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Mason City man allegedly decks young lady in Iowa City

IOWA CITY – A young man from Mason City is in jail in Iowa City after he allegedly decked a young lady, causing a serious injury.

Iowa City police officers were called to investigate an incident that took place Saturday, September 10 at about 9:03 PM. According to a police report, a male assaulted a female near Burlington and Governor streets, not far from the downtown area. Witnesses identified 18-year-old Jefferson Michael Billick as the male suspect. Witnesses told police that Billick threw the female victim – a 19-year-old female from Mason City who NIT is not naming – to the ground “and then punched her in the mouth causing one of her teeth to fall out. The victim complained of pain, had a tooth missing and said it felt like some of her other teeth had been moved.”

Billick, a 2016 graduate of Mason City High School, was arrested on a serious misdemeanor charge of assault causing bodily injury and taken to the county jail. He remained held there Tuesday night on $1,000.00 cash or surety bond.

NIT is told that the victim, an accomplished 2015 graduate of Mason City High School, suffered a broken jaw in three places. According to our source, the incident began with an argument over a bill at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Our source described the assault: “Apparently Billick become disgruntled and did not want to pay for his meal and was being a ‘dick’ to the girls. He left and went outside. (Victim name redacted) stepped up and paid for his meal… then went outside and confronted Billick, asked why he was being like this. Apparently, Billick puts (victim name redacted) in a head lock, whips her to the ground … she gets back up and he punched her square in the side of the face – breaking her jaw in three places.”

NIT is further told by sources that Mr. Billick has punched others before, including football and basketball teammates of his while in high school. This includes at least two and potentially three different persons punched in the face before the current alleged victim. No charges, apparently, were ever filed in those incidents.


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maybe if ‘m lucky i could have Micheal put his hands all over me!!!


Correction, witnesses that were there. Seen her push him first… Does not make what he did right. With every action there’s a reaction… Also everyone has a different story. And for the ones bad mouthing the billicks. Ur right there a re a couple bad apples in the family… However if your family member chooses the wrong path does that automatically make you just like them.. No it does not. People make mistakes, U don’t know what this kids been thru we all have a past and we all learn from it. His first time in trouble let’s pull up some of yalls history?? And talk shit about your poor choices we all make em.

I was at a club one night and I was accidentally pushed back into a young lady I didn’t spell her beer or anything the heel of my shoe Touched the toe of her shoe and she threw her drinking my face and slap me I shouldn’t knock that bitch’s tooth out…Women now days are just as violent as a man..! You only are hearing one side of the story and a witness a girl from Buffalo wild wings seen this go down supposedly… Let’s hear both sides the story you know there is two sides to every story…! And by the way Colleen someone’s child horrible and horrific names is no better than you being a bully … Nobody’s perfect get over yourself

again, this time in english

Low frequency mind, possible mutated DNA on GMOS, he had a choice to walk away, no one forced him to strike the female.

He could have done the world a favor and done this to you. You deserve it.

there is always two sides to a fight, especially a domestic. it will come out who has done what. There is a lot of drama queens out there. Raquel I’m proud of you for standing up for your brother, stay in his corner,

Drama queen??? She has a broken jaw and needed surgery because of him!!! It’s pathetic people like you who actually support him and make him think this shit is okay when it’s NOT

This guy is a punk ass for hitting a girl. A straight punk ass!

I’m pretty sure he works at taco johns.

Huh, a Billick in jail….. shocked

Lmao not what happend… Wtf I love how people can exagerate and twist words to make one person look like a monster… I was always taught, if u can hit like a man u better be prepared to get hit by a man. If u put ur hands on someone first your going to get a reaction from the other person…. Is he right, no but no one should have put hands on anyone to begin with

Anyone defending Jefferson must not know how he pushed her and threw her on the ground to begin with and do you expect her to stand there and take that? She didn’t punch him, she slapped him, and he deserved it. Anyone who tries to leave a place without paying their bill obviously wasn’t raised correctly in the first place. Jefferson started this fight and she was defending herself. Still no reason to punch her. People like you are the reason guys like him think he can punch and slap girls like he does

Seriously blaming the parents. Sorry that’s my brother and sister in law and it has nothing to do with how they raised my nephew Jefferson. They raised him just like everyone else has raised their kids so quit judging unless you know what your talking about… As for Jefferson he is s good kid and yes he has made some mistakes in his life just as probably the rest of us have. What happened is bad and I feel sorry for the girl as well but also there’s more to the stories and I’m sure he feels terrible for what he’s done. So before talking shit on here think of all the families involved and keep your comments to yourself…. Thank You and I’m not ashamed to put my name. Marcia Hugo

A bump in the road???? Are you for real??? He’s got SERIOUS mental issues! You’re actually defending this creep???


Ass hole

What a coward maybe someone will teach this little man a lesson.

It takes a real tough guy to beat up a woman. Hopefully somebody down there whips your a$$.

Poor Jefferson. You know you’re a good kid. Shit happens. I hope you move forward from this and learn your lesson. Just a bump in the road. Don’t listen to these mean comments.

You can’t seriously think he’s a good person? He broke a woman’s jaw for christ sake. What a pathetic excuse for a man! You must not have learned from your mistake either if you can honestly defend this type of violence.

Everyone makes mistakes. You have too, I’m sure. If you haven’t, you’re lying. He’s 18. Give the kid a break. Life is a learning lesson, and this is one of them.

Ya “Life is a learning lesson” alright and in this case for assaulting a women causing bodily injury, his little chicken ass needs a serious lesson.
Hard time with some of the guys that detest women beaters, that will teach him a life lesson he won’t forget.

Only $1,000 bond? I hope his parents don’t pay it!

What a complete loser. I bet he feels like a big man now. Unless that girl was coming at him with a knife, he’s just made himself look like the biggest pussy in town .

If he did this to my daughter, the cops would not have to worry about justice being served


his teammate must have been the only thing he ever hit in football?

Exactly. Old family who have been trouble makers for a long time.

Wow you’re a man huh laying hands on a female, pos!!!!!

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