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Northwood mayor Severson charged with harassment

NORTHWOOD – A tip from an NIT reader indicated that Northwood Mayor Randy L. Severson was recently charged with harassment.

A check of online records confirms that Randy L. Severson was charged with 3rd degree harassment on August 30, 2012 after an August 13, 2012 incident.

The criminal complaint was brought by the Worth County Sheriff.

A call to the Worth County Sheriff at about 12:05 AM Saturday morning was met with no answers and no information and they would not confirm any charges nor an arrest of Severson.

The tipster claims that Severson harassed his ex-girlfriend, but again, this could not be confirmed.

A Worth County Sheriff’s Deputy was expected to return a call later Saturday morning with more possible information.

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So this is all interesting how everyone knows about these two and has to share these stories that they just hear. Id have to say that its funny that Randy becomes mayor and gets automatic credibility and while in office has 3 harrassment charges on him from 3 different women. 2 of which were before his accident that he hides behind as a desense. They should of thown the book at him when his name came up about a rape.

former mayor bob perry, former police chief leo dorsey, fired policeman jerry olson (sheriff olsen? palease!), former city clerk donna tyrell, city attorney jon greif, and councilman jane bloomindoom all proped up randy sever to win election to be mayor so thay could take advantage of his mental disbility to trusting. randy is a great gy but has ben used for underhaned dealings the tx payer don’t even no about..but be mad about So much for trust. Northwood need to elect some people not foxs in a henhouse. like today. seems nobody has the brave enough to do what right to set city straight.Gess it was tried before but failed for some reson. randys getting tricked by girl is nothing compared to what city ben doing all along. for years .more deception !

You people should check out the court records in Minnesota, around the Mankato area!!! Wow

Why what does it say?

I want to applaud Sarah for standing up and staying strong enough to do something about this. People in town have been talking about our Mayor yelling in a parking lot at Sarah and saying such things as “Go ahead and go to the cops, I’m their boss, they won’t do anything” or some such. She has to be very nervous about accusing the Mayor, even with proof. I was never able to and I am so glad she is. It makes those of us who couldn’t just a little stronger. Sarah, stay strong. You have the truth on your side and I don’t know you well but no matter what you have done you don’t deserve to feel threatened by a low life that thinks he’s all powerful. Hugs to you Sarah! If somebody says NO they mean NO! If they say go away, GO AWAY! If you have a problem don’t harass people, do it legally! Harassing somebody that is smaller than you just because you have power issues is not acceptable.

Thank you so much whoever you are 🙂

I would be darn embarrassed knowing what you have taken from this guy, and now putting him through this. You were the one cheating, you were the one taking his money, you were the one that didnt pay a penny for that car. Now this, how can you live with yourself? I see why you moved. Do something right for once!

If you really feel that way, you are a horrible person. I hate the fact that you can call yourself “town support”! I don’t care if she screwed the whole town including my husband, that does NOT give him the right to harass her. There are laws for a reason! He can take his issues with her to the law not harass her. And you act like she moved to town for the soul reason of screwing him over. That is BS and you know it. She was here with her ex who was screwing Angie Buenzow in her marital bed. She left him, he got canned and she got stuck here. You all want to “grow worth county” and then shun anybody that comes here. The people who live here that are ok with harassment just to “support” their mayor are the reason nobody wants to move here. Get real. Nobody deserves to be harassed. Ever. She said no, he should have taken her to court. He is not above the law.

I believe she will have her day at court. If they get her for Extortion!

another thing northwoodresident, I feel really sorry for your daughter! With a big headed mother like you she’s not going to be very well liked by her peers as I’m sure your attitude will or has rubbed off on her as well. You should really try to get over yourself!

wow northwoodresident you sure have a lot to say about every one! But it’s easy to be a big mouth hotshot behind the computer screen. Since you’re so special how about you be the mayor or the sheriff? Someone with your self assured arrogance should have no problem winning anything. People like you are nothing more then a coward! how about you tell the people you just shit talked how you feel to their faces? Asswipe!

Fed up also….Is that your REAL name? Pretty easy to comment and name call behind a PC screen. See it works both ways.

These comments are great and so off topic as well.

My opinion is that most of the Severson clan are good people but Randy is a powerhungry asshole who has tried to lead this town with personal motives and not what is best for everyone. With 3 ex-wives(the first 2 were great, but the 3rd was just an idiot and only after his money), a string of ex-girlfriends, huge money issues, and now this? Probably not the best man to lead our town. Isn’t he still the President at First Lutheran Church?

Since so many others were drug through the mud as well, here’s my opinion on them.

