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Photo of the day: Congrats to newlyweds

Congrats to these newlyweds, in front of the Cerro Gordo County Courthouse on August 31, 2012.

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Let the “special ones” be together. Eventually the liberal machine will become extinct – just like the dinosaurs!

Here’s to you “carpet munchers & butt packers”

I am sick and tired of these people shoving their gay/lesbian lifetstyle in my face. Just get it done in the privacy of your love castle – alrighty then.

AIDS reminder …. don’t forget the condoms boys & girls

Jeez o’ Peteys! You people didnt show this much love for the Ymca lovers. Equal treatment ya’ll

I am sorry, but the two incidents are about impossible to link. This article was about a couple getting married, the other was at the ver least, public indecency.

I wonder if the guy that had sex with the dog can call if premarital sex. Just wondering, ya know anything goes and to each their own

I have seen the light…I believe that mem should be alowed to marry men and women should be able to marry women and women should be able to murder their unborn. Conclusion…In three generations there will be no more democrats. LOL LOL come on lagh a little. Heard this at a local eatery and thought it cute.

Which would be considered the man?

I cannot WAIT to go to the divorce!! Who is the judge going to vote in favor for?? Child support for the dead beat da……parent.. Never heard about a “proud to be a husband and wife’ march.. If we did we would be called ‘breeders’-racists…etcetc.. I wish them the best really. How come gay women always migrate to “butch” like females with male like features….

To all of our supporters and well-wishers, thank you! We are truly humbled by your kindness. And to everyone else, I sincerely hope your God shows you the love, acceptance and mercy you so viciously denied us. And while you delight in your belief that we will perish in Hell forever, I pray that you find peace – peace for the hatred that has swallowed you whole and caused you such personal misery. I hope nothing but the best for you all.

And on another related note: I have come to find that the most outspoken anti-gay Christians are also the most undereducated, inarticulate and mean-spirited people. I often wonder if God is pleased with his representation.

While they may not be uneducated, I find that they allow religion to cloud their decision making. We as a society, have a boundary between the secular government, and our personal faiths. Balancing it, is quite difficult at times.

Yet I find groups such as Ultra-Orthodox Jews, Amish and Mennonites maintain a separation between themselves and the outside “world”. It is a way for them to maintain consistancy with their belief systems. And no harm comes to the rest of society.

If you are not willing to do that, then the logical alternative is to remain within society, and comprimise upon what is best for the common good.

Equality, as our Constitution demands, is one of those common goods. Without that equality, you will end up suffering the same fate as those you persecute today.

Are u kidding me Gma Jean? Set up? Youre really funny, and really in the dark about them grandbabies of yours huh? Yes im sure that the one man they assaulted got up that morning and decided he was tired of being able to form full sentences, having a skull that was completely intact, and suffer from memory loss on a daily basis. Good one Jean….

You people make me sick! As a catholic, I am told that homosexuality is wrong, but you know whats worse? judging and ridiculing others. God loves all of his children, and by you saying “don’t push your beliefs on me!” or “This is an abomination”.. aren’t you being a hypocrite… seems to me you are the ones pushing YOUR beliefs on people. If you really had a strong relationship with God you would feel comfortable in your own skin and not have to judge others. Put your faith in Him. If you feel this is not right then don’t say it, let Him take care of it.

I am not pushing my beliefs on others at all. You do not see me deep kissing my wife in front of the courthouse. My marriage did not make front page news. I do not march in parades touting its ok to be heterosexual. I do not have a rainbow or pony or other emblem indicating I am hetero. I do not need to go to special heterosexual bars where the main event is to have sex in the bar. I absolutely do not give a flying leap what you or anyone else does in your bedroom and I am certainly not going to tell you what I do in mine.

“The people of Iowa are against this. That’s why you dumocrat liberals won’t let this come to a vote.”

People in California did vote, and Proposition 8, along with six other cases dealing with DOMA are before SCOTUS. After reading some of the petitions, there are flaws to which the central theme of “Equal Protection” lays heavily.

No schedule has yet to be determined for SCOTUS review, nor have all the petitions been submitted. But it appears to be set for the Autumn session of SCOTUS to take some sort of action. Most watchers believe that the cases could easily be lumped into one review.

Yet, I cannot help but wonder if the “Proposition 8” review can or should be commingled with challenges to DOMA, since they come from two different legal angles. One being the right to Federal benefits by married couples, the other, the ability of the people to approve laws that are unconstitutional.

And you will notice that the Vander Platts crowd has not taken part in this, even when they lay claim the action in Iowa (Varnum v. Brien) was unconstitutional. It again is proof that they have no legal basis for that claim, and thus most of what they say is specious at best.

My challenge is this; put down your legal reasoning for Mr. Vander Platts accusations against the Iowa Supreme Court Justices. Argue it’s merits based upon the law. Religious and emotional rants are excluded.

I look forward to thearguements from apologists for Vander Platts and his ilk.

