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Hallucinations (by Peter Children)


It just dawned on me that Hickey, Tornquist, Solberg and of course the biggest perpetrator of all, Bookmeyer….are all suffering from extreme hallucinations brought on by a growing sense of reality that during their last term they have collectively accomplished nothing, nada, zero.

Bookmeyer has succeeded in loading up various panels and commissions with his hand picked stooges. If you are of the persuasion that doesn’t care about those less fortunate than you then you’ll be pleased that Bookmeyer succeeded in slamming the door on the local human rights department, a bastion of hope that has stood in this community for half a century protecting the poor and less fortunate. The reason given was financial….which was of course a bold face lie. Bookmewyer failed in his attempt to spread an unproven emission across the city that could well have been carcinogenic. The only real talent I can ascertain is his unfailing ability to get wacked….over and over again. I have evidence he is good at interviewing domestic help as well.

Hickey gave a sterling performance defending the homeowners in his ward against the bully Mercy Health Care Systems. His efforts were nothing less than magic….black magic to be more precise. He stuck his hand into various city departments in an attempt to dismantle that which was running perfectly….failed miserably.

Solberg was herself times 100, she accomplished exactly nothing during her entire time at that council table….and she did it beautifully. In fact if she hand not been audible every time she voted in accordance to whatever Bookmeyer purposed, you wouldn’t have even known she was present. And now she wants to do the exact same thing all over again, only this time when she votes yes….she’ll speak louder, what a difference that’ll make!

Turnquist thinks he’s the lead actor in a play…..and he is, only it’s a dark comedy. When he walks onto the set and takes his seat….he’s camera ready; He is ready to throw himself onto the sword for Eric….like he did when he looked right into the camera and lied to the entire metropolitan area in matters concerning the Human Rights Agency….and he delivered his lines with complete compunction just as any actor would. When Bookmeyer strategically placed him on the Landfill board he once more delivered a dismal performance befitting someone of his ilk. In other words he got his lunch handed to him by the board. Turnquist is pleased to be your councilperson at large just as long as you never approach him directly or for that matter, never ask him anything at anytime. Turnquist should return every dollar this city has paid him.

Now we all hear campaign ads that will proclaim figments of their imagination, hallucinations coming from people who quickly forgot they were voted into office and were not really put there by Divine intervention .

Peter J. Children

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