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4 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Ferrari

This news story was published on May 22, 2020.
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There are tons of luxury car brands on the market, but at the end of the day, there is nothing quite like a Ferrari. That’s why you won’t find one luxury car owner who doesn’t have at least one or multiple Ferraris in their collection. 

These cars are the epitome of prestige and style, and Ferrari has produced some of the most iconic supercars in history. Owning a Ferrari is special, and something that comes with a few perks as well. There are also a few things you have to know about Ferraris in general before you start shopping. Here are a few things you should know before buying a Ferrari. 

You’ll Join a Select Club

One of the things that is so great about owning a Ferrari is that you’ll suddenly become part of a community. Since these are so rare, you’ll most likely get to know other owners where you live, if only to get tips on where to find good garages that can maintain them. 

You’d also be surprised at how many doors owning a Ferrari could open to you. For some reason, Ferrari owners have a tendency to stick together and they also tend to share similar interests, which could allow you to get invited to parties and events you otherwise wouldn’t.

Don’t Drop Your Current Vehicle 

Another thing you should know is that almost no one who owns a Ferrari uses it as their main vehicle. As a matter of fact, the average owner doesn’t go over the 5000 mile limit per year on their Ferrari. As great as they are on the open road, Ferraris are not the best commuter cars. Limiting your mileage will also be a great way to reduce maintenance costs and maintain the car’s value.

The Dealership You Pick Makes a Huge Difference

You shouldn’t assume that all Ferrari dealerships are the same. For instance, dealerships like Ferrari of Newport Beach also have a Ferrari Certified Collision Center in addition to their service center. This alone will avoid a lot of headaches if you need repairs as you can’t always trust a Ferrari with an independent repair shop. So, make sure that you pick a dealership with a large showroom, big collection of new and pre-owned vehicles, and a great reputation for service.

Getting Gas will Become a Different Experience

Ferraris are usually equipped with V-8 and V-12 engines, and no one has ever referred to a Ferrari as being “fuel-efficient”, so that’s something you’ll have to be prepared for. They also tend to have massive gas tanks. So, let’s just say that getting gas will be a bit different. This is probably one of the reasons why Ferrari owners tend to use their car for leisure rides more than commuting.

Owning a Ferrari is probably a lifelong dream of yours if you don’t own one already, and believe us, these cars live up to the hype in every single way. Just make sure that you know what to expect, and prepare accordingly.

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