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Iowa Narcotics Enforcement acknowledges arrest of agent

iowa dept of public safetyDes Moines, IOWA — The Iowa Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) Division of Narcotics Enforcement (DNE) is aware that a Special Agent has been charged with Felonious Misconduct in Office. Jon Borg, a 16 year veteran of the department, has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the criminal justice process as well as a separate administrative review by the department.

Recognizing SA Borg’s right to due process under the law, DNE leadership will refrain from commenting on specifics related to either the criminal or administrative investigations.

DNE Director Steve DeJoode offers his reassurance to the citizens of Iowa, “Agents with Narcotics Enforcement will continue to work with integrity and dedication in communities all across the state. Regardless of the current controversy, we will remain focused on our primary goal: to remove drugs from our streets and minimize the devastating impact these substances have on our youth and our families.”

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The officer in question is alleged to have falsified a judges signature on a search warrant per the AP.

Lots of information about it out there if one takes the time to look. Also, an agency must protect the due process of someone charged both criminally, and administratively as this is the case.

Making a comment at this time could inadvertently jeopardize the case. I would rather make sure that if there is a case against this agent, that those prosecuting can get a proper conviction.

Yes and they should do that with everyone and it’s the point.

exactly what I was talking about. anyone remember the Richard Jewel olympic bombing suspect???? If not read it again.
just one of many many examples.

what I dont like is this.
When the average person is under arrest or investigation, the officers (agents in charge)allow any and all information to be let out. guilty or not, correct info or not.
evidently they think that “officers shit dont stink”, or are better than the average person, and dont have to give out any information. In my opinion if officers and public officials want to be treated with respect. then they need to treat everyone with the same respect. just my opinion.

Of course there are two sets of rules, one for them and one for us. It’s systemic and part of their culture now. It even goes to the fact that none of our street officers will charge another officer or his immediate family with traffic tickets and OWI.

It’s been like this forever an the public aids and abets them and it’s only going to get worse. The public seems to feel they are more special and deserving of special rights. Their lives are even worth more than ours.

Here’s a true story for you. In Freeborn County a sheriffs deputy by the name of Cory Farris taught the DARE program where he met a 15 year old boy. He was 26 and adopted the boy when he was 16 and so had a minor living in his home. The boys mother even protested.

Cory comes home one night tipsy from a night of drinking and touches the boys penis. The boy freaked out and Cory Farris was charged with a misdemeanor.

Judge John A. Chesterman excepted a reduced plea deal and sent Cory Farris went right back to teaching young boys in the DARE program. Then the Deputy and Judge proceeded to work together and issue unconstitutional search warrants to other people.

THAT’S America for you and me…something to see baby…little pink houses for you and me.

did he borrow some pot or what

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