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Iowa Sec. of State Schultz declares candidacy for Congress

Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz
Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz

DES MOINES – Today, Iowa Secretary of State and former Council Bluffs City Councilman, Matt Schultz, formally announced his candidacy for Iowa’s Third Congressional District at a press event with more than 50 supporters at Council Bluffs City Hall. Iowa’s third district includes Des Moines and southwest Iowa.

“Fighting for the people of Iowa in the State Capitol has been an honor and privilege, but Washington is so broken, and so out of touch with main-street America, that I could no longer sit on the sidelines and watch as our children’s future was being mortgaged to pay for reckless policies today,” said Matt Schultz.

The pillars of Schultz’s campaign include: Protect against government overreach, balance the federal budget, enact term limits, repeal obamacare, and protect second amendment rights.

“Our nation is $17 trillion in debt. Obamacare has resulted in more people losing their plans than it has actually insured. This has to stop now,” Shultz said Thursday. “As Congressman, I will stand up for the Third District, the entire district. I will fight for Iowa’s families by repealing Obamacare, controlling spending, and supporting term limits that end the career politicians’ and special interests’ hold on America, because this is the Peoples’ government—not Washington’s.”

Following Schultz’s announcement in Council Bluffs he began a trip through the Third District with stops in Glenwood, Red Oak, Atlantic, Guthrie Center, and Perry, ending the day in Des Moines.

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So Matt is going to fight for Iowa by repealing Obamacare, right? He’ll do no such thing, and he knows it. He says he’ll repeal a law and take away health insurance from people only because that’s what he thinks people in his district want to hear. He was in way over his head as Secretary of State. He has no chance to win a ticket to Washington. Besides, this state already has enough to be embarrassed about with Steve King.

And marijuana legalization? How do you sit on that one Schultz? I’m sorry, but anyone associated with Branstad is going to automatically earn my skepticism…but I could be wrong. Sometimes a person needs to break away from what tethered them to find their true wings.

Here is a plea to all Republican/Conservatives in SW Iowa.

You guys can do a hell of a lot better than this…C’mon… Matt Schultz?
His point by point election agenda reads like a Tea Party manifesto.
Aren’t there some real Republicans out there?
You guys need to get your balls back and dump these Tea Party bozos.

Schultz spent $180,000 on an investigation that proved there is not a real problem … and he even admitted that “photo ID’s” would NOT have prevented a SINGLE one of the cases they did find.

Then, he has the lack of judgement to proclaim that we “need Photo ID’s”, ignoring all the evidence that proves otherwise.
Schultz is truly a person inventing cures to non-existent problems.

Neither Iowa, nor the nation, can afford a guy like Schultz.

Mark my words, if Schultz were to get elected to congress, he will become Iowa’s male version of Michele Bachmann.

BCN. What is wrong with the Tea Party? Was Reagan wrong? Please explain, the RNC is not the same party I want to belong to. Was Romney your choice for a candidate?


As to “what is wrong with the Tea Party”, well here ya go….
At its core, the Tea Party movement is rife with contradiction, incoherence and a willful contempt for facts or reason.
It is, in fact, the latest installment in quite another American tradition: the exploitation of frustrated, desperate, and susceptible people by monied interests and profiteers.

As to “Was Reagan wrong”…
Ronald Reagan was SO wrong. Basically you can trace back our current woes to Reagan and his completely misguided policies.

You are correct John, the current Republican party is a pathetic shell of its former self. There are a lot of good conservatives out there, sadly they are being shunned by the

As to me, I lean to the left. But I am not a far left person and I have an issue with those that go too far in either direction.
Hence my dislike of the Tea Party.
But as I said, I have an issue with those on the far left as well, like Nancy Pelosi. I have absolutely no use for that woman.

I believe in compromise, not the “my way or the highway” as is the case with extremists on both sides.

There are some good Republicans out there, for example in the 2012 Republican primary was one John Huntsman.
Highly qualified, good man, but he was dismissed early on because he wasn’t catering to the extremists.
I personally believe that he would have been an outstanding candidate for the Republicans.

And at one time I actually admired John McCain, before he sold his soul to the far right religious fanatics.
I still respect him for his service and what he went through, but he is a shell of his former “renegade” political self.

@BCN-Why didn’t you answer John’s question? What is wrong with the Tea Party? Al I saw was a lot of personal feelings followed by left wing retoric. I was a honest question and deserves an honest answer.

I will let John decide whether or not I answered his question(s).
HE seems intelligent and I would respect his thoughts one way or the other.
If John would like further clarification of my response/thoughts, I would be glad to expound further.

On the other hand LVS, you seem to have some serious issues with reading for comprehension.
You know, the ability to read text, process it and understand its meaning.

Perhaps I should post two versions.
One in a text format that most people would understand and another one with only pictures… just for you LVS.

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