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Google has started tampering with 1st amendment rights already by banning this Trump ad. It’s not going to work this time, you mooks. Great ad, pass it on!

What ad is that?

These racist, bull-dyke, tatted-up, low-IQ, t-w@ts “of color” are showing their true colors…they’re small-minded, racist, and butt hurt…and they sicken me. I hope they aren’t as dumb as I think they are because they’ll injure CC on purpose and then there will be redneck hell to pay. Seems there is always a new breed of moronic racist POS to take the place of the last one…we would rather they just say, “Thank you” and go about playing with the increased attendance that is ALL due to her, not them. These others make it near impossible to be a good person in their shyte, dark, evil world and they’ll pay dearly for that eventually.

See above comment about your racist bs.

Anyone found at fault in a car accident and not having insurance should become an indentured servant until the cost is paid. These clowns get off without any repercussions and it’s BS.

4 years ago, the DOW closed at 19,200. Today, the DOW crossed 40,000 for the first time ever. So, yes, we are better off today!

Means nothing to me or the millions of people like me

No savings? Whose fault is that?

Last 4 years…Joey

Not his fault if you are too dense to save money. If you invested in a 401 or have a stock portfolio, you would see the benefits.

What’s that? Large Marge is causing a ruckus in Washington? Color me shocked. How’s that working out for everyone?
She tried to take down MAGA Mike because the government is functioning more than she’d like it to, which is to say, at all. And just like her cross country tour with Matt Gaetz, it failed. Miserably. Now, if I were the media, I’d call it what it is. The implosion of the entire Republican party. Right? I mean, when crazy space laser lady goes against the orange messiah, that shows just how much internal fighting is going on within this joke of a party.

Maybe she should claim her family was eaten by cannibals and she is orphaned…..

You just can’t recognize wit, can you? At least members of his family served, unlike yours.

CNN with Spielberg have over a Month to get the A.I. Biden Totally Prepared for the Debate.

Sorry, brother served.

Same here.


Even MAGA has had it with MAGA! Conservative judges vote against a MAGA case.
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a conservative-led attack that could have undermined the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
The justices ruled 7-2 that the way the CFPB is funded does not violate the Constitution, reversing a lower court and drawing praises from consumers. Justice Clarence Thomas wrote the majority opinion, splitting with his frequent allies, Justices Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch, who dissented.
The CFPB was created after the 2008 financial crisis to regulate mortgages, car loans and other consumer finance. The case was brought by payday lenders who object to a bureau rule that limits their ability to withdraw funds directly from borrowers’ bank accounts. It’s among several major challenges to federal regulatory agencies on the docket this term for a court that has for more than a decade been open to limits on their operations.
The CFPB, the brainchild of Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, has long been opposed by Republicans and their financial backers. The bureau says it has returned $19 billion to consumers since its creation.
Outside the Supreme Court following the decision, Warren said, “The Supreme Court followed the law, and the CFPB is here to stay.”
President Joe Biden, a fellow Democrat who has taken steps to strengthen the bureau, called the ruling “an unmistakable win for American consumers.”
Unlike most federal agencies, the consumer bureau does not rely on the annual budget process in Congress. Instead, it is funded directly by the Federal Reserve, with a current annual limit of around $600 million.

conservative judges abide by the law? How novel, maybe the left can learn something

There’s a first time for everything

Stormy Daniels is receiving a lot of death threats and harm threats via Instagram. I don’t know much about Instagram but i would imagine a member can get private messages. Stormy has decided to post all the threats she receives along with the name of the person who sent the message. No1 of 1 and nobody better watch out.

Why? afraid somebody will hurt your girlfriend. There you go…making up stuff again. very democratic of you.

I am not making things up. That is your game.

Why do No1 of 1 and nobody need to watch out? Making up stuff there scaredy cat?

Well, if you are sending nasty messages to Ms Daniels, you are going to be outed.

Then you should be more scared than most, or were they love letters?

Did you catch the part where donny told stormy she reminded him of his daughter?

Both pretty, oh what a bad thing to say.

Especially if she was naked.

Drumpf let our enemies buy up American land all around military bases and weapons manufacturing facilities. Biden is putting a stop to it.
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Monday issued an order blocking a Chinese-backed cryptocurrency mining firm from owning land near a Wyoming nuclear missile base, calling its proximity to the base a “national security risk.”
The order forces the divestment of property operated as a crypto mining facility near the Francis E. Warren Air Force Base. MineOne Partners Ltd., a firm partly backed by Chinese nationals, and its affiliates are also required to remove certain equipment on the site.
This comes as the U.S. is slated on Tuesday to issue major new tariffs on electric vehicles, semiconductors, solar equipment and medical supplies imported from China, according to a U.S. official and another person familiar with the plan.
And with election season in full swing, both Biden and his presumptive Republican challenger, former President Donald Trump, have told voters that they’ll be tough on China, the world’s second-largest economy after the United States and an emerging geopolitical rival.
The Monday divestment order was made in coordination with the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States — a little-known but powerful government committee tasked with investigating corporate deals for national security concerns that holds power to force companies to change ownership structures or divest completely from the U.S.

Joey had almost 4 years to do that…must be an election time.

Oh, so now you’re mad that he’s not undoing Drumpf’s treachery fast enough?

Biden claims the Border & Immigration’s Fine, the Economy, Inflation, Crime’s Down & HE’s Right! It is FINE as it’s JUST the way HE & the Democrats Planned ALL THIS!

Yah, controlled borders are real treacherous in your liberal book.

It’d make a hilarious TV series…a bunch of identity-confused, butthurt, tenderfoot gen gits trying to build houses.

LOL yeah, clueless rich kids whose fathers bought their college degrees, and have never held a real job in their lives? Yeah, that would be fun to watch!

