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How Colleges in North Iowa Can Improve Enrollment 

This news story was published on January 4, 2021.
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Colleges in North Iowa are competitive and need to have a clear enrollment strategy if their courses are to be full each year, and if their business is going to continue to grow in the years to come. If your college is currently struggling with enrollment issues, read on for the latest tips to help you to combat these. 

Invest in Enrollment Management Services

When you are looking to improve enrollment numbers in your college, you do not have to take steps alone, or only rely on your internal systems. Instead, you should consider investing in enrollment management services, which can help to take your enrollment operations off your hands and into those of the professionals. At Sextant, their higher education enrollment management services can help you increase your student intake each year by providing them with an excellent experience, assuaging their fears, and helping students to make the right decision for their situation. 

Create a Modern, Forward-Thinking Curriculum

The aspect of your college that the majority of potential applicants will look at first is your curriculum. Most students in 2020/21 are looking for courses that cover modern subject areas and that can help to prepare students for the future of the workforce in a practical manner. As well as teaching them the academic knowledge which they need to complete their degree, you should also focus on developing a curriculum that meets the challenges of the modern professional world and that the subjects that you cover can be easily applied to this. 

Employ the Right Professors

The expertise and prowess of your professors often precedes them, with many students considering the reputation and background of your professors before they decide to take a certain course. Due to this, you should make sure that your departments are filled with a variety of diverse professors who all come from different niches and career paths. This will ensure that your courses will become well-respected and that student applicants will be secure in the knowledge that they are learning from the best. 

Offer Support

For some students, there are many barriers to applying for their dream college course, and to increase enrollment levels, you need to make sure that every single person who wants to apply for your course can. You can do this by offering a generous support system for students who might be in financial need, or who might need extra support in completing their application and in traveling to your campus. 

Involve Your Current Students

The one way that will make prospective students feel as if they are getting a real insight into life on your campus is by talking to other students who have been through the college experience. You should try to involve your current students as much as possible in terms of college open days, tours, and even within your social media presence. This can help prospectus students to feel as if they have an authentic understanding of your college and its values.

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