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White bar patrons feel blue, see red, after black thief steals their green

Rookies in Clear Lake
Rookies in Clear Lake (Google image)

CLEAR LAKE – A man allegedly walked into a popular downtown Clear Lake establishment, declared he was writing a book about “being black in North Iowa” and helped himself to some cash before leaving.

Clear Lake police confirm there was an incident at Rookies Bar, 307 Main Avenue, in downtown Clear Lake Tuesday night. Witnesses tell NIT that a man strolled into the bar and began to tell patrons that he was writing a book about “being black in North Iowa” and wanted to play pool as a league was in action. NIT is told that on his way into the bar, a person was at the back entrance smoking a cigarette, and the man walked up to her, got into her face and yelled “NO!” and then went inside. Once inside, the slender, youngish African-American man allegedly referred to himself as “Robinson” and essentially was annoying the pool players. It wasn’t long before he was spotted taking $56 off of a table (this was the fee for two teams of four people who were playing pool that night) and headed for the rear door.

“He burst out the back door and was mumbling to himself, and then took off sprinting down the alley towards the lake,” a witness told NIT. “And then a bunch of pool players came outside chasing after him … he had been in and out the whole night and wanted to play pool. It was like 5 seconds before they came out after him, but he was quick!”

Some of the pool players are still scratching their heads about why no one stopped the man when he initially grabbed the lettuce off the table next to the pool area.

“I’d call it a brazen act,” a woman told NIT. “I’m told the owner replaced the money, even though it was a fee to be paid to him. I just hope the dude doesn’t come back to the bar without expecting to answer for it.”

Police were eventually called to the bar, and they took some statements. Chief Pete Roth tells NIT that “The investigating officer is still attempting to identify the suspect.” NIT is told the man may live near Rookies, and there is possible video evidence of the incident.

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There are good black one’s and bad black one’s, just like with regular people. We knew a black family growing up, they worked hard respected the laws, obeyed them. Good people, they were. But these black one’s we have here now, they are mostly not very good. I wish they’re parents would of raised them up like the black one’s I remember from back in the day. My husband gets mighty upset when we see a fat white girl with a black baby, this use to be not be legal. Oh well.

“just like with regular people”
“like the black one’s I remember from back in the day”
“a fat white girl with a black baby, this use to be not be legal”

Wow, just wow.
Good thing that you are not a racist there Edith.

Truth hurts doesn’t Archie.

Ignorant Dumb Ass gone again.

Edith, one day Edith! Wow! This has to be a joke. Illegal for a fat white girl to have in her possession a black baby! Sorry Edith it was Racial Integrity act of 1924 that your referring to. Marriage between whites and “colored” was not legal dating back to 1883 Pace V Alabama. Sorry Edith in 1967 the Supreme Court ruled that case was unconstitutional thanks to the 14th amendment. Now I know white raciest and some blacks hated this decision but that’s what’s make America Great Again! Maybe you “Good whites” might want to take a lesson on humanity from these “Fat White Woman”. Seems to me they are more advanced socially, educationally, and spiritually than you good whites who judge a population off the acts of less than a full percentage of less than one percent.

Are you stupid, you just admitted it use to be illegal for black one’s to marry whites. That was the law you know. Do you know how to use regular, the word? I used it right. I did not blame any babys that have a fat white mom and a negro daddy. Learn to read careful and be nice.

Pay attention kids.
Edith is a prime example of what happens when you eat a lot of lead paint chips as a child.

Little chitcago – went to a cubs game there 25 years ago – Noticed more than a few stores by the stadium had armed guards at the door – unlocked it to get in or out – shop keepers open carried 357s – This is your bused in future . If every thing so cozy as obama says – why is there a locked door and armed guard at the SS office?

The cubs analogy is pure BS. Wrigley Field is located in an upscale North Side neighborhood that is safe, sane, almost exclusively white and unaffordable for most of us who post here. I lived and worked there 25 years ago. The armed guard at the local Social Security office is another story with a completely different set of circumstances. Get your facts straight Old Coot.

Wrigley field is smack dab in the heart of “boys town” . Probably have a better chance of picking up HIV or warts, then getting mugged.

Ignorant Dumb Ass gone again.

If the glove don’t fit you must aquit ! Poor guys democrap welfare check was late because of thanksgiving –OH MY! Is I allowed to use that word Thanksgiving ?????

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Lettuce hahahaha

you dummies call this story racest but we both know black people call themselfs.the ‘N” word all the time I get so dam sick of that double stanard hell everytime I listen to my old EazyE cassetts he calling his homees n****** beeen going on since the 80s

This artical aint racset you dumb mother truckers! Seems to me this a soled report on the wrongdoings of a blackman.and so im glad it here so I know to put my lettuce in my pocket not leave it on a table. DUH!