Go to the DNC convention for recruiting options

The GOP convention will be the real sh*tshow, like the House Of Representatives with the MAGAmorons in charge.

Stay tuned in…you could hear things that are truthful and realist

For all the bluster about how smart they are supposed to be, they don’t know jack-diddly about the general history of the Middle East, history of Hamas and Iran and the history of the attacks on Israel perpetrated by the barbarian Arab hordes…God will deal with the lot of them and those that support these fiends.

You must have studied the Middle East and its history for years. The same with Iran and Hamas. You are (in your mind) a really smart guy – why hasn’t trump appointed you as ambassador to Israel?

The French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution are the examples you should be worried about.

Ask Joey, he lived through both of them. Just ask him

The truth scares the hell out of you, doesn’t it.

That Joey lived thru both of them and still dictating….yes

Drumpf is the one who has said, in so many words, that he will make himself a dictator on his first day back if office, should he win, which he won’t.

He said he would be a dictator for one day in office, still couldn’t do as much damage as Joey has.

NO AMERICAN PRESIDENT CAN BE A DICTATOR, EVER. It’s why the founders created the office!! Did you pay any attention in third grade history?

No, he doesn’t because he only made it to second grade.

another voice of experience talking

Sarcasm wasn’t taught til 4th grade, too bad you didn’t make it.

Biden is incompetent. He withheld intelligence from American citizens in Afghanistan, and there’s no telling how many were left behind.

He’s doing more for real Americans than Drumpf has ever done.
The Biden administration on Tuesday said it will raise tariffs on electric vehicles and other products from China in response to anti-competitive practices it found harmed American businesses and workers.
The increased tariff rates follow a review by U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai, which found that China continues to engage in practices such as forcing U.S. companies to share their technology and intellectual property theft.
The move boosts some tariff levels put in place by the Trump administration in 2018 while instituting others for the first time.
National Economic Adviser Lael Brainard said on a call with reporters that China was using these tactics to “power its own growth at the expense of others” and that it is flooding the global marketplace with products that are underpriced due to unfair practices.
“The President is taking a tough strategic approach combining investment at home, with enforcement against China in key sectors, in contrast with the prior administration that failed to follow through either on investments … or on China’s trade commitments,” Brainard said.
Under these “section 301″ tariffs, the rate on Chinese EVs will increase from 25 percent to 100 percent this year, while the rate on lithium-ion EV batteries will increase from 7.5 percent to 25 percent.
Chinese-made electric cars are not available for sale in the U.S., although they proliferate elsewhere, accounting for nearly 60 percent of all EVs sold globally in 2023. The Alliance for American Manufacturing in February said the introduction of Chinese EVs to the American market “could be an extinction-level event for the U.S. auto sector.”
Currently, Chinese automaker BYD is able to manufacture an EV cheaper than the least expensive American electric car. While some have argued these autos could speed up the transition away from gasoline engines, lawmakers including Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, have called for them to be banned due to fears they would undermine domestic manufacturers.

Must be an election year…..

More repeating. Completely out of facts, if you ever had any.

Facts are it is an election year..they will say anything or do anything to get a vote. eh comrade

Especially Drumpf, comrade.

Hate the truth don’t you, comrade.

You don’t know what it looks like. You can’t handle the truth!

None coming from Joey..maybe the cannibalism part

Biden and his handlers have proven to be not only woefully incompetent and dangerous traitors to America, but also to our number one ally in the middle east which is Israel.

Israel hasn’t acted like our ally for a good many years now, and doesn’t deserve our loyalty unless they straighten up. Don’t you remember the Jonathan Pollard spy scandal? He was spying on us for Israel, nearly forty years ago! Do you think he was the only one they recruited? We should have kicked Israel to the curb for their treachery then!

Joey like China better than Israel

You no speak good

you understood

I asked your mother to translate

She said you to dumb to understand… she pull a Jill and tell you what you what to hear.

You really feel intimidated by smart, accomplished women, don’t you.

Not Stormy

“too”, not “to”

“…last month, at a private meeting with about two dozen top oil executives at Mar-a-Lago, Trump offered to reverse President Joe Biden’s environmental rules designed to combat climate change and to stop any new ones from being enacted in exchange for a $1 billion donation.
Trump has promised his supporters that he would be an outsider, using his knowledge of business to defend ordinary Americans against those elites who don’t care about them. Now he has been revealed as being willing to sell us out—to sell humanity out—for the bargain basement price of $1 billion (with about 8 billion people in the world, this would make us each worth about 12 and a half cents).
Chief White House ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush administration Richard Painter wrote: “This is called bribery. It’s a felony.” He followed up with “Even a candidate who loses can be prosecuted for bribery. That includes the former guy asking for a billion dollars in campaign cash from oil companies in exchange for rolling back environmental laws.”

nothing wrong with that!

It is extortion. That is a crime, at least for most people. For trump, it is normal business practice.

What is Joey doing with his support from all his elites?

Elites are MAGApukes. What you call “elites” are midwestern kids, by and large, who made their own money, and remember what it’s like not to have any.


deflect from your line of wishing/dreaming

Deflect from the truth. Just like your leader.

Joey is one big deflection and like Mikey you like it.

Sorry, but running from the cops makes you fair game for however you can be stopped, and if it ends badly, well…a FAFO moment, I reckon.

Try to run faster from your next drug deal

voice of experience?

