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How to Find the Right Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shake

Meal replacement programs relying on weight loss shakes have a number of benefits for consumers. They are convenient, letting you skip meal prep and typically can be taken anywhere. They allow the dieter to avoid having to turn every meal into an algebra problem. Sipping on a meal replacement shake can be done anywhere at any time, making it a good alternative for those who otherwise eat too much when they eat fast food. However, you need to find the right meal replacement weight loss shake for it to have the greatest odds of success.

Take Medical Considerations into Account

If you are diabetic, you need to ensure that the weight loss shake is safe for you to consume. If you are pre-diabetic, a diabetic-friendly shake may actually help prevent the development of diabetes. If you’re lactose intolerant, you’ll either want to look for weight loss shakes that don’t include milk or whey or plan on taking a digestive enzyme tablet along with the shake. Another factor to consider is any health conditions you have that preclude certain types of shakes.

There are weight loss shakes that are simply a “meal in a can”, while others contain a hunger blocker, too. If you have high blood pressure, thyroid problems, or some other medical condition, your doctor may recommend against any “hunger blockers” or appetite suppressants. Shakes that are high in fiber and protein and low in carbs take longer to digest naturally, though this will not completely suppress your appetite.

You also need to be careful regarding any food intolerances. We’ve already addressed lactose. For some, soy allergies rule out entire brands. If you cannot tolerate gluten, that rules out other meal replacement shakes.

Consider Your Tastes Literally

There are jokes that the reason vegan diets cause people to lose weight is that not even vegans want to eat it. In reality, you need to look for meal replacement programs that suit your tastes. You’re drinking the shakes in place of food. If you cannot stand the taste of the shakes, you’ll likely drop the diet as soon as your initial determination wears off. Don’t buy weight loss shakes that taste like chalk with a dash of vanilla. Another factor to consider is the variety of flavors since choosing between just chocolate and vanilla gets boring quite quickly. Research the weight loss shakes at before you buy them in bulk.

Consider How Much You Value Simplicity

For some, the ability to toss a couple of cans of meal replacement beverages in their bag and go is worth it. You don’t have to worry about finding water to mix with a powder or figure out how to mix it up thoroughly. You don’t have to take home dirty glasses; you just throw out the empty container when done.

Another factor to consider is whether the meal replacement shakes provide all of your required nutrients in each serving. You may value the ability to just drink the shakes over having to take mineral or vitamin supplements, too.

Also look at how often you’re expected to drink the shakes. A program that replaces three meals with shakes is convenient. A program that suggests drinking it six times a day may not work for you.


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