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Police assaulted by Mason City man; victim search ensues

MASON CITY – Friday evening at about 7:24 PM, Mason City police were called by residents in the area of the 300 block of 1st Street SW reporting that a male was believed to be assaulting a female.

Mason City police began arriving as more neighbors reported that they had intervened to stop the assault, which apparently distracted the suspect, later identified as Kenneth Charles Allen, 24, of Mason City.  The distraction allowed the female to escape as officers arrived.

Officers then attempted to detain Allen for questioning, but he disobeyed the officer’s orders and fled.  Allen was chased down and apprehended after a struggle, injuring some officers in the process.  Allen continued to resist, assault and harass officers on the way to the jail before being incarcerated.  No jail photo was able to be taken of Allen as of 11:40 PM due to his condition.

Police are concerned about the welfare of the female who left as officers arrived.  The female is African American and wearing jean shorts and a tank top that was severely ripped/torn.  She is described as having a hair style with a noticeable part.  Anyone who knows the identity and whereabouts of the female involved is asked to call the MCPD at 641-421-3636.

Kenneth Charles Allen Jr. was charged with:

3 counts of interference with official acts resulting in injury (aggravated misdemeanor)

1 count of interference with official acts (simple misdemeanor)

1 count of assault on a corrections officer (aggravated misdemeanor)

1 count of harassment, 1st degree (aggravated misdemeanor)

1 count of disorderly conduct (simple misdemeanor)

1 count of public intoxication (simple misdemeanor)

Kenneth Charles Allen Jr.
Innocent until proven guilty.

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I read this article a few times because I didnt see how the article had any reference to him being a black male. The only way I knew he was black was by seeing his picture. This has nothing to do with his color! He did wrong, period.

Are you serious they now have the balls to attempt rape right in the streets? See why our county attorney needs to start doing his job.

Can’t law enforcement require that the subject put his chin down and open his eyes? Do subjects pose like this to make it more difficult to recognize them?

One does not put a chin down or anything else when one knows he has an upper hand. How could he get away for MCPD to persue; AGGM – COURT/PENDING – (COUNT 4) 719.1(2) INTERFERENCE WITH OFFICIAL ACTS RESULTING IN INJURY. IS THIS 4 COUNTS? How many MCPD were there? What happen to tazering to shut a person up. Did with the guy that went thru Culvers’ window. OHHHHH that’s right he waS A LOCAL. WTF?
It’s known who the hell is around. To put a description of having a part. PLEASE. If a person were found, she would be in trouble with whom ever she was dealing with and knows that MCPD wouldn’t help anyway. It’s always easier to sweep things under a rug and say yada yada yada afterwards. That’s what taxpayers are paying for.

Let him come to where I live and break into my home. The coroner will need to be called and a legally owned implement of self defense will need cleaning.

Mr. Allen is already back on the streets. His charges will be dropped and the county is going to write him a check for $5000 for his troubles. We should just go ahead and close the county jail now.

I really believe that as long as we call people white, black, brown, yellow or any other name that describes people we will have hatred of other races. People are people and believe me there are plenty of “white” people that are just as bad. It is a damn shame that a few people can discredit a whole race because there are a lotof them that are good decent people. Do we need to do something to get rid of the trouble makers from out of town? Certainly we do. But the cure starts with the welfare system. Quit supporting them with tax money and the bad will leave for greener pastures. All the colors of bad ones.

LVS, it goes much farther than that I am afraid. You see, they must think that they can get away with the things they do. Welfare in and of itself normally does not cause the kind of thinking that is associated with anti-social behavior.

In large metro areas, it becomes ingrained that being a “gangster” or “gang-banger” instills fear in everyone else from calling out bad acts. That intimidation does lead groups of people to do what ever they like. No one wants to report them for fear of retaliation.

Of course, once they become emboldened to what every they like, from boozing, to womanizing, to outright violence, it is not a far step to think they would also cheat on Welfare benefits.