This is what happens when Christian Nationalism tries to assert control over the USA. Other countries see it, and follow suit. Voodou, sometimes spelled voodoo, is on the rise in Haiti.
Amid the spiraling chaos, numerous Haitians are praying more or visiting Vodou priests known as “oungans” for urgent requests ranging from locating loved ones who were kidnapped to finding critical medication needed to keep someone alive.
“The spirits help you. They’re always around,” said Sherly Norzéus, who is initiated to become a “mambo,” or Vodou priestess.
In February, she invoked Papa Ogou, god of war and iron, when 20 armed men surrounded her car as she tried to flee the community of Bon Repos.
Her three children and the two children of her sister, who died during childbirth, sat next to her.
“We are going to burn you alive!” she recalled the gunmen yelling.
Gangs had invaded their neighborhood before dawn, setting fire to homes amid relentless gunfire.
“I prayed to Papa Ogou. He helped me get out of the situation,” Norzéus said.
When she opened her eyes, the gunmen signaled that she was free to leave.
Vodou was at the root of the revolution that led Haiti to become the world’s first free Black republic in 1804, a religion born in West Africa and brought across the Atlantic by enslaved people.
The syncretic religion that melds Catholicism with animist beliefs has no official leader or creeds. It has a single God known as “Bondye,” Creole for “Good God,” and more than 1,000 spirits known as the lwa — some that aren’t always benevolent.
During Vodou ceremonies, lwa are offered treats ranging from papayas and coffee to popcorn, lollipops and cheese puffs. A ceremony is considered successful if a Vodouist is possessed by an lwa.

Even a Slovenian golden-showering hooker is a better parent than Drumpf.
MIAMI (AP) — Former President Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump, won’t be serving as a Florida delegate to the Republican National Convention after all, his mother’s office said Friday.
“While Barron is honored to have been chosen as a delegate by the Florida Republican Party, he regretfully declines to participate due to prior commitments,” Melania Trump’s office said.
Republican Party of Florida chairman Evan Power had said Wednesday that the 18-year-old high school senior would serve as one of 41 at-large delegates from Florida to the national gathering, where the GOP is set to officially nominate his father as its presidential candidate for the November general election.
Power did not respond to a request for comment Friday.

Voice of experience on the golden showers….

LOL that’s you p*ssboy.

You sure know alot of nothing except golden showers

Just what I get from you and Newsmax

congrats you can read things worthwhile.

How to not spread fake newsThe best way to limit fake news is to not spread it. Here are some tips:

  • Develop a critical mindset. Napoleon once said, “Skepticism is a virtue in history as well as in philosophy.” If you see a suspicious post like the one cited at the beginning of this piece, be skeptical and check the original source. Get into the habit of fact checking before spreading it. See who else is reporting the story. The mainstream media may put a slant on stories, but don’t jump to the conclusion that all mainstream media is fake. Those outlets do have editorial guidelines and networks of reporters who are trained to get opposing views on the information in their stories.
  • Find out if a source is reliable by asking some questions. “About us” pages are easy to fake. Make sure you know the source really exists; find out if the story really came from them. Are they trustworthy? What is their track record? For specialized sources, find out if they are experts on that topic. Pay attention to the domain and the URL. Sites with endings like “” should tip you off. Some imitate real sites with realistic looking logos very similar to the real site.
  • Check the facts and quotes from the experts in the story and beware of statistics. The old saying goes, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Statistics can be manipulated to bolster both sides of an argument if taken out of context. We need to view them as neither unquestionable truths nor elite conspiracies. As a former congressman, I attest that in order to make wise public decisions we need statistics, but must check them out.

Checking on sites that don’t agree with your politics may help you discover stories that are wrong. At least you will know what others are reading. Real Clear Politics often lists articles with opposite views one after another.
Modern editing software makes it easy to create fake images that look real. If you are a real sleuth, you can use tools such as Google Reverse Image Search to check where an image originated and if it has been altered. You can do this by right clicking on the image and choosing to search Google for it.

I just read that Steve Bannon is going to jail for refusing to comply with a Congressional subpoena. He can save a bed for his buddy.

Practice what you preach…see above

It’s not fake news, nobody. It’s true.

About time

It is about time Bannon went to jail.

Only if you say so. Yup, just ask CNN,MSNBC ……

I asked Fox News, your fav.

Then tell me what they said oh wise one.

Thank for the article oh wise one.

As the legal walls close in around him, Donald Trump is becoming more unhinged by the day. And yet, he has not yet paid a political price for his increasingly unstable behavior.
While for many it’s obvious how serious Trump’s declining mental capacity has become, for too many Americans that reality has not yet broken through. The media continues to treat Trump like a normal candidate; many Americans have baked Trump’s bizarre behavior into their perceptions of him; and many take right-wing lies about Joe Biden’s mental fitness at face value.
Given this, we wanted to hear from John Gartner, founder of Duty To Warn, a group of mental health professionals who have been raising the alarm about Trump’s increasingly sociopathic behavior since 2017. Now in 2024, Gartner has an even more dire warning about Trump: that there are increasing signs the former president is heading fast down the road toward dementia. 
Seven months out from Election Day, it’s more important than ever to understand the signs of Trump’s steep and disturbing decline directly from a mental health professional. And then it’s on all of us to help amplify the signal.

Wow, sure he is not describing Biden there?


Sure sound like it!

Trump is and will be leading…right up until after midnight on election night when the bullshitery will happen again. The USBs will come out and the bullshit parade will 
make its way through the election claiming Biden pulled off another miracle.

You MAGAmorons p*ssed off every woman in the USA, the largest voting bloc. Watch and get a lesson in what that gets you.

