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3 Advertising Ideas For Small Businesses

This news story was published on September 17, 2019.
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There’s no prouder moment than launching a new business. For anybody that has spent months or even years to see a business idea come to life, once launched is when the real work starts. Advertising really does matter, and this is relevant to whatever sector a new business is operating within, from digital marketing to retail brick and mortar stores. 

For retail stores, in particular, competition is high, which means owners will need to be creative when it comes to standing out on the high street. Likewise, for an online business, there is a vast pool of information out there on the internet, so it’s easy to get lost. Below are three ways for how a small business can advertise effectively. 

  1. A Sign Sells Your Business

With so many competitors out there, well-designed signage can help to elevate business; this is especially true for small retailers. By communicating with the outside world about what a store offers, there is a higher chance of bringing customers through the front door. First impressions really do count! Signage essentially acts as a gateway to a business, and it speaks a simple message. To stand out, retailers could consider LED signage or opt for a traditional sign placing emphasis on strong branding colors and identity. Enlisting the help of expert sign companies, such as LED signs by Guthman, who has lots of unique ideas when it comes to business signage. 

  1. Consider A Magazine Ad

Magazine ads are still as relevant today as they were before the introduction of technology. So many people prefer a physical piece of information in their hands over scrolling on their phones, and advertising this way is an inexpensive option for those that want to be noticed. Visuals play a large part in these type of ads, so it’s a good idea to consider how the brand or business will be represented on a visual level. Think about incorporating the branding colors into the ad as well as the logo to create an impact. Make sure that a strong call to action is used across the copy.

  1. Create A Strong Social Media Prescence

In a world dominated by the use of technology, it’s in any businesses’ best interests to build strong online presence. The great part about establishing this is that it’s entirely free to do so. Outside of paying for specific marketing campaigns, businesses can benefit from being active across social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each social media platform acts as a free advertising tool and, if used well, they can significantly help when it comes to building a strong customer following. Social media is great for informing people of promotions, new products, and visuals. Helping to build up a bank of visuals displaying your product range or services, Instagram is great for brand awareness and exposure. Social media also acts as a great networking opportunity and helps to identify competition too. 

With the three advertising ideas set out above, any small business can catapult into success. Each is economically convenient and combined offers a range of diversity to potential customers.

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