Jerry Olson was fired for a reason. He screwed up, big time. He could not keep his personal life from conflicting with his job and deserved to get fired. Making him sheriff will only make him hide things better. He’s a great guy, but just in the wrong line of work. He’ll have his hands full anyway with his wife’s drama when she finally gets her damn hen house coffee opened up and no one comes. Remember Hava Java anyone? Why the hell pay $4 for some coffee when the Corner Post will give it to ya for a quarter? I give it 6 months before it closes.

David Gentz is not perfect and may in fact have tracked horse shit into someone’s house and have his name painted on some broken buses, but he’s always done well for our community. His two older kids may be screwed up, but keep in mind they grew up living with their mother, not with him. My daughter goes to school with his younger two children and both of those girls are smart and not into any trouble.

Leo Dorsey takes the cake on crazy. He obviously did many things wrong during his tenure as Police Chief and deserved to be fired. His wife/ex-wife is just about as nuts as he is but he probably didn’t understand that when they started dating as she was still growing up and in college.

Northwood is a great little town, despite it’s many huge problems. Police drama, Mayoral drama, WCDA drama, drama drama drama. Yet many of these bumbling idiots have done great things for our community. Let’s hope that things improve for all of us and our children.

Didn’t Nancy attacked Randy and his two children? That makes her great? These people are destroying the town of Northwood and making Northwood citizens look ridiculous!

I had never heard that Nancy tried to beat up Randy. His children certainly deserved it. That boy of his is one arrogant jerk who thinks he can do no wrong. Yuck. I feel bad for Nancy because he was stepping out on her with the 3rd wife. In my opinion that gives her reason to go off on him. None of us are perfect, but to me when you get people like Randy who appear like they are, when the truth comes out, you can’t help but feel happy that they are getting what they deserve.

you think that his children deserve to be abused? wow. they are innocent in all this. i would like to see who you are so i can look god himself in the face.

You have your wires crossed completely. #2, CRAZY, #3 was AFTER #2 left him and #3 left with less than she went into the marriage with. You obviously don’t know the wives well at all.
Also, Kelly was in high school when her and Leo started “dating”. Just ask his wife #1, who Leo cheated on, as well as he cheated on Kelly and his current squeeze (WITH Kelly).

Sorry, Randy left #2 because she was crazy is what I meant.

Trying to take out the Mayor because your husband was justifiably fired from the Northwood police department for all kinds of wrongdoing doesn’t seem a good campaign strategy. If Jerry is successful, however, I’m sure we will immediately see a Deputy Dorsey (also recently fired from Northwood), Deputy Chelsea and Reserve Deputy Coltan. Wake up and smell the coffee Worth County. This has been a self-serving plot.

What do the Olsens have to do with this story whatsoever?? Wasn’t Olsen fired by the ex-police cheif? So why would there be a deputy dorsey? Doesn’t make any sense to me

Its seems amazing to me, Sarah didn’t have any good words to say about Leo or Mrs. Olson, and now she seems to be best of friends with them both. Something doesn’t seem right!

I support the Severson family a 100%. What they have done for Northwood is great. They have owned businesses and have supported the town every way they can. I dont know about this, but what I do know is this. The police chief who was fired reported this, and apparently new about it before anyone. The magistrate judges son goes out with the daughter, and is also Leos lawyer, and there is obviously money owed. So I think there is a lot more to this store. I even heard she was persuaded by Leo to press charges. Again, who knows, but I do know that the Seversons are good people.

I think the moral of the story is the former chief was NEVER charged to this day of any criminal charges for the “harrassment” of his ex-wife, yet was fired before he was proven guilty of this supposid crime. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILY. Which is the exact same story for the Mayor (who doesn’t have any criminal charges but according to his policy, he should be terminated for this), yet he is upset that it was leaked to the media. Who cares who leaked the information – it is, in fact, public information. The moral of the story is KARMA – what goes around comes around.

Im sure he didnt come up with the firing all on his own. Im sure the town has legal council that told him what to do. Also, how could the chief do his job when there was a restraining order against him and he couldnt respond to calls around that part of town? A law officer has to be trusted by the people. Politicians dont have to be, and usually arent.

You’re not related to Dorsey, are you??


Don’t really matter to me, but after reading this, if this is the woman who charged the mayor, if I were him I would file harassment against her for these comments posted. The computer is an electronic device same as a cell or a telephone. Thats acoording to Iowa Law.

wrong there buddy..I am not THAT woman…just someone who agrees with the Big People of Northwood!

I guess I was taking about comments from a Sarah, which I think was her name? But you seem to know alot about the family and daughter?