Waiting…..can’t believe women believe Joey

One idiotic failure after another. The GOP-controlled House has accomplished literally nothing but make a bigger mess, the most do-nothing House in history.
WASHINGTON (AP) — Hardline Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tried and failed in sudden action Wednesday to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson, her long-shot effort swiftly and resoundingly rejected by Democrats and Republicans tired of the political chaos.
One of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters in Congress, Greene stood on the House floor and read a long list of “transgressions” she said Johnson had committed as speaker. Colleagues booed in protest.
Greene criticized Johnson’s leadership as “pathetic, weak and unacceptable.”
After Greene triggered the vote on her motion to vacate the speaker from his office, Republican Majority Leader Steve Scalise quickly countered by calling first for a vote to table it.
An overwhelming majority, 359-43, kept Johnson in his job, for now.
“As I’ve said from the beginning, and I’ve made clear here every day, I intend to do my job,” Johnson said afterward. “And I’ll let the chips fall where they may. In my view, that is leadership.”
It’s the second time in a matter of months that Republicans have worked to oust their own speaker, an unheard of level of party turmoil with a move rarely seen in U.S. history.

Biden should take care of the disaster on America’s southern border instead of pressuring Israel to cease fighting despite the fact that over 150 people are still held hostage by Hamas!
Biden and his corrupt administration are turning the country over to illegal immigrants from foreign countries who hate us. He is destroying our country.

Thank God for Larry and Kim Reynolds.

You should take your comedy act on the road.

To the swing states, like Joey

FACT- President Donald Trump has a legitimate argument to possess & declassified documents.
Senator & Vice President Joe Biden did NOT.
Joe Biden stole classified documents out of the skiff for DECADES & had ZERO authority to even possess them.
FACT- it doesn’t matter if Joe Biden takes classified document storage seriously.It doesn’t matter if Ole Joe is surprised by their MULTIPLE locations. It doesn’t matter if he “cooperated” 18 months later after being caught red handed . What MATTERS is Joe Biden had ZERO authority to even possess the STOLEN classified documents, also mattered whether or not they were stored in a SECURE location. AND Biden’s own AG confirmed many of the locations were UNSECURED and the garage that Hunter Biden and friends had access to for DECADES was UNSECURED also.

So when is Biden going to face charges ? Biden has documents scattered everywhere even in a garage with a garage door that is wide open ! If Biden is fit for office then he is fit to stand trial

Drumpf had no such right, or argument, and he stole boxes and boxes and boxes of top-security document, then left them in a bathroom where guests could rifle them, which they did. That poses the greatest national security threat this country has faced in decades, possibly a century. That’s what happens when you have a money-grubbing, p*ssy-grabbing, traitorous criminal in the people’s White House.

Biden had boxes from when he was a Senator. stolen from the gov’t.
Sounds like the Penn-Biden center…how many Chinese did Trump have at Mar A Lago compared to the Penn-Biden center?
You make it sound like Bill Clinton was a bad thing.

No, he didn’t have “boxes.” He had a couple of sheets of paper, and they were in a locked box in his locked garage, not left in cardboard cartons in the guest bathroom. for America’s enemies to use as toilet paper. Bill Clinton was no saint, but he didn’t rape women (or pay them), he seduced them. There’s a big difference.

Check the pictures from his garage…boxes stacked up. Not staged by the FBI either.
How many enemies did Trump have at his house compared to the Penn-Biden center? Ask the women…slick Willie a real gentleman.

Do you have boxes in your garage? Are there classified documents in them? Of course Biden has boxes in his garage, everybody does. The FBI conducted a thorough search, which they were invited to do, as opposed to Drumpf’s, which they had to get a subpoena for. The boxes in Drumpf’s bathroom are clearly marked “top secrets” and he entertains our enemies regularly. Nobody every said Clinton was a gentleman, but he wasn’t a rapist.

Hmmm isn’t holding back a reason for impeachment? Did the Democrats do that to Trump even when he didn’t do it but they are. Insanity at its finest! Hypocrisy at its worst ! Democratsparty way of life. Doing the same thing they accuse others of doing!

That’s the Republicrook MAGAperv playbook, has been for years.

We borrowed it from the Dems

Republicrooks don’t borrow things, they steal them, but that’s immaterial. Accusing others of doing what you’re doing is straight out of the Joseph Goebbel playbook, which they’re following move for move.

Sure it is not the Commy book the Clinton’s and Obama’s perfected

Drumpf is the one who’s the butt-boy of Communist dictator Putin.

Didn’t good ole Joe for months blame Republicans for not passing his aid bid for months then when congress passed it he withholds it for political reasons? Why is no one calling him out for this?

Republicrooks DID stonewall the aid bill for months. After Israel intentionally killed American aid workers to keep them from bringing food to innocent citizens, including children, Biden told them to knock it off or they would get no more aid. They don’t deserve any. Joey blowing up the aid family in Afghanistan? After the fatal Abbey Gate disaster.

Oh, and he did that personally? Bullsh*t. And “Abbey Gate?” Please. Put down the meth.

Keep drinkin the Kool-Aid comrade

You keep pounding down the booze. You’re looking like Steve The Jailbird Bannon.

Venues have a responsibility to maintain their safe public environment – this even extends to random shootings by hooded maniacs. Putting up Gun-free Zones isn’t working. Letting campuses become playgrounds for lawless demonstrators isn’t working. More people should sue the proprietors.

They should sue the shooters, not the proprietors. The gun-happy idiots compensating for their inadequacies are the problem.

The rise of a new nazi party seems to be happening. You would have thought people would have learned from history. We will never reach the promised land if we can’t let go of hatred and violence.

So says the guy who promotes violence and hatred every single day.

Trumptards are flying the Nazi flag every day. Do you know what “antifa” is an abbreviation for? “Anti-facists.” Nazis are the ultimate facists, and the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers show their allegiance every single day.

Where are the flags? In your yard? Have to invite CNN over to show us.

