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Giffords: Pass gun-owner background checks

gunNEW YORK, April 7 (UPI) — Former lawmaker Gabrielle Giffords said her patience is wearing thin on congressional reluctance to address the issue of background checks for gun owners.

Giffords, the U.S. congresswoman who was shot by a mentally ill gunman as she addressed constituents in an Arizona parking lot on January 8, 2011, said in a opinion article for the New York Daily News that she doesn’t remember a time when the nation was as unified on an issue as it is on background checks.

Giffords said 90 percent of Americans support the universal background checks that will be debated soon in Congress.

She cited the Bull Moose Society in saying 74 percent of National Rifle Association members and 72 percent of hunters also support background checks.

Giffords criticized the current system wherein responsible gun owners submit to background checks while criminals and the mentally ill are able to simply buy guns, no questions asked, at a gun show or on the Internet.

She said other related issues that should be addressed are reform of the mental health system, high-capacity ammunition magazines and the public’s access to military assault-type weapons.

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Who is going to decide that a person is mentally fit to own a gun? Hope it’s not my wife or a person in the justice system that has a chip on their shoulder.

Doesn’t anyone realize that no matter what laws there are, no matter what the penalty is criminals the insane and rage will always exist. Should we restrict hatchets after Sealy was killed here in Mason? How bout knives? Now Happy likes to bring up drunk driving. Does it still happen? Has the law gone so far that some people can be charged after drinking 2 beers in an hour? (Im sure someone like Happy thinks that’s alcoholism) Supposedly cigarettes kill millions. Why aren’t they banned? Hey how bout those SUVs that kill all those people in smaller cars. How bout the starving children or the rampant child obesity? There is nothing that liberals haven’t taxed, restricted, regulated or used on the stump to show how dumb, irresponsible and dangerous the American voter is without government holding their hand and showing them the way. “don’t let a crisis go to waste” sound familiar?

There are laws against drinking and driving and if you get stopped you go to jail. Those laws they enforce. There are hundreds of laws on the books dealing with guns and the majority of them are NOT enforced. If you are in the government you are pretty exempted from the law. If they just enforced the laws already on the books, which I am totally against, but they are already there. Happy, let me ask you this. Why is it that when someone robs a store, they go to jail, why is that?

Because they are too lazy and/or poor? Maybe they are mentally ill and saw someone do the same thing on TV?

maybe how can we possibly have a conversation about responsible guns laws when you believe that it is everyone’s right to have a M 1 tank parked in their driveway? Your idea of gun control is what ever you can afford.

If donold trump wanted an M1 then more power to him, he should be able to have one. I cannot afford one so I will settle for an AR or 2. Just because I think you are wrong doesn’t mean you can’t try to explain to me why you are right. I enjoy our bantors, sometimes.

maybe I am finding it to be a waste of my time

So I take it that when I post something here will not reply anymore? Cool

Well you got one thing right, you are a waste of time.

@Anonymous-I have always been of the opinion that someone who does mass killings or kills children is already certifiably insane. They have to be as no one in their right mind would do anything like that.

In the last 20 years all the mass killings have 1 thing in common, liberal democrat. Add that to their new laws, democrats are forbidden to own weapons.

roger that!

What is the difference between universal background checks, and the background checks that we have now. Is there some pork barrel stuff attached to the universal checks. 90%, is alot of people, I was never asked my opinion, guess I don’t count. I don’t belong to the Bull Moose Society, but as a hunter and gun owner I do support the background checks that we do have. I’m getting as tired of hearing about this as much as her patience is wearing thin…

The ATF now has a massive integrated database on all Americans that will give them access to all KINDS of information about us. Our finances, businesses, close associates, assets, relatives, and anything they want to know about us. Think about McGee on NCIS and all the data he can churn up. Nothing will be sacred or secret any more. They won’t just be looking for criminal records, but for any reason they want to deny a weapons permit. Just wait until Obama signs an executive order to make medical records part of the background search. Oh, your wife takes prozac? We’re coming for your gun. Your granddaughter has ADHD and takes a med for that? No more hunting for you if she ever comes to visit your house. You’re a police officer and your mother-in-law takes Xanax? Sorry, you’re off the force and can’t own a weapon because she comes to your home. Our rights will all disappear for no REASONABLE reason. Just wait and see.

NCIS is a TV show not reality.

While McGee is a fictional character, there really is a NCIS.

TV is not reality.

