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Op-ed: Clint Eastwood made a fool of himself (by Peter Children)

Clint Eastwood made a fool of himself at the Republican convention.  I love his movies as do millions of people all over the world…but this was beyond the pale.  He’s too good to dirty himself at that Klan rally, he is a true American icon, a symbol of justice and doing the right thing; but that night he stripped down and bared himself to the world…and what the world witnessed was so far removed from what he purports to be, that he immediately became unrecognizable.

In the length of time it takes lightening to strike the earth, he gave indisputable evidence of his prowess  as an actor; He proved once and for all that what you see is not always what you really get…..

Peter Children

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I’m neither a Robama nor Obamney fan, but I think it was great that Eastwood at least mentioned two issues that neither party will talk about — Guantanamo and Afghanistan.

Just the writings of an old fool!

I just love it when certain persons disagree with others they call them names. Yikes, maybe you are a member of the clueless klan.

Mr. Children, You put yourself out there that you are an art expert but yet you do not know unscripted stage work when you see it…My dear sir, please do not open your mouth SO much as you are making a fool of yourself.

Clint did himself proud. He was able to make light of a real bad situation in America. Nothing wrong with bringing some fun to our bad situation.

No jobs, more debt then you imagine, and you want to find fault with Eastwood?

In truth there is humor. If ya ain’t doing the job, you got to go!

Obama has got to go.

I’m not one to really talk politics much but when I went to the the gas station last week and spent 68.00 I thought what has Obama done for me? We are in worse shape now than when we were before he got in. Their are over more sea jobs now than ever before. I am sick of calling a company and getting some one of India that I can’t even understand.

“He proved once and for all that what you see is not always what you really get…..” The wise words of Peter Children. I can say the same about you. Till reading this site, I never knew the real Peter. What a turn off.

Once again, we have the bullshit ramblings of an 80+ year old fool (Peter Children) being endorsed by Matt and NIT just by running this idiotic piece. I have said this time and time again; Peter can’t help being a racist. He is a product of his time. It’s in his blood. Keep writing your crap Peter, we need the laugh just like we will laugh in November when obmama loses. Then you and your hate filled liberal buddies can go away, lick your wounds, and die quietly!

It was a good laugh indeed. but how direct & to the point.
sorry I’m voting R this time

Since Children called the Rep convention a klan rally its only fair for me to ask you this. Do you know how we know Obama is going to lose to Romney, okay I will tell you now. Obama will lose because no black man that smoke menthols and lives in public housing can ever keep a job longer than 4 years. Yes fair is fair if its a KKK rally I get to say what I say.

Klan rally? Why were Condi Rice, Arthur Davis, Susana Martinez, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, and Mia Love speakers?

It is typical of far left extremists to use slurs and name calling when discussing people that do not agree with them.

Mr. Childrens credibility is on a serious decline.

The Republicans freed the slaves while the democrats re-enslaved them with the welfare system.

“The Republicans freed the slaves while the democrats re-enslaved them with the welfare system.”

You are exactly right on this point and most Liberals will not believe it even when you show them the facts.

I wonder what Peter’s last conversation was like with Robert Bird, (Democrat, leader of the Klan,) was like before Bird died. 🙂

OKAY, it’s time for a history lesson!

You Republicans are always so eager to say you were the ones who freed the slaves, you were the ones who had Lincoln, but the problem is, the Republicans and Democrats of those days were basically the opposite of what they are now. The Democrats of those days became you Republicans now, and the Republicans of those days became us Democrats now. Still so proud?

window triming

“Clint Eastwood made a fool of himself at the Republican convention.”

A few of you may want to listen to ol’ man Children this time around. One thing is for certain, when it comes to making a fool out of ones self, he would be the resident expert around these parts.

Sorry Mr. Obama, but we the people of the United States are going to have to let you go. Please enjoy the generous severance pay that you will be receive for the rest of your life, as well as secrete service protection where ever you go. I think this is what you wanted all along. You were not totally successful of destroying America and we will not give you another 4 years to accomplish your mission to do so.

I agree clint’s speech was alittle strange since I am not used to him doing comedy but I still got a kick out of it. He was right on on some of his points too like if a person isn’t doing his job then you need to fire him.

It doesn’t affect my opinion of Romney but I agree Clint came off quite strange.

It was a great bit on Clint’s part. Sorry you didn’t get it Joe the idea was fantastic and Clint did it on his own. He is 82 so give him some slack in that regard. He wasn’t on a prompter to read off of lol. Take that prompter away from Obama and he has no clue what to say and that is when he shows who he really is.

Wow. Brilliant article, Petey. No facts just name calling and mud slinging. But then that’s the dumocrat way isn’t it.

Eastwood was brilliant. Looks like the truth is getting to your Liberal thin skin Peter. That just goes to show how effective he was.

So Peter, because Mr. Eastwood spoke his mind and it doesn’t agree wity your political views he is no a racist (as your emplying) or wrong?

He used his first ammendmant rights an his right to choose who he supports, yet all you can do is use those same rights to call into question a person you do not know?

Again Mr. Children has removed all doubt by opeining his mouth (or using his fingers to type).

Mr. Children continues to show that he is indeed the racist here.

I think it was great. Nobodies talking about what the Mitter had to say. Everyone is talking about what Dirt Harry had to say. Guess that goes to show that what Mitter had to say wasn’t that important!!

Eastwood did fine if PeterC has his knickers in a knot. 😀

Hey peter u sellin anymore fake jewelry or purses haha

Maybe you can be the mystery speaker at the Democratic convention and show the whole world that you are a Lothario and nothing else.

Just mentioning the klan shows how much of a racist and a fool you really are, the only good you are is you get people fired up and make posts here.

There ya go Peter! Keep writing about Hollywood. At least there your opinion won’t cause harm to our local citizens.

Great article, Peter! You nailed it!

you’re right p the GOP has turned into a bunch of Ku Klux Klan people

As is usually the case the only fool in P.Children’s post is the author himself

What’s the matter Chilren-does the truth hurt that much that you have to make a fool of yourself once again with you stupid opinions.

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