So try to remove the president of a university for canceling graduation but don’t try to remove the president of the Divided States who has dementia and shits himself on the White House lawn. priorities 

Drumpf sh*t himself on the White House lawn. There’s a video of it. Everyone there knew it, and smelled it. WH staff snuck him to Walter Reed in the middle of the night to get roto-rootered. He’s worn an adult diaper ever since.

Show the video. They showed Joey doing it and Jill looking and staying away.

LOL yeah, no.

Students that participated should be expelled regardless of graduation status. Those who did not participate should be honored with an amazing and inspiring graduation ceremony.

The cancel culture strikes again.

Foreign students on visas need to have their visas pulled and sent back home. Mayorkas doing nothing of course.

Finals are now taking place for students. So terrible commencement services have been canceled at several of the universities! Where will the paid and well-coordinated agitators move next for their protests?

The irony here is this judge accuses Trump of disrespecting the law while the judge is participating in a trial and orders like his gag order that are both contrary to our laws in our country! What hypocrisy! And, this judge has no ethical grounds to stand on himself and his ignoring his conflicts of interest with being involved in this trial at all! What a disgusting situation and we, citizens and our representatives in congress, just stand by and let this happen!

No surprise here. This whole attack is to keep Trump quiet, but we all see what’s happening & it’s fueling the fire of support.

What they are doing to Trump is so insane 
He is strong enough to actually get through all this bs and still become 2024 president because he doesn’t want our country to fall more

Hate to tell you Larry but the judge’s gag order is to keep trump from tainting the trial and influencing the jury. Would you vote to find someone guilty who has cult followers who would murder you for doing so? The judge doesn’t want the jury intimidated by trump. If you care to read, you would see that he has not put himself off limits to trump. I am waiting for trump to decide not to testify although he has said he would. It would be appropriate for an innocent person to testify but when he refuses, one would have to ask why?

Gag orders are standard operating procedure for trials, to keep the defendant from contaminating the jury pool, which is exactly what Drumpf is trying to do. He wants to drag it out until after the election, thinking it will help, and that he knows what he’s doing. Neither is true.

Anyone with any sanity will vote for Trump. What he did in his private life is his business. As president our lives , economy, foreign affairs, border security, and energy independence was the best we have experienced in decades.

If you really thought that was true, you wouldn’t feel the need to rant about it constantly.

A gag order?! This whole incident is a mockery of our great country. We have an out of control administration that does what it wants and we’re forced to be witnesses to this absurd diversion that is overshadowed by the treasonous invasion Biden has deliberately pushed on us, wars breaking out right and left and Biden writing hot checks at will.

Standard operating procedure in every courtroom in the USA. If you weren’t a foreign-based bot, you’d know that.

All of these cases are Democrat fabricated bullshit to interfere with the election process. Looking forward to seeing the DAs responsible for them tried at Federal level for that crime.

Justin Amash is a political grifter, not a representative of his constituents. Clearly a RINO coward that put all his chips on the liberal Democrat  anti-Trump bet. Every time I see one of these selfish scumbags I wouldn’t feel bad to see an incurable disease in their future…

Nice Christian attitude – if they don’t agree with me, kill em

Sounds like Hamas

Yep, that is Larry, a Hamas protege.

You taught him well.

How IS it you can’t Drink until You’re 21 yet at 7yrs old YOU can change Your Gender?…. Biden’s America

That isn’t true but what is true is if you are seven and have been impregnated by a MAGArat, you still have to deliver his baby.

Pedophile, sicko

That’s the new Republican way. Don’t worry, you will fit right in.

Apparently your way of life..stay away from the schools after you graduate

You should know that in many states – Republican led states, they do not allow abortions regardless of the reason which includes the age of the person who is pregnant. Look at Texas.

And look at the states that allow it up to normal birth.

Can you tell me one of those states because I would like to check out for myself what their laws allow.

Still waiting.

Still waiting.

Hamas is entirely populated by hateful barbarians. Do they really think we believe that they don’t use their people as human shields when we’ve seen them strap bombs onto their own children? It’s time for them all to meet allah…

The fact that people are supporting terrorists shows how far we have fallen. If these people want to support Hamas, go to Palestine. It’s disgusting and reprehensible.

Why do Americans put up with this BULLSHIT, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

It isn’t antisemitism, it’s anti Americanism in the guise of antisemitism that our government helped to create.
Democrats have imported the army they intend to use against us and the Republican Party is doing what they do best

If you want to support Russia, go to Moscow.

That being said, Joey doesn’t need to go to China as he is letting them all come here. At least the 20-40 year old males.

According to official DHS documents obtained by House Homeland Security Committee Republicans, the Biden administration is actively flying illegal aliens into the country under the outrageous CHNV (Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, Venezuelans) parole program.

Read. You are so afraid of anyone who doesn’t look like you. it is pathetic.

Keep trusting everyone…See how that worked for Israel.
Again, how many have you taken in?

