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Steve King says NY Times anonymous op-ed was “cowardly” and he would like your money for his campaign

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Steve King of Iowa is furious over the recent anonymous op-ed published by New York Times that blasted his ally President Trump, and would also like your money for a campaign contribution, he said Wednesday in an email to voters:

Steve King, speaking in Mason City back in 2014

It was cowardly.

The New York Times’ anonymous op-ed seeks to undermine Donald Trump’s accomplishments, derail our conservative reforms in Washington, and shamelessly deny us the agenda we voted for in 2016.

This is an extremely dangerous time for our American democracy, and the rapidly-approaching 2018 Mid-term Elections — now less than two months away — are even more critical than ever before.

Can I count on your immediate support? Help me push back and preserve our Republican majority with your generous gift of $25, $50, $75, $100 or even more.

By publishing — and in the process validating — the unhinged claims of a so-called Trump resistor, The New York Times would have us believe that all the good things like tax cuts, record job growth, deregulation, and better immigration enforcement are happening despite President Trump.

But we know the truth.

Like all the other lies and malicious attacks hurled at me, President Trump, and our fellow Republicans by the leftist media and political establishment, it shows just how unhinged Democrats have become and it completely ignores how we’ve accomplished so much even with the unprecedented level of Democrat obstruction in Congress!

That’s why I’m reaching out to you now, Friend — because your commonsense conservative support and your patriotic, loyal grassroots action are urgently needed NOW.

I’m doing everything I can to help elect more rock-solid Republicans and secure a renewed, stronger GOP majority on Capitol Hill and give President Trump the increased political backing he needs to defeat the unhinged Democrats, the biased liberal media, and leftist billionaire donors who would rather swim in the D.C. swamp and steer our nation further towards socialism.

Friend, can I count on your immediate support so I can do even more in these next critical weeks to push back against the leftist lies and help elect Republicans with your generous gift of $25, $50, $75, $100 or even more now?

Thank you for all you do, Friend — please let me hear from you today!

Thank you,

Congressman Steve King

P.S. — Friend, we can’t let the false leftist narratives depress GOP voter turnout — we have to get our winning message to the voters in order to emerge victorious on Election Day! Will you take this opportunity to support my efforts today? Thanks again, Steve

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I see remarks are being removed by sissified Democrats. What a bunch of thin skinned dumb ass’s.

Seems to me they are all here snowflake.

Vote the King in or be a coward. Which goes to show this good ole farm boy needs to stay in the rural area. Their country road sure as hell ain’t the one most people are going down. Stick to managing the farm animals lives. On the flip side he has been getting free money all these years from farming. That’s what they call a free loader not a big wheel. Get on that tractor and ride boooooy. lmao

Demokraps are EVIL !

You spelled Republicraps wrong

Once the anti American demcraps open the borders your life will take on a 3rd world chithole climate – think of your family and vote republican or face your fate snowflake.

Only if we move next door to you.

He hasn’t done a day’s work since he was elected. He’s only sponsored 5 bills during his entire 16-year tenure, and not one of them passed.The last one was a bill to try to force airports to have at least half of their TVs turned to Fox News, which gives him all sorts of air time, which he’s fallen in love with. He thinks he’s a star now, so that bill was to suck up to them. The only reason Fox ever called him in the first place was because Steve Doocy of Fox and Friends is a native of Algona, knew King, and knew he’d say all kinds of crazy crap that would get ratings. His job is to watch out for Iowans in his district, not Australian Rupert Murdoch, creator of Fox News and owner of the National Enquirer. He’s our employee, he’s not doing the job we sent him there to do, and it’s time to fire him.

When I saw barack hussein on tv this week he reminded me of why I voted for President Trump.

When you looked in the mirror this morning and saw a dumbass, that is what reminded you of why you voted for Trump.

Hey Lady watch your mouth !

TRUMP 2020 !!

trump’s not going to make it that far

This pretty much sums up the worthless Steve King

Doug Alexander talks stupid. He obviously don’t give two shits about his neighbors. BEG BEG BEG Just another liberal idiot!!

Still ranked worst congressman.

He’s a dickhead.

Everything he say’s is the truth, many people don’t like that but he doesn’t play politically correct games, I like that and support him.


Yes you are.

You’re so clever you stupid old goat.
Get a life L*V*S.

You’re still a dumbass

‘Billionaire donors swimming in the swamp’. More like a cesspool of corruption. It would be interesting to see how this guy is raking in his millions by being in public office. All the politicians get very rich over the years just hanging around ‘the swamp’. Sound like he’s got his hip waders on and he’s going in…for Iowa of course. What a guy.

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