Public Intox
Merrideth, Valerie 10-24-1986
Merrideth, Valerie 10-24-1986
Arrested by MCPD for Public Intox & Disorderly Conduct
Montgomery, Benny Marc 09-27-1984
Montgomery, Benny Marc 09-27-1984
Arrested by CG deputies for disorderly conduct
Montgomery, Lover Dandre 01-07-1987
Montgomery, Lover Dandre 01-07-1987
Arrested by MCPD for Public Intox, Interference with Official Acts, and Possess and Convey Contraband into Jail (Class C Felony). Mr. Montgomery had 3 rounds of .380 firearm ammunition hidden in his underwear that was located when he was changed down in the jail. No firearm was located nor were there any reports that a gun was involved in this disturbance.
Rodgers, Marvell D 02-14-1982
Rodgers, Marvell D 02-14-1982
Arrested by MCPD for Public Intoxication
Thurman, Lillie Jean 11-03-1987
Thurman, Lillie Jean 11-03-1987
Arrested by CG deputies for disorderly conduct

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“6 states should be dedicated to the Free State of Africa America. LA,MS,AL,GA,SC,FL. And if the white people don’t like being uprooted from their homes…TOO BAD.”

How about trotting your scrawny little ass down to those states and letting them know just how things are going to be once you become the supreme, exalted ruler of your delusional rubber-tire condom/kingdom? Talk is cheap, so put up or……

That’s what we have the Federal Govt for. 🙂

Glad to see you back Buzz…I was afraid a coyote got you when you were feeding.

Phil,…I think Buzz has a real beef with you. Where oh where does his anger come from? On second thought…who cares?
Isn’t that Lawrence Taylor in the picture. Feedback appreciated.

Buzz is just a fan of mine. He knows I’m the go-to guy for intelligent discussion. He’s not happy about that, but he has no other choice. He knows I’m the gravity the moons revolve around. I get a kick out of him though. He’s quite funny…

And if any of these gun-toting, white (supremacist), loud bike, jacked up pickup truck driving conservative people in this community were worth a squirt of piss, they’d take care of their own community rather than bitch about it on the internet while watching it go down the drain, to half-cocked gang bangers from Chicago or Detroit who slowly but surely are changing the fabric of River City permanently. String up (metaphorically speaking)Russ Hardy…protest in the streets…just do it

But remember, loud Harley guys essentially only think of themselves, so why should they care about their community? They don’t really, which is precisely why the area is steadily going down the drain. You have to have righteous values and a code of ethics in order to successfully police your community and define its image into what you want it to be. Self centered buffoons on bikes don’t possess the discipline, concern or values to do the job properly. Neither does the city govt.

I’m watching a program right now about hardcore gang members in Memphis and other places on Spike TV. These people have a different set of values, which involves murder and violence; all based around the illegal underworld sale of drugs. If the government would pull its head out of its ass and legalize drugs, they could overnight eliminate gang activity in America. IN some form, these petty criminals arriving from Detroit and Chicago have dreams of starting up such enterprises in MC.

Or “If the” illegal drug users “would pull” their “head out of its ass and” stop using illegal “drugs, they could overnight eliminate gang activity in America.”

@Joao-well said. As I have said before the keyword here is ILLEGAL. Why do they suddenly think it is O.K. to violate the law??

@Philosophus I agree with you on this one. It’s so hard to speak on this subject without being labeled a racist. Can you believe some of their leaders are still talking about reparations 150 years gone by? I still want to know why so many are here. I get the housing voucher thing and the concept of where one goes, all go. But why so many?
I also don’t get why local girls take up with these gents, have their children, get beat up and stay with them. Great for the guy, not so good for the…

I’m not afraid to talk about this because spiritually and karmically I know it’s the truth. One day after 400 years of enslavement, murder, rape and oppression, America just stopped. The slaves dispersed into the countryside and settled in. No contrition or recompense occurred. Liberia was a half hearted effort at relocation and most freed slaves wanted to stay anyway. The KKK developed and continued the harassment and abuse. Large settlements in Chicago were created. It’s not over.

Descendants of African American Slavery should be treated as political refugees with an indeterminate political status. Logistical hardship in prior relocation programs is no excuse for legally neglecting reparation efforts. Since America only conquered herself, no outside government can oversee the recompense efforts…thus America fell into apathy and inertia…as did the freed slaves, slipping away into shanty towns deep in the south. Americans need to resolve the limbo status.

