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Iowa to gain 13 new State Patrol Troopers

Iowa State Patrol
Iowa State Patrol

JOHNSTON, IOWA – The Iowa Department of Public Safety announced today the graduation of 13 male and female recruits from the Iowa Department of Public Safety’s 38th Basic Academy.

These 13 recruits will be sworn in as peace officers for the State of Iowa during a commencement ceremony at 10:00AM, Friday, November 7, 2014, at the Iowa Army National Guard Freedom Center at Camp Dodge.

Once sworn-in, these recruits will serve the State as Troopers with the Iowa State Patrol.

For the past 20 weeks, these recruits have completed courses on laws of arrest, search and seizures, defensive tactics, arrest techniques, precision driving, firearms, emergency management services, criminal law, human relations, physical fitness and motor vehicle law, along with many other courses.

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More people hired to collect $$$$$

Good, I sure hope we get some of those new Troopers here in N. Iowa. I’m tired of seeing people texting and driving along with the speeding and unsafe passing.

@Buzz-at least we don’t have to worry about Philamena 1 speeding. He can’t get his car out of his mother’s driveway. And, he isn’t mentally capable of texting and driving at the same time. That would require being able to do two things at once. Well beyond his capability.

@LVS…A while back, I happened to pass ol’ Philamena on I-35. Of course he was driving his little black car with the white door. He looked like he was wearing head-phones and was leaning over towards the center of his car. At first, I thought he was having a spell or choking on his pride or something. Now that I think about it, he was probably just practicing his Buddhist chanting.

A spell…that’s friggin hilarious. I probably was. lol. Sometimes I lean into the middle of my car and drive from the center…sorta like how the politicians do it. I’m always searching for new perspectives, and new ways to do things. Driving my car like a go-cart was necessary, just like removing my dashboard, fenders, and doors was. No if you saw me bopping around, I could have been listening to music or suffering from caffeine overload. I do wear noise cancelling headphones

Nope, now that I think of it, it was surely a full blown nut-spin. Call it a spell if you’d like, but to the rest of the motoring public you were distractedly convulsing. And change that phony SOLAR sticker on your back window to read…SO LOST. That would be more like it. Yep, you’re a real highway Ninja to say the least.

You want to do an MPG throwdown? Knowing you Buzz, you passed me in some loud ass jacked up pickup truck. The last time I did a reading, I’m getting 56 mpg. Now your turn.

Sorry, I don’t have a loud jacked up truck. So, once again white wind, you would be wrong. I went around you to avoid the accident I thought you were about to cause. I got off at the first Clear Lake exit and went to Kum & Go, you sat right next to me at the exit ramp stop sign, then turned west and went toward town. You smelled like you had dropped a deuce or two and had to head home so mommy could put some more talcum on your blistered berries.

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