To the Little People of Northwood who regard themselves higher than those around them..unless you know the TRUE facts,speculation is all you have to go on. If you can say I WAS A FLY ON THE WALL then you will have the facts. I suggest to the Little People of Northwood that when you are all gathered at the cafe during your morning coffee get together or those that huddle around the office water cooler or even those that collect their mail and hang out to gossip, chat about this comment left today on the North Iowa Today. All and EVERYTHING that has been posted by the Little People of Northwood couldnt be farther from the truth. You would be smart to listen to the bigger people of Iowa…remember one thing…what goes around comes around..learn to Pay It Forward by not speculating on issues you know NOTHING about..then maybe if YOUR lucky if something unfortunate happens in your life, the Little People of Northwood would not try to be bigger than you.
If by some chance you reply to this comment in a negative manner you ARE one of the Little People of Northwood…

I will respond….who are you to think you are above anyone else???? Calling people …little people of Northwood …how dare you degrade anyone just because you think your the bigger people??? Your post makes you sound like a narcist.

Alot of us know the reputation of Ms. Rollins, telling Randy she was not seeing other guys, when we see her uptown with guys at the bar. Not Randy!

so that gives him the right to harass her? despite the reputation of said victim, maybe he should have been the bigger person and ended the relationship. just a thought?

Response to REPUTATION…and you have a IMPECCABLE reputation I suppose ?

Where in the hell did this guy get the money to buy a car for his girlfriend? I heard he doesnt have a pot to piss in, that’s why he swapped houses yet again. And after some months dating, you buy your girlfriend a car? What the hell is wrong with this picture?

and leo dorsey is a low life i stop at a stop sign and went he was up the street and claim i cut him off and pulled me over dorsey cant be trusted on anything he says and he is a man of revenge piss him off he uses his friends and when he had his badge he used that to show authority and gave people false charges

First ik randy he is a good guy second gentz is the best mayor northwood could ask for or have I would vote for him anyday if I still lived there people do make false alligations to police about people just because the news or even if somebody gets charged with it doesn’t make it true

I agree, this guy would give you the shirt of his back to help you. I had a relative with cancer, and we had a benefit, Randy did everything he could to help and did alot for them financially. Thats how Randy is and I think we probably don’t know the whole story!

Hell, I think someone should investigate the CC Sheriff as well. I hear he does the same kind of things! Its sad how these individuals act this way and were all supposed to trust them!

Wow,I know one thing if that was me that got scammed like that, I’d be taking her to court for the money for the car!

Most normal people would, but the mentally unstable one harasses and abuses because they think they are above laws.

If look in the online court records, Randy served Sarah papers for small claims and dismissed them on August 9th. And I am guessing that was for the car. I am wondering if something was being bribed to drop the case? Or he said I’ll drop it if you do this? He is one sick man. Just ask his ex families! SICK!

Small claim court I think you can only go up to a 5000. The car probably cost alot more than that so maybe hes taking her to civil court to all the money he gave her.

Yeah I’m sure the car cost way more than that. Wonder why he dismissed it? Check it out on under Sarah vs Randy Severson.

Mark really? compare this to a simple traffic ticket? Have you ever been harrassed and tormented and accused of things over and over? Have you been stalked by someone who seems to know your every move? Have you begged someone to just leave you alone and had to have their number blocked because they relentlessly hounded you? I’d say not if you can compare this to a simple traffic violation! Maybe the previous 3, yes 3!! wives should step forward and tell the public about their mayor. This man is a sick individual! This gal actually packed what she could, grabbed her kids and fled town..after going to the police and being told they couldn’t help her because the mayor was dealing with some personal issues! Pretty chicken shit pathetic if you ask me just because he’s the mayor??? That would be our sheriff for you tho! I would like to commend the deputy that did his job! I’m sure there will be some type of retaliation but at least he had the balls to do the job right! And thank you asst county attorney also. Worth county needs you for the county attorney, not the assistant. Good to see someone not afraid to do the job expected of them.

I worked with her daughter, and she went to college not with her mother. In fact for the last 10 to 12 months has lived with the Krulls because of her mother.

Because of the craziness this man brought into her mother’s life. Don’t condem her when she has seen the light and has had enough and is trying to get out and stay out of the relationship. People don’t always make the best decisions when in an abusive relationship. She probably felt hopeless with no help because of his position and non supportive police/sheriff’s! Someone took her serious enough to step out of the corruption and do the right thing.

INCORRECT…She was escorted to college with family members as her mother worked with the Krulls was not due to her mother. Facts

Well looks like we now who Little People of Northwood is thats commenting!

I work with her and is it right to talk a guy into getting a car for you and giving him the first payment, then asking for more money to pay other bills? Then telling him to give you the title so the relationship will get better, while you are going out with other guys? Is that really right to do?

So are you saying that gives him the right to break the law? Sounds like you need help too if you think you can harasse and abuse someone, break the law, because they do something you don’t like. If that’s even what happened with the car buisness, that’s his own stupidity. Maybe she was planning her escape from the creep and needed a get away car!!!

