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How to Find the Best Legal Representation

This news story was published on January 10, 2017.
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A lawyer could be responsible for representing you in court, drafting your will, settling a divorce or buying or selling real estate property. It is therefore essential you select the best legal representation for your requirements.

Pick a Specialist

While a general practice lawyer may be qualified to represent your case, they may lack the knowledge and experience of an attorney that specializes in a field. If you want the best outcome for a case or action, you must select an attorney with extensive experience in the area you require representation. For example, you would most likely turn to Garcia Law if you require a Los Angeles Elder Abuse Lawyer, as they specialize in elderly abuse litigation.

Check Their Accreditation

Make an informed choice when hiring an attorney and contact your state’s lawyer disciplinary agency to review their status as a member of the bar. If you don’t like what you hear, you should consider contacting another lawyer for representation.

Read Reviews

You can also learn more about a lawyer by simply typing their name into a search engine. If someone has been disappointed by a service, or if a firm has suffered an indiscretion, you may find a review or article online.

You can also view a lawyer’s peer review rating, which is basically an indicator of an attorney’s legal ability and ethical standards. The peer reviews are conducted by other members of the bar, as well as the judiciary in the US and Canada.

Consider a Firm’s Size

Many people may prefer to hire an attorney from a small firm, as they could receive a more personal service, as larger firms will have more cases and clients. However, a large firm could also work in your favor, because an attorney may have built up a rapport with a judge, or an opposing prosecution or defence maybe intimidated by a lawyer from a respected firm. The decision is yours.

The Right Price

Select an attorney that suits your price range. It is also important to note that some lawyers will charge you per letter, hearing or phone call, which could add up to an expensive surprise. Discuss costs during the initial conversation with an attorney, and you could also request the maximum litigation costs be confirmed in writing.

Trust Your Instincts

You may have heard positive things about a lawyer, but that does not mean you shouldn’t trust your instincts. Your initial conversation with an attorney will provide a first impression, helping you decide whether they are detail-oriented or responsive enough to handle your case. You should also ask an attorney questions to see how they respond. If they seem unhappy to be contacted by you throughout a case, they may not provide the level of support you are looking for, so you should seek legal representation elsewhere. You will want a lawyer who will respond to your enquiries, not leave you waiting impatiently for some form of communication.

The lawyer you choose could make or break your case – so do your homework before you sign a contract.

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