I firmly believe the enslaved can NEVER successfully integrate with those who did the enslaving because it’s tantamount to a kidnapped child being allowed to stay and live with her kidnapper, after years of being held. Would the courts allow this? No, so why should freed slaves be allowed to live with and amongst their captors? They shouldn’t The captors should be punished and forced to provide new accommodations and financial reparations to those whom they enslaved.

If you look at a map of the United States you’ll see that logically 6 states should be dedicated to the Free State of Africa America. LA,MS,AL,GA,SC,FL. These states were heavily involved with the slave trade and should suffice to serve as a permanent homeland for descendants of slaves, serving as a Territory of the United States, but autonomous.

And if the white people don’t like being uprooted from their homes…TOO BAD. They would only be allowed to stay at the discretion and permission of the leaders of the (FSAA).

Tell me, why should THESE GUYS have any more rights to occupy and control the south than the descendants of the slaves whom they once controlled and exploited? I say take it away from them, and give it to the rightful owners: THE OPPRESSED who worked the land.

I totally agree with you guys, a bunch of lazy, filthy, angry people that have a false sense of entitlement over a ‘crime’ that was committed 250 years ago which none of them experienced by a bunch of people that aren’t alive to have their day in court shouldn’t live with hardworking, law abiding citizens that are constantly victimized by the former. So you should pack all the stuff you actually worked for & didn’t steal and head on back to Africa. They could use you and your thug…

Even though it may be difficult to read my position, it is neither for whites nor for blacks. Think of me as an impartial observer who just arrived on the planet. I’m trying to solve the problem, so both the blacks who want racial integrity, and the white’s who want to preserve their communities can move forward. Yes by all means for those blacks who want to integrate into America, and play by the rules and forget the past, they should…but for those who are still pissed off…

Since at least the 1960’s I think that any one who has a job, pays taxes, votes and mows his yard will be accepted as a citizen of this community regardless of race, color or creed. This new crew creates a problem. As most of them have no job,thus paying no taxes, do not vote because they do not care and being renters have no yard to mow. They have no skin in the game. The solution? Our law enforcement agencies really are out of their league in dealing with this menace

That’s YOUR assessment of it…which is tantamount to the assessment of a WHITE MAN. Why should they accept YOUR definition? Remember you oppressed them for 400 years. Now you define to them what the definitions are for their freedom? For their inclusion? My point is, YOU shouldn’t get to determine their behavior or status…they need their own status, finally, after 200 years: their own land, their own customs, laws and policing. This is the true path to heal and move forward.

I call for the creation of the FREE STATE OF AFRICA AMERICA here in the United States, with a huge land mass, and billions in aid to fund and create it. It’s time to offer them a chance for a place to truly call home.

Phil, why don’t you give them some of your land. Let them build tire mud huts, and peddle their drugs on your land. I’m sure you would feel differently about the poverty stricken people of they had motorcycles.

Phil, they do have their own land their own customs their own laws and policing, it’s called Detroit

I’m not trying to malicious when I illustrate the differences in the above people with people in our community. I’m merely suggesting they themselves would be happier in their own community, with their own laws, customs, and practices. Look at them, they are miserable. Bringing their misery to North Iowa does no one any good. It’s time to discuss political separation, and new cultural identity. I want them to be happy, not miserable.

They are descendants of African slaves and they are suffering from Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome, clearly alienated in any communities they go to. It’s not fair or right, they should continue to suffer, and be locked up under a continuation of the very system that enslaved their ancestors. It’s time to get real about this issue, and help them get to their own community, their own legislation, and their own autonomous oversight….with dignity.

Who the hell were these guys fighting with?

Parking lot of the liquor store? Who would have though that would happen? Imports each and every one of them. Send them back where they came from.

And it was a problem already, when it was just a gas station and convenience store! If there’s a neighborhood that doesn’t need a liquor store, it’s that one. Conveniently located practically next door to the transition center.

As I stated on another post — it really is all about supply and demand. Simple Econ 101. They rake in the dough at the North End location. They are not dumb, they can follow the crowd and addresses and note that business will follow…Whatcha bet they carry Mad Dog 20/20 and Colt 45. The North End has moved much further North. And has extended now down to the South End, south and then west on 6th SW and that area. It is really sad to see!!

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