This is an example of a “Christian Nationalist.”
Mica Miller Timeline of Events.
* February 4th – Pastor John-Paul preaches a sermon on Korah and Moses and how it’s wrong to rise against religious leaders.
* February 23rd – Pastor John-Paul files for spousal support.
* February 25th – In another sermon to his congregation Pastor John-Paul says a mentally ill person doesn’t know they’re sick. “You have to trust people around you. The thing that’s sick is your mind and your mind is what you need to realize that you’re sick.”
* March 10th – Pastor John-Paul preaches a sermon and reveals he went through two years of messages on his wife’s phone. He found that 18 people reached out saying to her, “If you ever want to talk about your husband you can talk to me and I’ll keep it confidential.” Visibly upset, the Pastor followed up with, “That’s a demon talking…”
* March 10th – Pastor John-Paul says to his congregation, “One thing I’m going to preach about is gettin’ rich, strong, healthy, and finding a hot wife that loves Jesus.” … while wearing his wedding ring.
* March 10th – Pastor John-Paul tells his congregation that his wife was in the hospital and as soon as she got out, she left him. “She gets out and she just leaves. Just completely leaves me. Leaves everything, drains the bank account and just goes. Guess what? While you’re talking bad about me out there I’m building a school in Africa for over a hundred kids to be able to be fed.”
* March 12th – Pastor John-Pauls request for spousal support was dismissed. There’s no explanation as to why.
* March 17th – Pastor John-Paul tells a story of a Pastor whose wife left him for a member of his staff. The pastor had to hire a third party company to find her. Once he found her, divorce papers were drawn up. When the time came to sign the papers, the Pastor couldn’t do it because, “Bible says divorce is wrong…” and if she wanted out she would have to leave him.
* March 17th – In a Facebook post made by Mica’s sister, Sierra Francis, says she keeps an eye on her phone, “…for fear of my sisters safety due to others behaviors towards her.” She goes on to mention the sermon from March 17th and calls out the congregation of Solid Rock Church.
* March 18th – Mica posts a video encouraging others. She says, “I’m just making sure my heart doesn’t have any unforgivness, bitterness, resentment… Just forgiveness and hope for the future… and peace.”
* March 22nd – Mica posts another video suggesting she was being abused physically and mentally. She also says, “God hates divorce. But how does God feel about abuse?” She also suggests her husband forced her to take illegal drugs.
* April 16th – Mica files for spousal support.
* April 23rd – A hearing notice was sent out for Mica’s request. A court date for June 5th was set.
* April 27th – Mica Miller is found dead.
* April 28th – Pastor John-Paul announces to his congregation, at the end of service, that his wife was dead and it was, “self induced.” He also reminds the congregation of her mental illness.
* April 28th – Mica’s sister, Sierra Francis, posts on Facebook saying, “Don’t listen to the false stories being told about her (Mica).”
* May 2nd – In an interview with ABC 15, Pastor John-Paul Miller says, “She was probably the greatest wife anyone could ask for.” He also, once again, points out her mental illness.

Democratic donors such as George Soros, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, David Rockefeller Jr., who sits on the board of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Susan and Nick Pritzker, who own the Hyatt Hotel corporation, have funded pro-Palestinian efforts to protest the Israel-Hamas war, Politico reported.

I’d like to see some proof. For example, here is some proof of a mega donor who pours millions into conspiracy theories among other right wing causes.

This is how you show that your claim is legit. You provide something that collaborates your claim. By the way, billionaires are the ones who own the politicians in this country. That would include owning trump. The laws passed, for the most part, benefit them far more than any other class of people. Look at tax laws. Whose rate has been reduced the most in the past eight years? Not the working class, that is for sure.

So…open secrets is a more reputable rag than politico?

It’s time to give these people a harsh reality check. Arrest them, give them harsh sentences, revoke their visas, and expel them from the universities.

Some of those “universities” have surrendered their right to exist.

You surrendered yours long ago

A man named Tom Nicholson posted on his Facebook account the sports car that he had just bought and how a man approached and told him that the money used to buy this car could’ve fed thousands of less fortunate people.
His response to this man made him famous on the internet. READ his story as stated on Facebook below:
A guy looked at my Corvette the other day and said,
“I wonder how many people could have been fed for the money that sports car cost?
I replied I’m not sure;
it fed a lot of families in Bowling Green, Kentucky who built it,
it fed the people who make the tires,
it fed the people who made the components that went into it,
it fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires,
It fed people at Caterpillar who make the trucks that haul the copper ore.
It fed the trucking people who hauled it from the plant to the dealer
and fed the people working at the dealership and their families.
BUT,… I have to admit, I guess I really don’t know how many people it fed.
That is the difference between capitalism and the welfare mentality.

LOL this meme has been making the rounds for years, and has been BS the whole time. While the jobs provided has a basis in fact, no one confronts these stupid inherited-money misogynist pukes with this stuff. Everyone knows they’re not smart enough to get the point.

Sorry you didn’t

I did, and rejected it.

HATE Ear Worms especially those 1 Hit Wonder types that You can’t remember the Song Name.  You can’t remember the WHOLE Song  Stuck with that Otis Day & the Knights Song…….Kamala…Your …A…Ding Dong

You want her so bad

DAMN!!..You’d THINK with ALL the Emoji’s out there they could find At Least ONE to Represent the Absurd STUPIDITY of ALL these Spoiled Brat Campus Anti-Semite Protesters!

a picture of you would be perfect.

It’s all about indoctrination not education.

Your picture? You are correct because you show your lack of education every time you post on this site and your desire to indoctrinate others.

You know nothing about my education. But, I can assure you it is better than yours.

trump University isn’t an accredited school.

Was kindergarten for you? or any following schooling….

You bet it was. Mason City had (and still has) an excellent school system. I appreciate my education every single day. And the U of Iowa is one of the better universities in the nation. Proud to be a grad of both.

Florida…Desantos…..The BULK of Bidens Plane Loads of Illegals are being Flown into Your State! Do as TX & AZ are doing to the Coyotes, Arrest them & Toss Em in Jail, Seize then Auction the Trucks & Vans they are Using. YOU should do the same, Arrest the Pilots & Toss Em in Jail Seize & Auction the Planes!

Democrats You can’t go through Life Fat Drunk & Stupid no matter WHAT Your Politician Says.

Seems to be working for you.

Not sure he is a democrat Pot calling the kettle black there

The FBI and the Justice Department have been accused by a former President of being biased against him. Earlier this week they indicted Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Texas, In 2023, Robert Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey, was also indicted by the Justice Department. If the Justice Department was biased against Republicans, they must have missed the fact that these two gentlemen were Democrats. Darn.

