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Opinion: Bookmeyer’s Gift would be complete with total and immediate resignation

Eric is a little like Santa. Thank you Eric for quitting – now finish the job.

I personally want to approach this revelation from Bookmeyer as a gift to this city. His admission he won’t seek office again is long overdue but still a gesture of an apologetic man who is finally coming to terms that he can’t win. Not one of his proposals have had merit… not one. The burning plant has never found a municipality to accept them.  There is no better argument than that to fortify Bookmeyer was terribly wrong trying to put this community at risk by allowing carcinogenic debris to be released into the air across the city… close to Newman School.

The hog facility was a disaster to even think it might fit into this community. The frightening thing was the fact he came close… too close. We who live here owe an unpayable debt to Alex Kuhn who had the strength to stand firm against Bookmeyer. Of course the three yes votes – Solberg, Hicky and Schoneman – were ready to sacrifice this community after having survived 160 years of existence without a serious threat.

The saga of Prestage Foods is not over; it will live in infamy within this city for generations as an example of what can happen when clandestine meetings behind closed doors are allowed. Bookmeyer’s true behavior towards Alex Kuhn was solely brought upon Alex as a result of not complying with Bookmeyer’s wishes. The demons that will visit Bookmeyer until his last day on earth will be his constant companions.

From where I stand I see two people who could be credited with the demise of Bookmeyer.

MAX WEAVER led the opposition to defeat what he knew to be wrong. With help he was the spearhead against the burning plant. Bookmeyer even put Turnquist on the Landfill Board to try and influence them… didn’t work. Weaver was the Field Marshall in charge of defeating a multi-billion dollar corporation who already had three yes votes and was rapidly advancing into the promised land where Bookmeyer was waiting with open arms to draw and quarter this small town without a second thought.

MATT MARQUARDT had Weavers flank in leading the defense that stopped that horrible burning facility and millions of pigs from entering this town and thereby decimating life here forever more. He stood against the Globe Gazette who joined forces with Bookmeyer; Matt reported fairly during the crisis while the Globe shamelessly added to it. The Globe isn’t doing well economically, it may now be desperate to stay viable and avoid the karma headed its way.  It went from a daily paper and the main news source to what is now morphing into “Shopper” mode.  I’m told that soon a “Weekender” paper will combine both the Saturday and Sunday papers together thereby bringing their output to just 5 papers per week – we get stiffed on Monday – and to boot, they hiked their rates. There are also rumors its costly $2 million printer that makes blurry pictures will shut down and their paper will be printed in Waterloo. North Iowa Today was a large contributor to what has happened to the Globe Gazette. It’s been said many more people read NIT than the Globe… maybe that’s true but if it’s not, it’s dam close… this is in part generational as younger people can’t relate to a printed paper.  They sure as hell can’t relate to a paper that pushed for a pig palace and protects Bookmeyer.

Times… they are a changing. With that in mind, I encourage Bookmeyer to increase the value of his gift by resigning now.

Peter Children
Mason City, Iowa

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