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Hoverboards worth thousands of dollars stolen from Mason City store

Mason City Kohls store
Mason City Kohls store

MASON CITY – Eight people allegedly stole hoverboards worth thousands of dollars from a Mason City store in a brazen getaway, police said today.

According to the Mason City police department, the incident in which the hoverboards were stolen took place on November 16. At 7:55 PM that day, employees at the Kohl’s department store, located at 556 Indian Head Drive, reported the theft of 11 hoverboards and a scooter valued at $4,350. Apparently, 8 African American people (7 males and 1 female) entered the store together and made their way to the hoverboards. The group then fled the store with the 12 items and left in two passenger cars.

Police shared images of the alleged perpetrators; they continue to investigate and possibly seek to arrest those responsible.



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Let store security shoot thieves, also let any customer that has a legal gun on him shoot them. Problem solved.

Our police are very well trained and dedicated civil servants. While you are running away from criminals they are running towards them.

Aren’t you snowed…what world are you living in?

I live in the U.S.A. You belong in Russia.

You must be one of the law breaking criminals that have been arrested.

Good thing they got away, Mason city police would have been no match for this group of thugs, we would have lost a few officers during this fight, could it be MCPD ran the other way?

We will see if you still feel that way if you ever need our police.

The question is not if we will need them it is if they can protect us

Mason city police = keystone cops

Mason city police have a history of not solving or botching the investigation’s of high profile cases. If the perpetrator has put some thought into the crime you better believe they will get away! Look at stearns desk, and all the unsolved cold cases over the years!

That there fellow I believe is earing a Omar Kadaffi priceless outfit – would be hard to spot in Libya.

And that’s why prices are so high.

I heard that 12 flying carpets were stolen at the Mall of Somali in MPLS yesterday – suspects made their getaway on the camel colored carpets. Goverment k 10 drones were called in but operators were on donut break.

2 passenger cars manufactured by ? I would guess one was pink and the other one lime green.. This whole charade sounds like a no child left behind was at the scene . Well if I see 12 negros on hoverboards stuck in the snow I will alert obammas homeland security.

Black bartz and manly city council are applying for federal grants to bring these big town imports to Manly. Of course money is involved –

‘Black’ describes the suspects in case someone has information unknowingly but now can put two and two together and come forward with a possible lead. I suppose if they used the word ‘female’ you would call the reporter a chauvinist. You are the racist, idiot. Maybe you were a party to this theft, idiot.

This story is racist! Who cares what the race of the thiefs is! I bet a white guy write this so-called story

Jesus, I hope you’re trolling.

It absolutely matters when you’re trying to identify suspects. Quit trying to promote racial separation. If these a-holes didn’t just steal 4K worth of crap, they wouldn’t even be mentioned. Not only are they black, but they are Sh*tty.

The story is not racist, but your comment sure as hell is.

It is called a description and is not racist. If you had went to school you would know that. The way to stop having black people on the news is to stop committing crimes.

If the thieves were white and the article said, “8 white people (7 male and 1 female)” would it still be racist for pointing out their race?

these punks show up at fleet farm and there would be mugshots to go with this story

Doubtful. This group hit multiple places in and out of state that day. Its on the news. People like these do not willingly give up without a fight. They are more likely willing to jeopardize their safety and the safety of everyone around them. They have no problem walking straight out the door with $4,000 worth of stuff, and not stopping. These are people that do not think of consequences and futures in the prison system. They will be caught, and spend the next 5 years in court before spending a whopping 2 years behind vars before they are released to turn sound and do it again. I doubt even Mills can stop them without risking their safety. God forbid they risk the safety of our police. They probably made $20,000 in one night.

With FleetFarm’s pro-gun policy there would be no mugshots but police tape and body outlines drawn in white chalk outside the front doors.

This is going to be difficult to solve.

Looks like Kohl’s needs some higher quality security cameras. These images are horrible. How can anything even begin to assist in identifying any of these people if you can’t see what they look like?

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