A lot of you are very ignorant. God created these two and God doesn’t make mistakes!! Who gave you the right to be judge over how they live there lives. It sure wasn’t God!! Congratulations you two!! I wish you all the best!!

Lesbo love…..ya gotta love it!

So Matt:

I take it then you will be camped outside at a church wedding to interview a man and a woman right after their ceremony?

Congrats! I wish you nothing but the best!

As for you “haters” out there, YOU are the ones who will be punished. You’ll continue to be just as miserable as you are now. How could you NOT be miserable? You hate everyone who isn’t exactly like YOU! That’s a LOT of people you have to spend your life hating. Hate will eat you alive. It’s obvious a big part of you has been eaten away already. Sorry, there’s no way in the world I can feel bad for you.

And, by the way, I’m heterosexual.

I guess I dont understand why this would make it as ‘Photo of the day’! It would of been less offensive to me if it were an actual article about two people who love each other. jeez matt!

Who cares if they are gay, they look like a much happier couple then the male/female couple that got domestic violence charges last night- oh wait what seems to be hundreds of straight couples every year in mason city.
the bigger issue is they just got married in t-shirts in our ghetto court house. 🙁 sad

“Most republicans are gay and so are chatholic preests. [sic]

What a profound statement. Would you care to back it up with some fact, if it truly exists? Or do all you have is supposition and hearsay?

“The people of Iowa are against this.”

However, the Iowa and U.S. Constitution prohibit unequal treatment under the law. It’s prohibits the State from saying who can, and who cannot get married.

You can feel this is an abomination, or anything you like. However legally, you cannot force it to go away.

“By the way, God never said, “Love thy neighbor, except if…” just sayin.”

Send this comment to Mr. Vander Platts, Iowa’s anti-Constitutionalist. Thank you for this, it made my day.

Meat in that sandwich babes? Right here!

take two homos put them on a desert island. on the next island place 1 man, 1 woman, any race you want. come back in 100 years see which island is still populated. it has nothing to do with religion, but all about survival. what seperates us from animals is we have the ability to reason and controll our urges. we know right from wrong. do what you want in the PRIVACY of your home. but quit trying to push your perverted anti mainstream pre fall of the roman and greek empire agenda on the majority( all though we may be mostly silent)of the population


This just in… The deserted island is EARTH! Like it or not, this is the experiment you are in. Now try to get along with the least amount of name calling you can please. It tends to upset the other lab animals.

You should be glad that they are not out in socety screwing everything that walks. Fathering many kids they will not support or raise in any way. They will marry and divorce over and over and the pro marriage group won’t say a word. If you want to save marriage and truly believe the Bible then outlaw divorce it is an abomination is it not. Those heterosexuals got it all figured out. Iam a man who has been married for nearly three decades to a wonderful person that I love very much and just happens to be a woman.

FROM NIT STAFF: Please keep the comments clean. Thanks.

Why is it the odds are so much greater of a public full lip lock picture if the couple is gay? If they were straight it would be a normal headshot. Don’t care what you do in your own home just please don’t flaunt it and force your beliefs on me.

Why were they married in a courthouse? Aren’t they wanting to have God bear witness to their marriage?

Are you one of those people who think every gay person is checking you out? GET OVER YOURSELF> If they wanna make out in public turn your head away and get over it. We have to deal with seeing you in public don’t we? GET OVER IT seriously!

“We” aren’t making out in public. The media isn’t plastering pictures of make out sessions on the front page.
The only reason they do it for the queers is to get page views and comments from morons like you.
You get over it.

Thank you.

Fred this isn’t the fifties. Heterosexuals no longer believe that showing affection is a sign of weakness. We also don’t pretend to only have sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of reproducing. While I agree the media does over expose these intimate moments it is only because like you they pretended for decades that gays did not exist and everything was hunky dory! I see plenty of hetrosexuals everyday in public showing that they love each other. Iam a married man who kisses his wife in public and feels no shame like you dinosauers of the past

Congrats! And for those close minded people judging you…they should quit hiding behind religion and stop using religion as an excuse! They are more the problem with society than same sex marriage is! These are the same people who years ago would have been against inter-racial marriages and against a womans right to vote and to choose. So I say, good luck, I am very happy you both found love. May your marriage and your love last until the day you meet the Lord, where he will welcome you into his Kingdom with open arms. You ARE BLESSED!

You’ve got to be kidding me, if you actually believe that crap you are seriously deluted.

I doubt Jesus is as big a bigot as you, and if he is I’m pretty sure his father would be pissed at both of you.

You have heard this from Him? You may want to up your meds if you have actually heard God speak.

People created god in their image. Not the other way around. I don’t like the god you created.

The only reason this was posted of two dykes locking lips was for the reactions, lol.

Aww!! All I see here is love did I miss something else? Oh yeah and a bunch of ignorant comments! Lmao at all these people saying Jesus won’t love them. OOOOOOK! *eye roll* Good for you girls for marrying the one you love despite the thoughts of society! …& for the Jesus people doesn’t God forgive us all for our sins? People like you are the reason we can’t have peace in the world! Why don’t you find something better to talk about that’s actually effecting the world rather than shoot down a positive situation!!!