This POS Joe Biden hates the American People and PANDERS to anyone who votes, he’s desperate and will say and do anything at our cost! Get rid of this corrupt, crooked, inept, incompetent asshole!! HE IS DESTROYING OUR country, our laws and HE definitely doesn’t give a rats ass about YOU!!!!

Sounds like trump.

Get help for your TDS.

Cuellar has been bucking the dems, this is their way of getting back. Menendez…..that would be comparable to Trump shooting somebody in broad daylight. Not gonna get away with it.

Neither of the three should get away with it. Trouble is, the Republicans think trump should get away with it. And that because he is being held accountable, the Justice Department and the FBI are out to get him. That may be true but this proves they don’t care who you are, they will get you if you commit crimes. It’s a novel concept, isn’t it?

Yes, especially if you commit a crime. Just don’t make one up

Too bad you don’t understand how a grand jury works.

too bad you don’t understand how a trial works

I understand perfectly how they work. I have been watching the trial in NYC.

And what have you learned? Where is it televised at?

It isn’t televised. But I watch the reports coming out of the trial and read the articles about what happened in the courtroom. Trials work. Evidence is produced and the defendant has the right to question and rebut the testimony. That is what is happening. The defendant isn’t smart enough to keep his mouth shut and is eventually going to jail. It might be because of the jury’s decision on his guilt or innocence, or it might be because he thinks he is above the law. Or it could be because of both reasons. I cannot believe anyone would support a man who believes that because he was President, he can say and do anything. His lawyers in another case are arguing in the Supreme Court that he should have immunity from anything he does while President even going as far as saying he could order the execution of a political enemy without repercussions.

Basically what the Biden administration is doing……enjoy your morning kool-aid

How is the Biden administration doing that? I haven’t seen them ordering anyone’s execution nor do I see them arguing in front of the SCOTUS using that very argument. As I said on an earlier post, you drank all the kool aid and it is rotting your tiny brain.

Show this to anyone who’s attempting to normalize Trump:
…at least he’s always been consistent. He’s setting it up just like he did before January 6th. In his warped mind, of course there’s no way he can lose. And if he does? Fraud. The election had to be “stolen” from him.
Here’s what he’s said just in the last week: 
“If everything’s honest, I’ll gladly accept the results. I don’t change on that … if it’s not, you have to fight for the right of the country.”
And then, in the bombshell Time piece you’ll hear more and more about, when pressed if he’d accept a Biden victory, he said, “If we don’t win, you know, it depends. It always depends on the fairness of an election.”
That’s really all there is to it. Everything he’s doing is priming the pump for another January 6th. In the alternate MAGA reality he’s created, the truth doesn’t matter. If it isn’t a massive Trump victory, it MUST have been stolen.
MAGA’s M.O.? Win at all costs, or lose, cry fraud, then launch a coup to win anyway. When we say democracy’s on the line in 2024, that’s what we mean. And you don’t have to just take our word for it.
Take Trump’s.

The entire world can see this sad man Joe Biden has no clue who he is or where he is. How could people, paid by taxpayers, allow this elder abuse?

Had WE just let em Eat the Tide Pods, None of this Stupid SHIT would be Happening!

Let them? Some idiots did eat them, and look what happened: they turned into you.

At least he has a clean record, do you?

The fabulously pro-law-enforcement MAGA.
WASHINGTON (AP) — A Georgia business owner who bragged that he “fed” a police officer to a mob of rioters storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was sentenced on Thursday to nearly five years in prison for his repeated attacks on law enforcement during the insurrection.
Jack Wade Whitton struck an officer with a metal crutch and dragged him — head first and face down — into the crowd on the Capitol’s Lower West Terrace. Whitton later boasted in a text message that he “fed him to the people.”
Roughly 20 minutes later, Whitton tried to pull a second officer into the crowd, prosecutors say. He also kicked at, threatened and threw a construction pylon at officers trying to hold off the mob of then-President Donald Trump’s supporters.
“You’re gonna die tonight!” he shouted at police after striking an officer’s riot shield.
Whitton, of Locust Grove, Georgia, expressed remorse for his “horrible” actions on Jan. 6 before U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras sentenced him to four years and nine months in prison. The 33-year-old will get credit for the three years that he has been jailed since his arrest.
Whitton, who pleaded guilty to an assault charge last year, told the judge that he has never been a “political person.”
“I’ve never been a troublemaker. I’ve always been a hard worker and a law-abiding citizen,” he said.
The judge said the videos of Whitton attacking police are “gruesome.”
“You really were out of control,” the judge told him.
Prosecutors recommended a prison sentence of eight years and one month for Whitton, who owned and operated his own fence building company before his April 2021 arrest.
“Whitton looked for opportunities to attack: In his three documented assaults, he was either a leader or a solitary actor,” prosecutors wrote in a court filing.
Videos show that contemporaneous attacks on police by Whitton and a co-defendant, Justin Jersey, “ignited the rageful onslaught of violence that followed” on the Lower West Terrace, prosecutors said.
“As Whitton and Jersey commenced their assaults, the tenor of the crowd audibly changed,” they wrote. “Other rioters surged towards the Archway and joined the attack, throwing objects at the officers and striking at them with makeshift weapons such as a hockey stick, a pieces of wood, a flagpole, and a police riot shield.”
Whitton was among nine defendants charged in the same attack. Two co-defendants, Logan Barnhart and Jeffrey Sabol, helped Whitton drag an officer into the crowd before other rioters beat the officer with a flagpole and a stolen police baton.
That evening, Whitton texted somebody images of his bloodied hands.
“This is from a bad cop,” he wrote. “Yea I fed him to the people. (I don’t know) his status. And don’t care (to be honest).”
Defense attorney Komron Jon Maknoon said Whitton traveled to Washington to support his girlfriend because she wanted to “witness an historic event” on Jan. 6, when Trump, a Republican, held a rally as Congress was about to certify his 2020 presidential election loss to Joe Biden, a Democrat.
“While his motives were not politically driven, he does possess a genuine love for his country and shares the desire for a free and fair election, much like any other citizen,” Maknoon wrote.
The judge previously sentenced seven of Whitton’s co-defendants to prison terms ranging from two years and six months to five years and 10 months.