If some common sense gun laws might bring down the murder rate why not try them? Look at drunk driving deaths. We have enacted stricter blood alcohol levels, raised the drinking age, increase enforcement and penalties, charge bartenders who serve drunks, and launch public awareness campaigns to stigmatize the dangerous behavior. We took all these actions because it might just have brought down drunk driving deaths. Guess what? Drunk driving deaths have fallen by 67% in 30 years.

No action taken right now will pay off this week, month, or maybe even year, but they just could over the next 5 or 10 years. Don’t we owe that to the potential victims of gun violence?

First of all happy these same common sense gun laws are already in effect in chicago and they have the highest murder rate in the country. Secondly these numbers they push on us, 90%, they ask around 100 people and take the % of that and say that is the national average. I can guarantee you that anybody that is NOT in politics is totally against any type pf back ground check, those that are not sheeple that is. Those people that actually believe in the 2nd amendment and the constitution is against the back ground checks. If they say they are for the constitution and the back ground checks they are totally deluted and are brainwashed by the powers that be.

@maybe-I don’t think anyone would object to the background checks if we knew we could trust them, but we can’t. We already have checks but they don’t seem to do a lot of good or maybe we just don’t hear about all of the people who have been turned down. Then again, there are so many illegal guns out there that getting one is no problem at all.

Thats the point LVS, if the government is im charge of the back ground checks you can’t trust them. I’ve read articles of the government already confisgating weapons from people for the sole reason is them being a veteran. People being thrown in jail for video taping the police. We are losing our rights slowly but surely.

@maybe-I know exactly what you mean. I saw it done in Canada and California, that is what makes it so real for me. No one wants to see children or innocents get gunned down but when you can’t trust the government you hold onto what you have. I don’t know of anyone who feels like we can trust the government. I have not even heard happy guy say that.

It seems as if happy worships the ground obama walks on but I have never heard him say that he trusts the government totally.

maybe you are just plain coo-coo when it comes to this issue. I opened my above post with the words common sense in the first sentence. That would not apply to you. You have no, zip, zero, and not-a when it comes to common sense. You sound as if you must live in an underground bunker. ” They’re coming to take you away ha-ha-hee-hee to the funny farm where life will be beautiful all the time and you’ll be happy to see those nice young men in there nice white coats and they are coming to take you away”.

Happy I have 2 things to say to you about your last post. 1. I love that song. 2. We will see soon enough.

It has come out that Adam Lanza’s motive for Sandy Hook was that he was mercilessly bullied when he went to that school. He went after the location for his revenge rather than the classmates who were responsible. That one is for psychiatrists to figure out, but no one at the school apparently did anything to protect him from the bullying. You put that anger together with autism, video games, and guns and you have a recipe for disaster. But had the bullying not been ignored, this may not have happened. People had better start teaching children, including their mentally ill ones, that their words and actions can cause tragedies like these and they had better think before they speak and act. No amount of background checking is going to reveal anger that someone may have been repressing for 40 years after being bullied like that. A lot of people hide it well, never speak of it, and then it all comes out, sometimes violently, sometimes not. That happened with a classmate of mine who thought he was the only one who got bullied by an upperclassman. We had to reassure him at a reunion that we ALL got bullied by the ahole. People who are a little different have to be accepted or left alone, not bullied!

When I was in high school I was bullied, one day I was cornered by 4 of them and they were hitting me. A kid I knew that was bullied by them also came running over and pulled out a knife and stabbed one of them 3 times. The teachers knew these kids were bullies but never did anything about it, kids being kids was what they said.

sorry that happened maybe but it explains a lot

Actually happy it doesn’t explain nothing. I am who I am because of choices I made and it has nothing to do with the bad things that happened to me. It wasn’t till Obama was elected the first time that I saw what he was doing and it made me realize the peril our government was going to be in. Until then I just lived my life taking care of my family, doing my time in the military. I hear obamas words and see his actions and they are not the same. He is doing the things he says he is NOT doing so to me that is a liar. I have opened my eyes since then and have seen what he is doing and congress is doing. When it all hits the fan and when you finally realize that just maybe I might be right, I will be prepared. You will be standing in line with the rest of your type looking to the government for food or whatever else it is they are handing out to keep us under their thumb. The weapons I have isn’t really to fight the government but to survive, hunting, protection from people that are not prepared, planting food. It is called being self reliant. Yes I was bullied as a kid but it taught me to be able to take care of myself, not out for revenge but to take care of my family.

Increasing background checks to exclude the mentally ill will not work until the medical field buys in and will cooperate. Even then it doesn’t work. Look at the batman shooter in Colorado. His shrink turned him in and law enforcement still just looked the other way. Do not pass feel good laws. Find the solution and work it.

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