Should we tighten up the quallifications for those benefits? I think so. Should we castigate the whole system? No.

Observer-I agree with what you said but understand my comments about the welfare system are not pointed at the people who really need the help. I have always believed in helping those who need it. It is pointed at the able bodied individual who takes advantage of the system. I have a friend in the employment business and they are just begging for people to come to work. Yes, they are not top paying jobs but they are not mimimum wage either. When they can get more money on welfare that they can by working they won’t work. Then they have 10 or more people living in and trashing out homes all over town. Why should they care HUD will pay to remodel them after they kick them out unless the home is so damaged they have to condem it. It is Bull that our taxes support this so the rules must be changed.

These so called gangsters get to live for free with their girlfriends (baby mama). These women go out and work for their man and I am sure get all the welfare benifits on the side that iowa gives out. Their men get to live with them on hud because he is not working. I heard that hud does let them live with the mom and kids because of their income. I thought hud was for women with children and not the man but I guess I am wrong. So while the women works, her man is out peddling drugs, breaking laws, making more babies. What a lovely life:) Too damm bad I have to work and pay my bills along with every other tax paying citizen. Maybe I should hook up with one of those detroit of chicago boys! NO THANKS!

All those charges and this POS is already out of jail.

Hes really out already???? Did they ever find the victim?? If not that was just plain retarded and what was point of even wasting my tax $$ arresting and housing him

ALL black people are no more to blame for the actions of SOME black people than ALL white people are to blame for the actions of Hitler,Charles Manson,Ted Bundy,etc.

Grow up North Iowa. This area has many very accomplished, successful people of MANY DIFFERENT ethnicities working hard and trying to do right by their families just like everyone else.

I know several good christian black people some who go to my church. But they are all african immigrants.not from detroit.

I wonder why people use racial slurrs when all they hear about is all the problems that these black people cause,can you blame people for being racist?These snitches from Detroit and Chicago get ran out of their own cities and come here to continue their criminal behavior which include rape of 13 yr old girls,murder,drug dealing ,theft,burglaries,muggings,beating up on women,etc. how do expect me not to be a racist? They bring it on themselves.They know nothing about respect or how to live in a civilized society.They act like animals and should be treated as such,they should be sent away to an island by themselves so they can victimize each other and not the rest of society.I try not to be a racist but come on,they make it nearly impossible the way they live in our society.

Agree with you 100%! There are alot of People in mason city who are getting very tired of these people. And not All black people are like this. There are many families who have been born and raised in this town who are very respected. Some of them have worked jobs here,own properties and have business. It’s the ones who come from OUT OF TOWN who are causing the problems. When they get arrested and charged those charges need to stick and prison time needs to be inforced! Maybe then they will think twice about coming to this town!


I do agree with the first comment I know every one feels the same way as him, But They are moving in mason city, raping girls and getting away with it, I think they need know whats up, and do something with these BLK People, and Tuffy, out of jail, and still selling crack one block from cenex on the corner, and in the bars, when he is on a appeal..??? WOW , WHITE POWER!!

And the bad part is, the police KNOW he’s still doing it. He dosent even try to hide it. Take a good look at this smug asshole’s picture. He’s already on a revolving door at the jail. Sure he’s been on mugshots multiple times also. Its too late, they’re here to stay, and there are going to be many more rapes and beatings before the County Attorney is forced to finally take a real look at whats going on. That will probly be a few years down the road tho. Right now he is content to just let them roam and rape, shoot and beat, sell their drugs…

i just wanna know how do u seem to know so much about this person it seems the only way u can state this kind of activity is only if u urself purchased this from him i highly doubt so called drug dealers go around broadcasting to just anyone what they do .. i mean u even seem to know where he lives and this article has nothing to do with this person to begin with .. not all the blacks in this town are lowlife drug dealing welfare seeking white woman to support them there r alot who work very hard for what they have and get .. the same goes for all races there r good and there r bad

FROM NIT STAFF: Please do not use racial slurs here.

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