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In Response to the article: Does Islamic law, Sharia, have a place in American courts? By Otis Lewis

Op-ed by Otis Lewis –

In Response to the article: Does Islamic law, Sharia, have a place in American courts?

This article doesn’t address the true nature of Islam. Following are “excerpts” from an article written by Lt. Col. James G. Zumwalt, a retired Marine infantry officer.

Islam is a SCAM. Sharia Law/Islamic Law is a violent cult written over 600 years after the Bible. Interspersed in the Koran are the plagiarized writings found in Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, etc. of the New Testament Bible.

In the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood,” a young girl almost gets eaten by a wolf disguised as her grandmother. The moral of the story: Be careful whom you trust.

Learned early by children, the moral isn’t always retained by adults. Scams often victimize those too trusting.

The religion of Islam is such a scam. It lacks tolerance for non-Muslims under a religious/political system of laws known as “Sharia” — so adverse to the U.S. Constitution; supporting one system excludes the other.

Concealed within Islam is a political belief system of superiority (Koran 3:110, “You are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind”), entitling its believers alone to human rights — limited as they are.

Islam’s modern era assault strategy involves three “jihads.” “Stealth jihad,” “Defensive jihad,” and “Offensive jihad.”

“Stealth jihad” is applicable when Muslims find themselves a minority seeking to plant Islam’s seed among a majority non-believer community. It involves the “peaceful” promotion of Islam, assuring the majority of its tolerance to co-exist with other religions. Koran (109:6) says, “You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion.”

As did the so called Prophet Muhammad, Muslims plot victory over non-believers, pretending to be friendly but lying about Islam’s true intentions. Lying is a sin for Christians but isn’t for Muslims under “taqiyya,” allowing deception to further Islam’s influence. This term “taqiyya” is cunning.

Stealth jihad’s endgame is to intimidate the majority into feeling guilty Muslims are victimized — guilt allayed by then granting Muslims protected status over other religions.

“Defensive jihad” follows, allowing Muslims to violently defend any attacks–whether military or verbal.

“Defensive jihad” attacks by claiming the non-believers “attacked” Islam by rejecting it. Islam uses assassins or terror to silence critics.

America must have an awakening before it is– too late! — The Islamic seed growing in United States will become a vine choking the rights of the majority as Sharia imposes Islam upon them, opening the door for the final jihad.

Given a majority with political power, Muslims employ “offensive jihad” by aggressively focusing violence upon all non-believers, including those who protected them earlier and even those who had never attacked. Koran 9:73 states, “Strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them.” Despite non-believers’ non-aggression, Islam finally reveals its true colors as a non-peaceful religion declaring (Koran 3:151), “Soon shall We cast terror into the Hearts of the Unbelievers.”

The tolerance Muslims espouse now as a minority will vanishes when they become a majority. Demanding non-believers submit to Islam by paying a tax or converting. This is observed today as most Muslim countries ban non-believers, prohibiting them from practicing their own faith.

Transitioning from stealth to offensive jihad, the Koran changes tunes. Allegations of Muslims’ false victimization give way to real victimization of non-Muslims to “convert or die.”

Islam is built upon a platform of hypocrisy, deception, human rights rejection for non-believers and violence (demanding death for non believers, contrary to any other religion’s practices).

The chameleon changes color to deceive predators. Islam changes color to deceive non-believers.

Little Red Riding Hood proved capable of sensing such deception.

Islamic/Sharia Law must be rejected at every level and Islam exposed for what it is. Our liberal courts need direction. The true nature of Islam must be understood! Clearly our courts don’t!

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