Who cares who leaked it…if charges were filed then there was evidence enough to! Both Dorsey and Severson should be done. This kind of behavior is NOT acceptable! Maybe Dorsey leaked it out of spite but shame on anyone who thinks this should be swept under the rug because of who leaked it. The bottom line is Severson’s behavior is not acceptable, it shows a degree of mental instability and needs to be removed also.

Well said!! Thank you!!!

Its all true …I should no.

Well this must be yet another peeping tom/stalker incident from the Severson family…We definately need a mental health facility in Worth County! At least this time charges are being pressed!

Hey, REALLY??? I am man enough to put my name out here after I read this crap. Are you going to blast people behind the comfort of your computer screen? There are alot of Seversons and relatives around here and you just insulted everyone of them. My email is, email me and we can discuss it. This town definetly has some idiots and it starts with former Chief and his small list of friends. I got some friends that have told me the state will be paying him a visit tuesday or wednesday about his first case. And I imagine something will be done about this recent one since leo and his informant started spreading the word about this before my brother even had been served. That is illegal people. Alot of fuss over something that is no bigger than a traffic ticket but it really shows peoples true colors when they feel they can start firing bullets.

Mark you need to be more concerned about how to help your brother instead of who leaked it and when. Its public record stop being mad that it came out. There was evidence enough for the charge. It shows mental instability and needs help. Both Dorsey and Severson should be done.

Really Mark!!!! Who do you think is going to put their name out there??? These guys harasse people all the time. They think they are above the laws and can do what ever they want. The whole county knows this. Why do you need names?? You have facts that Severson was charged…thats really all yhat should matter.

the man that leaked the info is fired police chief leo dorsey. yes the crazy man that threatened to kill his wife. charges seem to be simple harrassment. i’d wait to see the facts on this one before looking like an idiot people.

That was going to be my next question….does the “tipster’s” last name start with “D”?? Give me a break!!

Obvious since he posted it on facebook first!

Your the one that looks like an idiot! ! Thinking there is nothing wrong with simple harassment! ! Your probably one of the corrupt! !

Give a man a title and/or a gun with that title, and they think they’re invincible with their so-called “status”. Then they have a charge filed against them, by their use of either physical or verbal actions and they cry boohoo and it’s always the other party’s fault as to why their “status” is taken away. A bunch of wannabes that need to grow up!! You’re setting a bad example!

Another one bites the dust….hey hey…..

imagine that, worthless county! the same county that Langenbau is in and that the city council man attacked his wife. Not surprised.

Jose, you crack me up! If I lived in Worthless County, I would vote for Gentz for Sheriff. Everyone should.

Why would anyone vote for Gentz? His son brought a gun to school on an anniversary of the shootings at Columbine, his daughter was fired for stealing from ‘Meals on Wheels’. If his two children do this what does that say about the guy who raised them? Plus he puts his name on junk for ‘vote for signs’ what a dumbass.

Well “just me”, you don’t need to call someone a dumbass. Secondly, keep your typing to a minimum if you don’t know the facts. Furthermore, if you read all the signs for “Gentz for sheriff” you will see that there are individuals other than Gentz that have placed them there. I believe the names and numbers of the supporters are posted on all the signs. Maybe looking at all the facts instead of jumping to conclusions should be your next endeavor. Let’s get back to the subject at hand shall we…

I know that someone else put up the junk buses but his name is still on crap and it is “his” name, he can call the phone number and ask the person ‘Hey, please take my name off that eye-sore, it is counter productive.’

Let me tell you about David Gentz he has no respect for the people of Worth County. When he was sheriff he responded to a an emergency call (EMS) and entered the house in his dirty cowboy boots, with horse crap all over them. He walked right into the house with thois all over his boots and didn’t think it was an issue when the EMS workers what he thought he was doing entering someones house with dirty boots. and this man was your sheriff at the time. Mister Langenbau has made some mistakes during his first term, but he is a better choice than Gentz.

Really. Dirty boots are your complaint? If I needed help from the EMS or any law enforcement if my life was at stake, they could all come in their night clothes for all I care. But then again you would probably complain if he hadn’t shown up at all. Who is this article about anyway?

Are you stupid or just can’t read?

first it says harassment not assault.
second it says ex-girlfriend not wife.

“get facts straight” let us know when you join the right convo,,,,

get the facts straight…. if you could read AND/OR kept up to date on worthless county you would know that jose is referring to a previous incident where a council man that beat his wife a few months ago after threatening her and admitting to the sheriff (who dropped him off) that he was going to harm her…. just making a point that the sheriff, council member, ex police chief and mayor have all made VERY POOR Choices in the past YEAR!

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