Your wrong because when someone white does the same thing, this article wouldn’t have been headlined in the way it was and it wouldn’t have made such in issue about the mans color! Com on dumb ass! Stop smoking crack and crack a book. You don’t see it because you don’t want to. The article is out of line and should be pulled or re written.

This article is true, so is the headline, and its true the thief is black. Video, the cops and every witness proved it. Your PC is showing, it is not popular here. You sound like your from the NAACP. You know what that is, right? N****** Are Always Causing Problems. NAACP. Political correctedness is done now, kiddo. Trump is da man!

When a black man said he is writing a book about being black, people might notice and recognize the color of his skin. That s what black people do, separate and compare. They never try to just fit in, they have to constantly point out their race, as if we didn’t notice.

It is a good thing you have nothing to do with what is written on N.I.T. The rest of us want to hear the truth, not your P.C. garbage. Now, go away and stay away. You and your kind are completely irrevelant.

The reason none of you want to hear this ‘P.C.’ crap, is because none of you have a pinch of decency in you. Political Correctness is sometimes b.s., I will admit that but in general it is about being decent to people. And there are so many of you who can’t do that especially when it involves someone who you perceive to be different than yourselves.

But stereotypes are SO funny because they are true!

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bar—-hahahahahahahaaahahhaha

There are some honest, decent, hard-working blacks here in Iowa. We know this, because we know both of them.

@ anon, ok I am racist you say, yah right. You know, right? If I am a racist, ok how come we got a color TV? If I am a racist, how come I am friends with them that has black friends? If I am anti-black, how come I never buy nickel plated handguns? If I hate on blacks then why do me and the wife play Nat King Cole records at this time a year? Why do we watch the Jefferson’s you tell me. Also Sanford & son. We use to watch Bill Cosby to. All my handguns is black. Your wrong honey, now go bake a pie do a load of laundery. Your either a she or a he that thinks like a she.

Whether you are a racist or not is immaterial Pee wee.
What is relevant and very obvious, is the fact that you truly are a dumbass.

Should have happened at Bikerz. The lowlife puke that runs that place needs a taste of his own medicine. Guy has been a crook and a thief for years. Prison didn’t change his low dealings one damn bit. Bruce Kinnison is a dirtbag.

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I can not believe this disgusting banter is coming from civilized people. Once again irresponsible reporting, so much, it should make sense to you, now, why nobody wants to advertise on your page.

I know for a fact, nobody from Rookies advocates the racial slurs you have endowed in this article. I hope you come to your senses and take this trash down now.

Hey sweetie what is so disgusting about people being mad about getting their money stoled. Black folks we know, well they say N****r alot more then any whites we know. They even call them selfs that word. PC is over honey, Trump is our President now, get use to it. Any thief take my money I will shoot. No question’s ask.

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Nobody wants to advertise on NorthIowaToday, ya? Then why do all these advertisers buy ads on NIT? Are you blind, or just stupid?

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On count of the Democrap’s we cannot string these thieving no-good’s up now for stealing. Thanks, Democrap’s.

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Pee Wee has a point. Your time is done.

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You let him walk out, he cant be that bad. Hit the f**k with a bat and then beat the lumps out of his jacket.

And people wonder why nobody wants blacks in the bars they drink at. They never disappoint.

No body? Who gave you the right to speak for me or anyone else ass wipe. Don’t you ever speak for me you piece of ignorant white trash. I drink with people who don’t care what color a person is. I’m white and there are far many people like you that I would never drink with. Ignorant white trash!

NIT, I have to ask why is it important that the color of the people involved in this incident is so important that it the focal point of not only the story but the headline as well? The crux of this article by its self reeks of racism and you can’t deny it nor can you defend it. The only place race has in this article is at the point where you description of the suspect. Otherwise how can you defend using race in this incident or article. I bet if you read the police report, race is only mentioned when describing the suspect of a misedemenor crime of 5th degree theft. I’m still trying to figure out why this is even news worthy. If the suspect where white would the headline be different and would it even been deemed news worthy? I’m seriously disappoint NIT in the spirt of this article and unprofessional and divisive nature of the crux of this article. Now I see why so many people hate the media even if they respect and support the first amendment.

Thank Christ Donald Trump is our new presidant he will put a quick end to any behaviour like this and if these blacks ever try it agian they be dealt wit real quick.

Ya right…you should put the Kool-Aid down now

You still have your head up your ass.

Nope, I just did not drink the Kool-Aid like you. I have the ability to think fore myself and I live in the real world not the fantasy world.

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He was definitely “being black in north Iowa”, wasn’t he?

Well hell he learned it by watching white trash like you Vince! Hell he wasn’t doing anything any thing different than any other raciest mentality challenged, white trash idiot person like you would do!

I’m not surprised.

I’m not surprised your not idiot!

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