Couldn’t have said it better myself! 🙂

Haven’t watched the video – don’t have to – who is this hurting?

Also in response to Gma Jean’s comment about adopting and having that kid turn out gay… it really shows how ignorant you really are if you think being gay happens the same way you get a cold. You don’t become gay by hanging out, exchanging hugs, or sharing food. However, those are common ways of catching a cold. So just because two parents are of the same sex doesn’t mean that it’s going to “make” the child gay. Don’t be ignorant towards something you obviously know nothing about. I mean that in the most respectful way.

Thank you Jamie!!!! Being gay has absolutely nothing to do with how a person is raised. I cant say for sure if its a choice a person makes, or if its in a persons genetic make up. But speaking as a mother of a gay teenager, I can assure you that it has nothing to do with how they were raised. I knew when they were very young (5-7 years) that they were going to be gay. So it wasnt a shock when they came and told me. Hey “Gma Jean”, werent you the one saying how wonderful them Kropf boys are? Maybe since they turned out to be such stellar, upstanding, positive and productive members of society (that will be spending the next few years in prison for brutally beating up men with baseball bats and such) that their parents raised them to be so violent. NOPE guessing that was a CHOICE they made. People in glass houses….

Congratulations!! Wish you two all the happiness in the world! Hopefully soon the people who hold so much hatred for this will soon realize it’s not their place to judge. If people would spend less time hating and more time accepting, the world would be a more peaceful place! As a married (to a man) mother of 3, I hope the future brings acceptance and compassion. Unconditional love, unwaivering hope for peace. God Bless!

Sorry but God wont bless an abomantion unto the lord…….there will b no God bless

last I knew it was up to God to decide who he would bless??? He died for our sins ,which you clearly consider this to be. So quick to judge aren’t you? If those are your thoughts then maybe you should read the bible. He probably doesn’t bless closed minded ignorant people either?

Let’s let God be the judge of that… not you! I don’t know if he will or wont, however that should be none of your business. By the way, God never said, “Love thy neighbor, except if…” just sayin.

Good luck with Jesus someday……

The people of Iowa are against this. That’s why you dumocrat liberals won’t let this come to a vote.

The people of Iowa are FOR this. That is why it is now legal. Now go back to shouting at people to get off your lawn.

Fredie, you don’t get to vote on constitutional given rights. You know, that all men are created equal thing. You haters just can’t seem to grasp that fact. We are all equal with eachone of us having the same freedoms and rights. Time to get over it Fredie.

Congrats to the both of you. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE

This is disgusting. These young ladies should be ashamed of themselves and how they live. I’m glad that I’m not their parent or grandmother, they wouldn’t like the choice of being gay.

Glad you’re not my parent. It’s weird that you only provide conditional love to your children and grandchildren. And, yes, I am a heterosexual.

Im sure that you are against the choice of public radio and children reading the Harry Potter series too, right? Are you against women’s rights too? Homosexuality has been dated further back from Greek times. It is completely normal.

No this isn’t normal at all and it’s a disgrace to all women ever. The worst part is I bet they adopt a kid and then that kid will be gay too. It sickens me.

This is so dirty. I don’t know how this is ever news. I’m sure their parents are very ashamed that this is being put out for the public to see.

she must like MPR and read the globe gazette.

I see gma is to embarred to use kropf as her last name. If she only knew about all the gay sex her two grandkids are having when light go out tonight. Soap on a rope only helps during the day.

Lol. How’d you know her two Grandson’s are gay?! That cracks me. lol.

Actually, Grandma, you’re quite wrong. Children of gay/lesbian parents tend to grow up in more stable, better educated and a higher socio-economic status than children from heterosexual couples. Not sure if you can understand this, as you seem very narrow minded. These factors all lead to better outcomes for the child, and no, most of them don’t turn out gay. If your thinking were correct, then why do children of heterosexuals not remain as such.


It is a choice to be gay. They aren’t born that way, God wouldn’t want that. I’m sure we will now get more gay people just from them watching this sickening video. I’m scared for the human race and more people becoming gay.

Did you choose to be heterosexual?

She didn’t choose to be stupid, I’ll tell you that. LMFAO. Listening to this Granny Jeans is killin me!

She can’t even accept that she’s responsible for how those 2 retards for Grandson’s turned out. Granny, those boys of yours will be doin some “fun” stuff in the pen. Probably do it for a pack of smokes. Lol.

…no guy would want them anywise….not beauties by any means…

Which two are you talking about, chris? The newlywed women? Or the Kropf brothers?

settle down gma jean, keep your eyes on your own kin.

but youll stick up and say how “great and wonderful” them KROPF kids are!!!! You should be so proud!!!

Now what do my sweet boys have to do with this story? They’re good men that got set up. These two girls are just wrong. Period.

Being gay is NOT a choice. Being a bigot or a criminal IS.

The devil says hi and c u soon.

Sometimes I go by this name it is not me. Just say’n

sick this is the begining of the human race

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