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CG Health Department offers weight management challenge for local businesses

CG Health at Mohawk Square
CG Health at Mohawk Square

MASON CITY – The Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health has announced a county-wide weight management and healthy habits challenge for local businesses. Each year, the Health Department sponsors a weight management challenge for County Employees through their employee wellness program. The program focuses on several areas of healthy living to help employees manage their weight, especially during the difficult holiday months.

This year, the Department is offering a program to not only county employees, but ALL interested businesses in Cerro Gordo County in hopes that friendly competition between organizations will provide motivation to participating teams as they adopt healthy behaviors. The Dollar$ & $en$e challenge begins October 13th and runs 12 weeks. Interested businesses are encouraged to register in teams of 2-5 people. There is no charge for participation, and organizations can customize the challenge to fit the needs of their employees.

“Over the past several years, the Health Department has coordinated a weight management challenge for our own employees with good success. This year, we wanted to rev up the competition and provide an opportunity for other local organizations to offer a healthy competition for their staff. Whether you are looking to lose weight or just want to add healthier habits to your daily life, this challenge is a great kickstart,” said Kelli Huinker, Health Promotion Manager, Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health.

The challenge allows team members to earn points for incorporating healthy behaviors into their day, such as eating fruits and vegetables, regularly exercising, food journaling, managing their weight, etc. Garmin VivoFit fitness watches will be awarded to the highest scoring team.

Details and registration information for the Dollar$ and $en$e wellness challenge can be found at

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I thought we already had Blue Zones in Mason City? Why wouldn’t the county just copy what the city is doing and…ha ha ha..I couldn’t even finish it without laughing.

@WoW-Mostly because the Blue Zone thing is nothing but a joke. What the health department is doing will work.

I agree with the comments on here. Don’t be cocky like CDC is and think this wont happen! Its already starting.

Cerro Gordo county health WHAT are your plans if something like this happens here? It could EASILY happen. Its your job here to protect the citizens. Here’s an eye opener for you. What if for instance a State Trooper pulls over a trucker suspected of Ebola? Now the trooper and his family are at risk and the ones THEY come into contact with. Then What? Lets not forget the EMTs too!

Just look at those IDIOTS who are walking all over the area where this dipshit threw up all over the place. STUPID STUPID STUPID!

@Sue-If you are so worried start screaming at your representatives in congress. They should ban these people from coming over here and if they go there to help out then they should be made to stay there if they get sick. It is not up to the local health authority’s. It is the federal and state that is responsible. They have to train the local’s first.

Anonymous is right. Why are you not educating the public about Ebola? which will soon be visiting a city near you! Every citizen needs to be aware about how to avoid a situation like what happened in Texas. You need to start educating this NOW don’t wait for CDC they lie/sugar coat the truth that’s one reason why millions are infected. They also said ebola won’t make it to the US. Lack of education.

@Sue-The is the CDC NOT the local health department. They are not yet trained on Ebola.

I know the CDC isn’t the local Health Department that’s not what I was saying.

@Sue-then why are you insisting that they train people when they are not yet trained themselves? Their training comes from the state and federal level and CDC is the first step. I will agree that the CDC lies and misrepresents to us all the time. But to put the blame on local health officials when they have not been trained yet is plain silly.

LVS I didn’t say train. I said EDUCATE!

@Sue-well if you want to split hairs (because they are the same thing) they have received information and will be starting to “EDUCATE” or “TRAIN” this week. If you were not so hung up on trying to make them look bad you could have picked up the phone and called them. They would have been happy to tell you. They have been in contact with the hospitals in the area and were doing the groundwork. What were you doing besides shooting off your mouth on N.I.T.

Good idea. Start with City Hall.

What the Health Department SHOULD BE DOING is educating the public, Hospitals, (and so on) about the Ebola that could be spiraling out of control. If the CDC would have taken measures sooner, if hospital staff were more educated this Ebola wouldn’t of made it to the states. Nobody is taking this serious and you should be. You should be very concerned!

@Anonymous-The CDC does nothing but lie about the real problems associated wit Ebola. We need to stop these people from coming here and endangering the rest of us. If they want to go there to help with medical care that is fine but they should not be allowed to come back here if they get sick. Stop the STUPIDITY. By the way, the County Health Department has nothing to do with Ebola at this point. There is none in Iowa but it will be in Minnesota soon.

Minnesota? What’s the scoop on that?

@Sue-they have a large population from West Africa and if anyone thinks they will not be going back and forth they are mistaken. Look at the idiot in Texas. He knew he was exposed and didn’t care. He came any way because we have better health care.

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