When is the US government going to realize that they cannot dictate the actions of other countries?!

Trump did exactly that with Ukraine, North Korea, and many others. The USA has been doing it for many decades. If you want our money, you need to help us when we ask.

Or the CIA will be visiting…..

The FTC is set to approve ExxonMobil’s $60 billion takeover of Pioneer Natural Resources, according to multiple outlets, though the deal can reportedly only close if former Pioneer CEO Scott Sheffield, who faces allegations of engaging in activity to raise gas prices, is barred from the combined company’s board of directors. The combined company would have an estimated value of $411 billion.

The government is not stepping in?

Oh yeah, Brandon is doing a wonderful job…and yet we’ve never been closer to a world War since WWII.

 Biden and Harris need to resign.

Thanks to the MAGA-created chaos in the Republican controlled House. Our enemies know that if the House doesn’t approve funding for counterintelligence and military activities, they don’t happen. They waited for the historical vacancies in the Speaker’s chair to strike.

You lack skills in history also, Larry, in addition to your poor English skills. Ever hear of the Bay of Pigs?

The deal was done during the Drumpf years. It’s too late to stop it, but the Biden admin is trying.

Yup, like stopping arms to Israel? Sending money to Iran, not enforcing sanctions?

Seems the White Supremacist & American Nazi’s are Sittin this One Out & Leaving the Whole Quran Thumping Hamas Supporting Anti-Semites to use Human Chains to Block Jews from entering the TAX Free Universities.

Of course, this is not a student protest. It is engineered by Soros with paid protestors. Don’t be fooled

You have been fooled.

You’re obviously well acquainted with the activities of the White Supremacists and American Nazis, since you are both of those.

Pot calling the kettle black there.

There is a dark agenda going on in the US, but many people will be caught unaware

This administration carries no weight in international affairs… being such a bunch of clowns! We’re being laughed at! And Biden thinks he can negotiate?

They laugh at Drumpf, and always have. To quote Gen. Kelley, “This guy is a f*cking idiot.”

To quote Obama ” Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up”
unfortunately Barry carries more weight than Kelly.

It would be funny if this were true, but the only source of the statement is an anonymous source. Not much credibility there but, of course, this comes from someone with little credibility.

Hmmmm. 14k Faculty & Students attend Columbia University mostly from Arab Countries which are Providing 100’s of Millions of TAX Free Money to this NAZI Type Brainwashing they call Education. Think ANY will be Suspended & Visas Revoked?…LMAO!

Seems only Fair that the Rioters at Columbia University get Amnesty just like ALL those Peaceful Antifa & BLM Rioters got in 2020 for Killings & Burnings DID! Will Kamala offer Bail like She did those People?

You are lying again. “However, the post is wrong to claim protesters saw no consequences – in fact, over 10,000 protesters were arrested, most for low-level offenses.”

Hand slapped and out again to do over.



Not at all. How did you debunk it? 10,000 arrested and Larry said all of the protesters in 2020 were given amnesty. He was wrong and I was right. You are wrong too. As usual.

Arrested and doing time? Hand slapped again so you can do it again and again

Larry, you should really do some research before you post bullshit.

Columbia University in New York City has a diverse student body with the following racial and ethnic makeup:
White: 28.7%
Asian: 13.2%
Hispanic or Latino: 8.44%
Black or African American: 5.21%
Two or More Races: 3.12%
American Indian or Alaska Native: 0.16%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders: 0.077%
International: 18.2% 
Your math skills are really poor.

FYI…Not One to EVER Buy Walmart Canned Veggies for THOSE of You who do READ the Labels Carefully….You’ll find that SOME have come from Thailand that are Higher in Calories, Higher Salt & MAY even contain Lead Based Chemicals that even California Warns can cause Cancer!

SWIFTIES…Is It OVER? Poor Taylor thought She had Found a Tall Handsome Mature Normal Kinda Guy about Her age, Independently Wealthy & Not in the Music/Hollywood Industry. SADLY the Whole Post Super Bowl WAY Too Old Drunken Frat Boy in Public thing is Wearing Thin. Travis can be a Nice Normal Kinda Guy & in General His Heart IS in the Right Place but He MAY Not be able to Handle All this Fame & Publicity like He should…SADLY

Hate successful women, don’t you?

LOL yeah, no. Not only is it not over, it’s maintaining very nicely. Lie-spewing by misogynists is typical in the trajectory of a female superstar. He pursued her, BTW.

He is a sniffy then

Just. Like. You.

That’s Joey’s ACT,,,,,Your wife loves it…….

Biden’s Solution for ALL these Anti-Semites Protesting IS to Fly in Even MORE Unknown Number of Un-Vetted from GAZA on OUR Dime! He already has Flew in over 100k Un-Vetted from Afghanistan during HIS Successful Airlift while Leaving Afghanistan handing it BACK in the Control of the Terrorist there. Just like BEFORE 9/11

That is not happening. You don’t even know how to tell the truth.

Proposing to bring Gaza people here. Yes, they have flown in thousands from other countries avoiding the border that way. Sneaky huh.

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