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Opinion: Puzzle analogy in Globe column still leads me to “no” vote

Everyone pretty much looks at life and the things that make it up through their own eyes. Viewpoints are like fingerprints – they are meant to differ from one another, that’s what gives us our grounding, our individuality.

Sunday, John Skipper set up in his column the puzzle of sorts and its intent is to have us all think. But he wants you to lean in the direction he points to. I truly love his analytical approach to this Renaissance project. Admittedly he is taking the long way around the block. His offering is in disguise, it may appear to be mundane but believe me it’s not. He talks of puzzles and takes you through the path of construction; starting with the four corners first. People who are drawn to challenges always build from the corner inwards. If I were to profile this segment of society I would label them thinkers, quick to seek solutions that would expedite the course set before them. John touches on catch phrases such as “friendly competition” which is actually not friendly… these people want to mortgage your house as they sugar coat the lies they are feeding you. How heartless can you get? John takes you to near completion with only one elusive piece of the puzzle that is missing. He talks about surveys that were taken and he gives you the acronym of each. There are so many listed it looks like alphabet soup… ”If” and it’s a giant if, they actually exist why then were they never made public. “Make believe” surveys are exactly what they imply….make believe. I repeat, if John wants you to believe him simply because he put a bowl of Alphabet Soup in front of you, then why doesn’t the Globe publish these surveys John brought forth? My money is on red, the international symbol for danger.

Are you ready now? I am about to reveal the missing piece John refers to, of course I knew immediately not only what it is, but also who is holding it back from everyone. The missing piece in all of this grand swindle is the TRUTH! Who then is holding it back from the general public? Eric Bookmeyer!

Please vote no…..take charge of your own destiny.

Peter Children
Mason City, Iowa

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Maybe Mr. Children yearns for the past like many others because deep down there is a sadness because it wasn’t suppose to be like this. The new generation inherited a pile of crap and most likely it is not the result of any Mason Cityan. More than likely it was greedy out of towners. Mason City use to be ‘IT’. El numero uno. The City would ‘smoke’ any other city in a wide swath that challenged it’s dominance as the economic powerhouse of North Iowa. It had character and all around knew it. Prosperity galore for all to partake off. The old city is still there waiting….

I get it. Peter Children is against the proposed Renaissance project. I understand his position, I think everyone that reads NIT knows his position. But, how many more times do we have to read about it in his paid opinion pieces? How many more times will he try to get his point across? People get sick of his ramblings and some even vote against his position, because of him continually harping on a subject.

So his salary is $0? That sounds about right for his market value as a ‘journalist’. 😉

Dinosaur or corrupted elected officials bleeding the taxpayer dry while stuffing their pockets with corporate bribes from their corporate owners. Game up boys – by the way did my Vikings take a Vegas dive yesterday – sure looked like they took a liberal $$$$$ dive.

Peter is exactly right on this subject. Do not drink the Kool Aid, Vote NO!.

What you sow, you reap. There was a certain amount of dignity that people carried around with them back in the day. Now the norm is for many to run around unkempt, dressed in sleeping clothes, covered in way to cool tattoos, and for all intents and purpose looking like some carnival freak show. Really. Show a little respect. Oh, don’t go fooling yourselves people do judge a book by it’s cover. Back in the not to distance past there were many tailors shops around Mason City and it showed. Blame Mr Greed he did it.

Right on, this place was way better then! Let’s open
The Red Llama again!!!! Great Idea!!!!! Thanks!

Who the f wants to Come here anyway…drive Through town and look at the great landscaping and tidyness ! HA!
Atrocious Weeds and Trash…Plant SOMETHING In Highway Medians….Clean up The town And maybe more than Just pigs would seek us out.

Control your destiny… vote no. Continue to complain how the youth leave, business’s continue to leave or look past us. We have zero growth. Let’s play it safe not take any risk and maybe all start a prayer group, that something amazing comes along.

Spot on. Perhaps we could regress and go back to the 1960″s.
I got it, let’s open a dive bar! We could call it the “Red Llama” where everyone could get drunk and talk about “the good old days”.
Ya, that’s it, the hell with progress, we need to just sit around and talk about the way things used to be.
Peter Children is a dinosaur, if he had his way we would all be living in black & white.

You dumb bell, those were good old days for sure. We would all be so lucky to have those days back when Mason City was a vibrant community.

It’s people like you with STINKING THINKING that has run this town down and destroyed those “good old days.” All you want to do is build some tax subsidized project to pad your pockets and call it progress.

Well, you can put all the lipstick on the pig you want but it’s still a pig.

Oh, and the Red Llama was a hoot. We all loved it!!

It’s your thinking that holds everything and everyone down. Take no risks and just keep everything the same. I really don’t care if it gets approved or not, I don’t know anybody that plays hockey. I just find it pathetic, the way everybody here bitchs about needing to improve the city but do nothing more. Voting new people in will do nothing.

Forming a Growth Team similar to Facebook makes more sense. Breaking the cycle of social dysfunction in the “Brigadoon” of North Iowa will require dismantling both extremes of polarized factions.

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